Who Makes Galax Pro Tools? Is It Worth Considering?

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When it comes to power tools and outdoor equipment, Galax Pro is a brand that has been gaining recognition in recent years. But who exactly is behind Galax Pro Tools? In this article, we will uncover the manufacturer, history, and key features of this emerging brand.

Galax Pro Tools is manufactured by Ningbo Gemay Industrial Co., Ltd., a Chinese company that has been active in the hardware sector since 2001. With a team of skilled engineers and designers, they are dedicated to producing affordable and high-quality power tools, hand tools, and outdoor equipment.

Established in 2017, Galax Pro quickly made a name for itself in the industry. With a wide range of products including cordless drills, circular saws, lawnmowers, and pressure washers, Galax Pro Tools caters to the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Galax Pro Tools is manufactured by Ningbo Gemay Industrial Co., Ltd., a Chinese company.
  • Galax Pro Tools offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality power tools, hand tools, and outdoor equipment.
  • The brand was established in 2017 and has quickly gained recognition in the industry.

The History of Galax Pro Tools

Galax Pro, a relatively new player in the power tool sector, was founded in 2017 by Ningbo Gemay Industrial Co., Ltd. The parent company, Ningbo Gemay, has been active since 2001, specializing in the hardware sector. Recognizing the demand for high-quality tools at affordable prices, Ningbo Gemay established Galax Pro as a brand dedicated to meeting the needs of DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

Since its inception, Galax Pro has quickly gained recognition for its robust and adaptable tools. The company’s commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction has allowed it to expand its product line, offering an extensive range of power tools, hand tools, and outdoor equipment.

The Features of Galax Pro Tools

Galax Pro tools are renowned for their exceptional features that make them stand out in the market. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these tools offer a wide range of benefits that enhance your productivity and deliver outstanding results. Let’s dive into some of the key features that make Galax Pro tools a top choice.

Affordability and Durability

Galax Pro tools are designed to be affordable without compromising on quality. These tools are engineered using high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. They can withstand heavy use and tough conditions, making Galax Pro tools an excellent investment for those who require tools capable of withstanding demanding jobs.

Powerful Performance

Galax Pro tools pack a punch when it comes to performance. Equipped with high-powered motors, these tools can handle even the toughest tasks with ease. From cutting through thick materials to drilling into concrete, Galax Pro tools deliver consistent power to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Cordless Convenience

Many Galax Pro tools offer the convenience of cordless operation, providing unrestricted mobility and portability. Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited reach – with Galax Pro cordless tools, you can work freely without being tied down to a power source. Whether you’re working on a construction site or tackling a DIY project, the cordless feature allows you to maneuver the tool effortlessly.

User-Friendly Design

Galax Pro tools are designed with user comfort and ease of use in mind. The ergonomic handles ensure a secure grip, reducing fatigue during extended use. The intuitive controls make it simple to operate the tools smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re a skilled professional or a novice DIYer, Galax Pro tools are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all.

Versatility and Functionality

Galax Pro tools offer a wide range of functions, making them suitable for various tasks and applications. Whether you need to cut, drill, sand, or fasten, there’s a Galax Pro tool that can handle the job. These tools are versatile and adaptable, allowing you to tackle different projects with ease and efficiency.

Safety Features

Galax Pro prioritizes safety, and their tools are equipped with features that protect users from potential hazards. Blade guards are incorporated into relevant tools to prevent accidental contact, reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, anti-vibration systems minimize hand fatigue and enhance control, ensuring a safer and more comfortable working experience.

When it comes to quality, performance, and affordability, Galax Pro tools are hard to beat. These tools combine exceptional features with a reasonable price point, making them a favorite among professionals and DIYers alike. Whether you’re starting a new project or upgrading your existing tool collection, Galax Pro offers a wide selection of tools that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Galax Pro Tool Product Line

Galax Pro offers a diverse range of power tools, hand tools, outdoor equipment, and home improvement products to cater to the needs of every user. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, Galax Pro has the tools and equipment you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Power Tools

Galax Pro’s power tool selection includes a variety of essential tools designed to tackle any project. From hammers and impact drivers for construction tasks to circular saws and mitre saws for precision cutting, Galax Pro power tools offer reliable performance and durability.

