Who Makes ATD Tools? Everything You Need To Know About ATD Tools Brand

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Whether you are a professional mechanic or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, reliable tools are vital for doing a good job. ATD Tools is a brand that has been making waves in the business for a long time since it was founded. So who makes ATD Tools, and is it a reputable brand? We will answer this question in this article, among others. In addition, we will examine the company’s history, highlight its top products, and address some of the most commonly asked questions by customers. Let us dive in.

History Of ATD Tools.

ATD Tools Corporation is an industry leader in producing automotive tools and equipment. Michael and Carolyn Tattersfield established it in 1977. Their goal was to establish a business that offered innovative, high-quality automotive tools and equipment to mechanics and auto enthusiasts. Over the years, ATD has become a well-known brand trusted by pros and amateurs.

ATD’s devotion to innovation is among the reasons for its success. They were one of the first firms to introduce digital torque wrenches to the market. They continue to create new and improved products to satisfy the evolving demands of the automobile industry.

In addition to its creative goods, ATD is recognized for its superior customer service. They have a team of skilled and cordial customer care experts who are always eager to assist customers with inquiries or issues.ATD’s assortment of automotive tools and equipment includes air, hand, power, diagnostic, and more. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, ATD has the tools and equipment to complete the task successfully.

A crucial aspect of ATD’s success is its commitment to quality. All of their items are designed and manufactured to meet or surpass industry standards, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a durable, high-quality item.ATD’s goods and services have garnered various honours and recognition. O’Reilly Auto Parts, one of the major sellers of automotive parts and accessories in the United States, honoured them as “Supplier of the Year” in 2018.

Further contributing to ATD’s success is its dedication to sustainability.

They have introduced several eco-friendly measures to lessen their environmental impact, including recycling programs and energy-efficient production techniques. Additionally, ATD Tools Company is dedicated to giving back to the community. Among the philanthropic organizations they sponsor are the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

In conclusion, ATD Tools Company has an extensive history of innovation, quality, and superior customer service. Their devotion to sustainability and philanthropy distinguishes them from competitors in the automobile business, where they have become a household name. Look no further if you’re looking for high-quality automotive equipment and tools.

Who Manufactures ATD Tools?

ATD Tools is a brand specializing in automotive equipment and tools. It was formed in 1977 by Tom Fisher and Jim Mirando, two friends.

They provide various products, such as air tools, hand tools, diagnostic equipment, and more. The company grew and expanded its product line over time, eventually becoming one of the industry’s major automotive tools and equipment providers. ATD Tools is well-known for producing economical, high-quality items, making them popular among mechanics and amateurs.

ATD Tools is a privately held business that manufactures its goods in numerous Asian locations, including China and Taiwan. ATD Tools has a rigorous quality control system to ensure that its goods meet the highest requirements, despite some customers being apprehensive about purchasing tools manufactured elsewhere. ATD Tools collaborates with long-established, reliable producers. The company has a staff of quality control inspectors who collaborate closely with the manufacturers to guarantee that each product fulfils its stringent requirements.

ATD Tools has a stringent quality control procedure to guarantee that its goods exceed the highest requirements. Before products are distributed to clients, the company’s quality control inspectors examine each item. It involves examining the product for flaws, confirming that it fits the requirements, and conducting performance testing. In addition, ATD Tools works closely with its manufacturers to guarantee that they employ high-quality materials and production methods.

Additionally, the corporation audits its producers to ensure compliance with its standards. ATD Tools’ commitment to producing inexpensive, high-quality products is one factor distinguishing it from other brands. Despite their superior quality, the company’s products are frequently less expensive than its rivals. ATD Tools’ extensive product selection is another factor that distinguishes them. ATD Tools covers whether you need air tools, hand tools, diagnostic equipment, or anything else. It makes it simple for mechanics and do-it-yourself enthusiasts to find everything they require in one location.

What Types Of Products Does ATD Provide To Its Customers?

