Who Makes Central Machinery Tools? What to Know About the Brand

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Do you enjoy building or fixing items around the house? If so, you may recognize the brand Central Machinery Tools. Central Machinery, a brand of Harbor Freight Tools, provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality machine shop equipment. It provides a wide variety of dependable tools. Suppose you are in the market for new tools. In that case, you may need clarification on whether Central Machinery Tools is a reputable brand. In this article, we will cover who manufacturers Central Machinery Tools, what their customers have to say about them, some of their most popular goods, and some disadvantages associated with utilizing their products.

The History Of Central Machinery Tools

Central Machine is a technologically advanced machine shop that produces components for numerous local and national companies. The Central Machinery brand was introduced in 1982 to supply hobbyists, metal fabricators, and auto mechanics with high-quality tools and accessories. CMI can produce steel, aluminium, stainless steel, heat-treatable steel, polymers, and carbon fibre components. In addition to lathes, milling machines, band saws, and drill presses, they are well-known for creating various other tools. They market their gadgets to both DIY enthusiasts and experts. The goods of Central Machinery Tools are available on a range of sites, including hardware stores, online merchants, and the manufacturer’s website.

Who Produces Central Machinery Tools?

The house brand that Harbor Freight sells is called Central Machinery. They are famous for their low-priced items. Harbor Freight Tools is the firm that is responsible for the manufacturing of Central Machinery Tools. Harbor Freight Tools is a chain of inexpensive tool and equipment stores privately held and operated in over a thousand locations across the United States. The current location of the company’s headquarters, which dates back to its founding in 1977, is in Calabasas, California. Harbor Freight Tools is well-known for having both competitive prices and a diverse selection of products. They ship the Central Machinery Tools they produce in factories in Asia to their various retail locations and online stores so customers can purchase them.


What Are The Most Popular Central Machinery Tools Products On The Market?

As a craftsman, having the proper tools in your workplace can make all the difference in your tasks. Central Machinery has been a dependably reliable brand. They provide an extensive selection of inexpensive instruments without sacrificing quality. Below are the best accessible Central Machinery tools on the market. And they consist of the following:

  • Table Saw: A saw table is an indispensable piece of equipment for every artisan. Because it is powerful and accurate, the table saw owned by Central Machinery can produce clean cuts at every turn.
  • Mortising Machine: A mortising machine is a machine that is used to make holes in wood that are either square or rectangular. The mortising machine Central Machinery offers is accurate and simple to operate, making it an excellent addition to any workplace.
  • Bandsaw for Cutting Metal: Everyone who deals with metal has to have access to a bandsaw that can cut metal. The bandsaw designed specifically for cutting through heavy metal by Central Machinery is dependable and powerful, making it the ideal tool.
  • Bench Grinder: A bench grinder is a multipurpose instrument that can sharpen tools, polish metal, and even eliminate rust. The bench grinder from Central Machinery is sturdy and has a strong motor. These grinders are excellent for sharpening knives, garden tools, and other instruments.
  • Mini Lathe: The mini lathe is intended for various processing tasks. It can execute counterface turning, drilling, threading, and cutting operations on bar-made materials. The micro lathe is an excellent instrument for crafting small objects such as pens and chess. The little lathe from Central Machinery is compact and user-friendly, making it ideal for novices.
  • Wood Lathe: Turning wood into various shapes and sizes requires using a wood lathe, which does just that. The wood lathe offered by Central Machinery is simple to operate and provides for accurate cutting.
  • Belt Sander: A belt sander will make those rough surfaces nice and smooth, whether wood or metal. The belt sander that Central Machinery offers is robust and features variable speed control options.
  • Planer: A planer is a tool that is used to even out and smooth uneven surfaces on wood. Central Machinery’s planer is precise and strong, making it an ideal tool for any woodworking endeavor.
  • Dust Collector: A dust collector is a piece of equipment that should be present in every workshop. Because of its strength and effectiveness, the dust collector offered by Central Machinery helps to keep your working environment clean and dust-free.
  • Drill Machine: Drill presses are required for tapping or drilling straight holes in a workpiece. A drill press will allow you to make neat, straight holes if you don’t have a milling machine. Central Machinery offers its customers the 5-Speed Bench drill press.This belt-driven drill press has five possible speeds. You adjust the spindle speed by positioning the V-belt on the motor and the spindle’s different-sized pulleys. The table’s 6-14 by 6-18 inches restrict the size of the object that can be drilled. That’s not a problem because this drill press is designed for smaller pieces! This drill press is easy to move around the workshop, has a flexible arm, and incorporates a depth stop, all advantages. This drill press is only suitable for drilling wood; it vibrates during operation, and the depth stop is made of a fragile material.
  • Metal Shear: Shears for Cutting Metal Sheets You can cut through metal sheets with shears for metal. The metal shear offered by Central Machinery is built to last. It comes with adjustable blades, allowing for more precise cutting.
  • Bead Roller: Making beads in metal sheets requires a bead roller. Because it is long-lasting and simple to operate, the bead roller offered by Central Machinery is an excellent choice for any metalworking endeavour.
  • Metal Brake: A metal brake is the tool of choice when bending metal sheets. Because it is both accurate and simple to operate, the metal brake offered by Central Machinery is an excellent choice for any metalworking endeavour.
  • Benchtop Band Saw: A band saw permits cutting complicated arcs and sweeping contours into a workpiece. Customers can obtain a 13 HP, 9-in. Benchtop Band Saw from Central machinery tools. This band saw has a 62-inch blade, accommodating widths between 1/8 and 1/2 inches.