Hand Tools

When it comes to hand tools, Galax Pro has you covered with a comprehensive range of products. Measuring instruments, tool sets, pliers, screwdrivers, and wires are some of the many tools available to assist you in various tasks, from simple repairs to complex DIY projects.

Outdoor Equipment

Galax Pro understands the importance of maintaining your outdoor spaces, which is why they offer a wide selection of outdoor equipment. From lawnmowers and chainsaws to hedge trimmers and pressure washers, Galax Pro provides reliable tools to keep your yard looking its best.

Home Improvement

For those looking to tackle home improvement projects, Galax Pro offers a range of tools and equipment to assist you. Sanders, heat guns, air compressors, and paint sprayers are just a few examples of the tools available to help you transform your living space.

Extras and Replacement Components

In addition to their main tool offerings, Galax Pro also provides extras and replacement components, ensuring that you have everything you need for a seamless and successful project. Drills, saws, and batteries are just a few examples of the accessories and replacements available to support your tool collection.

Galax Pro Tools and Craftsman

When it comes to power tool manufacturers, two prominent names in the market are Galax Pro and Craftsman. While both brands offer quality tools, there are distinct differences between them.

Craftsman, owned by Stanley Black & Decker, is a well-established company known for its high-quality tools. Craftsman tools often come with a lifetime warranty, which speaks to their durability and reliability. As a trusted brand, Craftsman specializes in producing professional-grade tools that cater to the needs of serious DIYers and contractors.

On the other hand, Galax Pro is a newer company that aims to deliver affordable tools to DIYers and casual users. Despite being a relatively young brand, Galax Pro has gained recognition for its wide range of power tools, hand tools, and outdoor equipment. Galax Pro tools come with a limited warranty of one to two years, providing customers with peace of mind.

One key difference between the two brands is pricing. Craftsman tools generally have a higher price point due to their reputation and higher-end professional-grade offerings. Galax Pro tools, on the other hand, are more budget-friendly, making them an attractive option for those on a tighter budget.

When considering Galax Pro Tools vs. Craftsman, it’s essential to assess your specific needs, budget, and intended usage. Craftsman tools are an excellent choice for professionals and those seeking long-lasting tools backed by a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, Galax Pro tools offer affordability without compromising quality, making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts and casual users.

Galax Pro Tools vs. Craftsman – A Comparison

AspectGalax Pro ToolsCraftsman
Brand OwnershipNingbo Gemay Industrial Co., Ltd.Stanley Black & Decker
Warranty1-2 years limited warrantyLifetime warranty
PricingAffordableHigher-end, more expensive
Target UsersDIYers, casual usersProfessionals, serious DIYers

When it comes to choosing between Galax Pro Tools and Craftsman, it ultimately depends on your specific requirements, budget, and level of usage. Both brands offer reliable tools, but Craftsman’s reputation and lifetime warranty may sway those seeking professional-grade equipment. Meanwhile, Galax Pro appeals to budget-conscious users who do not want to compromise on quality. Consider your needs and preferences before making the best decision for your power tool collection.

Where to Buy Galax Pro Tools

Looking to purchase Galax Pro tools? You’re in luck! These high-quality and affordable tools can be found at various retailers both online and offline. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the hands-on experience of browsing in-store, there are several options available to you.

If you’re an avid online shopper, you can find Galax Pro tools at popular online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Harbor Freight. Simply visit their websites, search for “Galax Pro Tools,” and explore the wide range of products they offer. Online shopping provides the convenience of having your tools delivered right to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the tactile experience of shopping in-store, you can visit physical stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Harbor Freight. These well-known retailers often have dedicated sections for power tools and hand tools, where you can find Galax Pro products.

Galax Pro Tools Warranty Information

Galax Pro tools are backed by a limited warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the specific tool and the place of purchase. Typically, the warranty period ranges from one to two years, providing coverage for any material and craftsmanship defects.

It is crucial to carefully review the warranty information provided by the manufacturer or seller before making a purchase. Understanding the terms and conditions of the warranty will help you make an informed decision and know what to expect in case of any issues.

