Who Makes Klutch Tools and Where Are These Tools Made?

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Are you looking for useful and handy tools to be used? You may choose budget-friendly but higher-end Klutch tools. They are of standard quality, making your tasks easier. But who makes Klutch tools with high performance?

A company named Northern tools + equipment, established in 1991, produces and sells Klutch tools. It is popularly known as Northern Tool. Don Kotula founded the company. The companies headquarter is in Burnsville, Minnesota.

They produce hand tools and power tools like log splitters, small engines, pumps, hydraulic generators, air compressors, welding equipment, and different types of industrial equipment.

Nothing is known in detail regarding the manufacturing place of the Klutch tools. The company or brand has not disclosed the name of the real production place. It is assumed that the production may occur around Faribault, and Burnsville, Minn.

This article will let you know about the market-leading Klutch tools. They have been in the market for years and have great acceptance among users.  

Klutch Brand at a Glance

The brand name is Klutch Tools and Equipment. It is owned by Northern Tool Brand + Equipment. A brief account of the company is as follows:

Brand Parent CompanyNorthern Tool Brand + Equipment
Founder NameDon Kotula
Year of Establishment1981
HeadquarterBurnsville, Minnesota
Company typePrivate
Total number of employeesAbout 2500 (as in 2020)
Key PersonCEO: Suresh Krishna
Number of locations120 stores (in 2020)
Subsidiaries: The Sportsman’s Guide, The Golf Warehouse

Why Do You Need Hand Tools?

To perform any sort of home improvement task, you need the best quality tools. These tools are manually operated hand tools and power-driven power tools, and you cannot pass a day without them.

 From a small task of hanging photos on the world to the big task of repairing cars or bikes, you need any of the mentioned tools. Klutch Tools are a good option if you look for affordable and dependable hand tools. But is Klutch a good tool brand, really?

Are Klutch Tools Any Good?

You must have Klutch hand tools to perform relevant jobs with great ease and skill. But who makes Klutch tools? The Klutch brand produces various types of hand tools. People may go for any hand tools that can be used to perform any type of task. Klutch remains at the top of the list as a quality product. 

The company never compromises the quality. The tools are rust-resistant and constructed of high-quality materials, and These tools are available in different sizes. And due to its high performance, the consumers can rely upon the good tool brand. 

Due to their longevity, people need not go elsewhere to repair them frequently. Consumers have left so many positive reviews of the products. They have been operating in the market for a long period.                

How Are Klutch Tools Against Craftsman and Husky

who makes klutch tools

It’s aforementioned that the brand Klutch always produces quality products. All of their hand tools will impress you with their quality and value. Consumers hardly face any issues with them. They have a very good finishing of nice polish.

There are two other brand names in the market: Husky and Craftsman. Those are also producing modestly priced tools. They are also well-reputed for their durability and quality, like the Klutch.

Regarding quality, durability, and price, the tools produced by the Klutch, Craftsman, and Husky are almost similar. 

So, a question may arise: would I suggest Klutch brand? Klutch hand tools are unparalleled products. I own several sets of Northern tools. My experience with them is good enough.

I have got durable, quality products at an affordable price. So, I cannot recommend the specific Klutch tools for you because you won’t feel any pressure on your wallet to be in possession of quality hand tools. 

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Warranty Period of Klutch Tools

The tools produced by the Klutch are of very high quality. Due to the products’ quality materials, their life span is also very high. That’s why the company is offering a lifetime warranty with confidence against all hand tools.

But, some terms and conditions are there. And you are to abide by them. Usually, you need not replace the products as there is very little chance of damage. Where is no exception? If you need to replace the products having warranty coverage, you must –

  • Produce the proof of place and date of purchasing the tools.
  • Ensure that the types of damage that happened to the tools are eligible for a warranty as per company law. Hence you need to use them as instructed. 

How Is the Customer Service?

To keep up the company’s goodwill, all the renowned brands try their best to ensure customers’ happiness. They do so through customer service. Northern Tools + equipment is not an exception too.

They are very cordial to resolving any sort of issues related to products as soon as possible. Due to prioritizing customer satisfaction, they have a large community of customers. Most of whom are repeat customers.

People Also Ask

Is Klutch a Northern Tool Brand?

Northern Tool Brand + Equipment is the owner of Klutch. The brand is privately labeled. As all the Klutch tools are products of Northern Tools + Equipment, they are popularly known as Northern tools.   

Do Klutch Tools Have A Lifetime Warranty?

The Klutch line produces a wide variety of products such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, ratchets, and wrenches. Most of the products being made of high-quality chrome-plated and cold-forged steel are rust-resistant. So, they are of high longevity. Hence, the consumers get lifetime guarantee coverage.

Who Makes Klutch Air Tools?

Northern Tool Brand + Equipment produces different categories of products under the brand name Klutch tools and equipment. ‘Klutch Air Tools + Compressors’ is a category. Air Compressors, Air Tools & Accessories, Air Compressor Parts and Maintenance sets, Fittings & Air Hose Reels set, Air Hoses, Compressed Air Piping & Accessories, etc., belong to this category. 

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Final Words 

The punchy article has enriched your knowledge about the Klutch hand tools, a must-have for every mechanic of this time. By the time you have already known who makes Klutch tools. They are from the popular Klutch brand.

If you want to perform the jobs with great ease and comfort, the Klutch tools are unparalleled. In addition, lifetime warranty coverage will make you tense-free. They are manufactured in such a way that they have no possibility of being rusted. 

They remain corrosion-free. The long-lasting products are cost-effective and less time-consuming for you. Ultimately you will be able to perform the job with higher efficiency.