It has a 9-inch throat that can accommodate a 3-5/8-inch thick piece of wood.

The benefit of purchasing this item is that it is of good quality and inexpensive. In addition, a dust port is located at the back of the saw. Sawdust can quickly accumulate if the wheel’s interior is not kept clean. It can result in the blade slipping or wearing out. Connect a vacuum to the suction port or maintain a clean interior.

What Do Consumers Have To Say About The Tools Offered By Central Machinery?

Customers have a variety of opinions regarding the reputation of Central Machinery Tools. Some clients are extremely loyal to the company’s offerings, vouching that the products are exceptional and can withstand repeated use. Others have reported unfavourable encounters with Central Machinery Tools, claiming problems such as poor craftsmanship and malfunctioning parts as the source of dissatisfaction. When reading customer reviews, it is vital to remember that Central Machinery Tools’ price point is typically cheaper than other brands. Because of this, it is crucial to note that the price point of Central Machinery Tools is often lower than that of other brands.

What Are Some Of The Downsides To Using Tools From Central Machinery?

The fact that other brands’ items are frequently more expensive than Central Machinery Tools’ offerings is among the most significant negatives of using the former. Although this may appear to be a benefit at first glance, it may imply that the instruments are of a different high quality than they may be. After only a brief usage period, several customers have experienced problems with tools or parts breaking caused by malfunctions. If you have problems with your tools, the fact that Central Machinery Tools might offer a different degree of customer service or support than other companies can be quite annoying.


In conclusion, Central Machinery provides customers with an extensive selection of good-quality tools at reasonable costs. This equipment will, without a doubt, make your projects simpler and more productive, regardless of whether you are an experienced artisan or just starting. If you need any of the tools above, your best bet is to buy them from Central Machinery.


Among the most commonly asked questions about central equipment tools by consumers are the following:

1. Where Can I Purchase Tools For The Central Machinery?

Hardware stores, online merchants, and even manufacturers sell Central Machinery Tools. Still, the best place to get them is to get them directly from the company that makes them.

2. What Kind Of Guarantee Does Central Machinery Tools Offer On Its Products?

The warranty for Central Machinery Tools is valid for ninety days, beginning on the date of purchase. However, buyers can pay an extra price and acquire an extended warranty.

3. Are Central Machinery Tools Worthwhile Investment?

Whether central machinery tools are a worthwhile investment depends on their intended usage. Central Machinery Tools may be a suitable option for you if you’re seeking inexpensive tools that you can use for modest chores around the house. Suppose you are a professional or want high-quality instruments for heavy usage. In that case, you may invest in a more expensive brand. In conclusion, Central machinery equipment is inexpensive and dependable.


Harbor Freight Tools has been manufacturing Central Machinery Tools for over four decades. Although they may possess a different level of quality than other brands, they are frequently less expensive, making them a viable option for a novice. When selecting whether or not to purchase Central Machinery Tools, it is essential to read user reviews and consider your specific requirements. In general, Central Machinery Tools is a respectable brand.