While the warranty offers protection against manufacturing defects, it is essential to note that it typically does not cover damage caused by misuse or normal wear and tear. It is advisable to use the tools according to the manufacturer’s instructions and handle them with care to avoid voiding the warranty.

If you encounter any problems or have questions about the warranty coverage, it is recommended to contact Galax Pro’s customer service or the authorized retailer where you purchased the tool. They will be able to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance regarding warranty claims or repairs.

Galax Pro Tools Warranty Summary:

Warranty CoverageDuration
Material and Craftsmanship Defects1-2 years
Misuse or Normal Wear and TearNot Covered

Remember, warranties provide an added layer of protection for your investment, ensuring that you can enjoy the performance and reliability of Galax Pro tools. By understanding the warranty terms and following the recommended usage and maintenance guidelines, you can maximize the lifespan and value of your tools.

Comparison: Galax Pro Tools and Other Power Tool Brands

When considering power tool brands, it’s essential to compare Galax Pro with other brands to make an informed decision. Here’s a comparison of Galax Pro Tools with some well-known brands in the market:

Stanley Black & Decker: Craftsman

Stanley Black & Decker owns Craftsman, a brand renowned for its high-quality tools and lifetime warranties. Craftsman tools are durable and reliable, making them a preferred choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

TTI: Milwaukee Tool, RIDGID, and RYOBI

TTI owns Milwaukee Tool and licenses the RIDGID and RYOBI names for cordless power tools. Milwaukee Tool is known for its robust performance and durability, while RIDGID and RYOBI offer a wide range of innovative tools for various applications.

Chervon: Skil Power Tool Brands

Chervon acquired Skil Power Tool Brands from Bosch in 2017. Skil tools provide reliable performance and are designed for both DIYers and professionals. The brand offers a diverse range of power tools suitable for different project requirements.

Bosch: Dremel and Freud

Bosch owns brands like Dremel and Freud, which are known for their specialized tools. Dremel offers versatile rotary tools and accessories, while Freud focuses on high-quality cutting and shaping tools for woodworking professionals.

It’s crucial to perform thorough research and read customer reviews to understand which power tool brands best align with your specific needs. By comparing Galax Pro Tools with other brands, you can make a well-informed decision on your next power tool purchase.

Ensure you consider factors such as features, warranty, and price range while comparing power tool brands. By doing so, you can find the brand and tools that best suit your requirements and budget.


In conclusion, Galax Pro is a reputable brand that has quickly made a name for itself in the power tool industry. With affordable prices, durable construction, and a wide range of products, Galax Pro tools cater to both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. Owned by Ningbo Gemay Industrial Co., Ltd., the brand benefits from the parent company’s extensive experience in the hardware sector.

Galax Pro’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its continuous innovation and expansion of its product line. Whether you’re in need of power tools, hand tools, or outdoor equipment, Galax Pro offers cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or performance.

To make an informed purchase decision, it’s essential to research and read reviews about specific Galax Pro tools that align with your requirements. Taking the time to consider your specific needs and comparing Galax Pro with other brands will help you select the right tools for your projects.


Who makes Galax Pro Tools?

Galax Pro Tools are made by Ningbo Gemay Industrial Co., Ltd., a Chinese company.

When was Galax Pro established?

Galax Pro was established in 2017.

What types of tools does Galax Pro offer?

Galax Pro offers power tools, hand tools, and outdoor equipment.

Where can I purchase Galax Pro Tools?

Galax Pro Tools can be purchased from various retailers, both online and offline.

What is the warranty period for Galax Pro Tools?

The warranty period for Galax Pro Tools varies, but it typically lasts between one and two years.

How does Galax Pro compare to other power tool brands?

Galax Pro is known for providing affordable tools, whereas other brands like Craftsman are known for their high-quality and lifetime warranties.

Who owns Galax Pro Tools?

Galax Pro Tools are owned by Ningbo Gemay Industrial Co., Ltd.

What are the key features of Galax Pro Tools?

Galax Pro Tools are known for their affordability, durability, and power.

What is the product line of Galax Pro Tools?

Galax Pro Tools offers a wide range of power tools, hand tools, outdoor equipment, and home improvement products.

Where can I find more information about Galax Pro Tools?

You can find more information about Galax Pro Tools on their official website and by researching customer reviews.