ATD Tools offers extensive goods, such as hand tools, power tools, diagnostic instruments, and tool storage solutions. Their mechanic’s tool set, which includes a range of sockets, wrenches, and other vital tools, is one of their most popular goods.

  • Hand tools are one of the actual products offered by ATD Tools. They provide various hand tools, including screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers. These tools are constructed from long-lasting materials designed to provide maximum comfort and grip, even when used for lengthy periods.
  • ATD Tools also offers a popular line of power tools. They provide various power tools, such as drills, saws, grinders, and sanders. These products are designed to be effective, efficient, and user-friendly, making them an excellent option for professionals and do-it-yourselfers.
  • ATD Tools provides various diagnostic tools in addition to hand and power equipment. These instruments are intended to aid mechanics and technicians in diagnosing and repairing issues with vehicles and other machines. ATD Tools’ diagnostic tools include multimeters, scan tools, and infrared thermometers.
  •  With their tool storage options, ATD Tools covers you if you’re searching to keep your tools organized and conveniently accessible. They provide a range of toolboxes, tool chests, and other storage options designed to keep your tools safe, organized, and easy to locate.
  • A different product offered by ATD Tools is automobile equipment. It comprises vehicle-specific equipment such as lifts, jacks, stands, and other specialist tools. This equipment is meant to be sturdy, safe, and simple, making it an excellent option for professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers.
  • Moreover, ATD Tools provides a variety of specialized tools for specific applications. In addition to brake-specific tools, they also provide tools for working on air conditioning systems, fuel systems, and other components. These specialized tools can be an excellent method to do a task fast and effectively.

ATD Tools offers a large selection of items at several price points, which is one of its many strengths. They carry both high-end, professional-grade tools and more economical alternatives. It makes it simple for professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts to find affordable tools. Lastly, it is important to note that ATD Tools is dedicated to offering high-quality products and superior customer service. Warranties cover several of their things. In addition, their customer care crew is competent and responsive, making it simple to receive assistance if you have any questions or concerns.

In conclusion, if you want to purchase automotive or industrial tools and equipment, ATD Tools is a company you should seriously consider. They have a large selection of products available to choose from, products of high quality and customer service, and they have affordable rates. It makes them an excellent choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Why not try and see what they have to offer if you’re interested?


The following is a selection of the inquiries that consumers have regarding ATD’s tools:

1. Does Atd Tools Business Provide Customers With Both Technical Support And Service?

As stated in the previous sentence, customers can receive both technical support and customer service from ATD Tools Corporation. They have a staff of well-informed specialists who can respond to any inquiries regarding their products and offer advice on how best to utilize them. Also, they offer a customer service department that is available to help with issues about orders, returns, and warranty claims.

2. What Exactly Is The ATD Tools Company, And What Do They Specialize In?

ATD Tools Corporation, an industry supplier, supplies automotive tools and equipment. They offer a diverse selection of items, some examples of which are air tools, hand tools, power tools, diagnostic tools, and shop equipment.

Their products are utilized in mending and maintaining motor vehicles by mechanics, technicians, and enthusiasts of the automobile industry.

3. What Are Some Of The ATD Tools Company’s Items That Are The Most Popular Among Customers?

Products such as air compressors, jack stands, torque wrenches, impact sockets, braking tools, and diagnostic scanners are among the most popular offerings from ATD Tools Company. Additionally, they provide professional and do-it-yourself customers with complete tool sets and tool storage options.

4. Are The Products That ATD Tools Company Makes Of High Quality?

The goods manufactured by ATD Tools Company are mostly of high quality. They are designed to meet or exceed the requirements set out by the industry. They apply stringent testing techniques and use high-quality materials to ensure that their goods are long-lasting and dependable. In addition, they back most of their items with warranties, offering buyers additional peace of mind.


In conclusion, if you are in the market for automotive or industrial tools, it is highly recommended that you explore ATD Tools. They are a fantastic option for your needs with a vast selection of items, superior quality and customer service, and reasonable costs. The business has been in this field for many years, earning a positive reputation among clients. Consequently, ATD tools are an investment worth making, and you should purchase them.