Who Makes Matco Tools | How Good Are They?

What if I tell you that Matco Tools is not a tool manufacturer? Will you believe it for the first time? You should not believe it as they have also founded their own manufacturing facility. Matco Tool used to be a brand that sources tools from different places and sells them.

Have you heard about C&A, H&M in the textile industry? They also don’t have their own manufacturing factory/industry, but they source garments around the world where the cost is low, and quality is high. So, who makes Matco tools then? 

If you visit Matco Tools location, you will see a manufacturing building there, and there is no manufacturing factory at all. So, it will be a common question about the Matco tools you are using, who makes them, and who makes Matco ratchets? 

However, in this content, you will know about the Matco tools, how the brands work, and much more information about Matco tools. Some FAQs will also be provided. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Matco Tools

After a lot of research, it’s clear that Matco does not manufacture its tools. The company is dependent on other brands.

Previously Matco was owned by “Manaher Corporation”. So, the tools are manufactured by Manaher Corporation. But now Matco is a Subsidiary of “Vontier Corporation”.

You will see local distributors selling Matco Tools in the local marketplace by the name of that franchise. However, the Matco Tools brand manufactures over 1300 tools in their manufacturing site. Their marketing strategy works on the location and potential buyers. In the automobile industry, Matco Tools is broadly used. 

They manufacture wrenches, screwdrivers, gauges, and many more custom tools. However, the demand for these tools is not confined only to the automobile sector; rather, electricians, hand tools users, and the factory persons use the tools from Matco.

The Matco brand also produces high-quality toolboxes that are also very helpful for users. Air tools are also available from the Matco brand. However, about the quality- they provide a full lifetime warranty on all of their hand tools. So, you can understand how good the hands’ tools are from Matco Tools.

According to Wikipedia“ The company was founded in 1946 and began selling directly to professional mechanics in 1979. Originally Matco was the box manufacturing division of Mac Tools. However, they have not been associated with Mac since Matco Tools was formed in 1979.” 

So, you have seen that this is one of the oldest tools manufacturing companies, and they are still in the market because of the quality and good management. They also evolved themselves from none to a giant company. 

Matco tools ManufacturerDanaher Corporation (Previously)
Present Parent CompanyVontier Corporation
Matco founded in1946
Headquarters inUSA
Matco tools warranty periodLifetime

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Common Tools That Matco Tools Manufactures

who makes matco tools

As you have already known that the Matco Tools brand produces more than 1300 tools now, it’s time to know about the tools. Here I will talk about the most used tools that may help you in various day-to-day tasks.

Again, these tools are used by professionals and they are very happy with the build quality and the performance of the tools. 

You may ask who makes Matco air tools? Well, Matco Tools independently manufactures their own Matco Air Tools. Here you will know about-

  • Air tools
  • Electric tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools

Air Tools

If you are looking for the Composite Impact Wrench, you can see the Matco Air Tools of compact quality and super performance.

Therefore, you will get them comfortable using, and the maintenance is very easy to do. Storing these types of tools is also easy, and of being compact design, they fit in low space. You will find lots of air tools available in the market from Matco Tools. 

Electric Tools

For professional electricians’ tools from Matco can help a step ahead. The manufacturers have designed these tools for thinking of the professional. The tools are very much light-weighted and easy to put on the tool belt. 

Hand Tools

Matco Tools Ltd. manufactures the Matco tools ratchet and many other hand tools are very much user friendly. One special thing about the hands’ tools is that- you will get a lifetime warranty from their hand tools.

The premium quality of Matco Hand Tools will always drive you to buy them. These tools can be used by not only professionals but also by newbies.

Power Tools

When it comes down to power tools, you need to know that power tools are a basic need to have for the manufacturing industries. Moreover, the performance of these power tools is very amazing. The Matco Tool manufactures these power tools in their industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What company owns Matco Tools?

-No individual person manufactures the Matco Tools, and they have a decent supply chain and management to manufacture the tool. The founder members of Matco Tools are the owner of this company.

Are Matco Tools worth the money?

As you are getting premium quality, the cost should not be a fact. Think about a cheap tool that stops working after a few months and, on the other hand, a Matco tool that lasts lifelong. So, Matco Tools are worth the money.

Final Note 

Hopefully, you have known about the Matco tools company and the way they manufacture their tools. It is a giant tool manufacturing company with quality products. You will get satisfaction while using the Matco tools.

Moreover, it’s very easy to get these tools as they are always available in the market for you. So, grab your own necessary Matco tools today. 

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