Who Makes Duralast Tools? A Detailed Discussion About Them

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You will need a well-stocked toolbox, whether you’re a skilled mechanic, building a backyard for yourself, or refinishing a curb. You never know what maintenance your car might need or when an emergency repair might occur, so you want to be aware of the situation.

Duralast tools are always a great choice, and more than 500 hand tools are available at more than 6,500 AutoZone locations around the world. They deliver flawless results when used by experts, yet the average enthusiast or novice can afford them.

This article describes who makes Duralast tools, why they’re ideal for most users, and has a detailed discussion about them.

What Is Duralast?

AutoZone sells the well-known private-label brand Duralast. These tools are made to be competitive with those from the majority of other tool companies, including Craftsman, DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Bosch. Duralast, on the other hand, is a private-label brand. Therefore, you may anticipate paying less than these public names.

Some ardent mechanics tend to be “brand snobs” and extremely loyal to their tools, spending more money on their preferred brand. The Duralst AutoZone brand is suitable for most servicing and repairs if you don’t care whether your tools are MAC, Snap-on, Craftsman, or Bosch branded.

Who Makes Duralast Tools?

AutoZone is the maker of Duralast tools. Lead-acid batteries from AutoZone are sold under the private trademarks Valucraft, Duralast, and Duralast Gold (made primarily by Johnson Controls but also by East Penn, Exide, and others). AGM batteries come in the Duralast Platinum range. Moreover, AutoZone offers tools with the Duralast name and a lifetime warranty.

In 1995, the 1,000th AutoZone store opened its doors in Louisville, Kentucky. The Duralast trademark was also first used on Duralast and Duralast Gold batteries. Now, there are 1,143 stores in 26 states. At AutoZone, the Internet era began in 1996 with the debut of the business’ website.

Benefits Of Duralast

Superior Value Compared To Similar Non-Private Label Brands: The Duralast brand is the best option if you’re looking for quality and affordability.

Lifetime Warranty: A lifetime warranty is offered on all Durlast tools. This is similar to the majority of private brands.

Simple To Purchase: Because of the tens of thousands of AutoZone stores, buying Duralast tools are simple. You could have to purchase non-private label tools online or physically visit a big box retailer if you’re seeking them.

Simple Returns: You can return Duralast tools to your local AutoZone shop, in-person or online.

Drawbacks Of Duralast

If you are particular about the brand names of the tools in your garage, you might want to buy something other than Duralast tools. There may be better options for you.

Duralast tools don’t have the professional appearance of brand-name tools, which have better looks and packaging. Also, compared to tools from rival brands, Duralast toolboxes typically have a less appealing appearance.

Cost Comparison For Tool Kits

Price is one of Duralast’s main benefits versus non-private brands. How much money must you put aside? Here are the most recent pricing comparisons:

10-Piece Set Of Spanners

The ten-piece Duralast wrench kit from AutoZone costs approximately $32.99, while the same DeWalt set costs about $42.99. The difference between the two groups of strings is greater than 20%.

Racket Sets

The 60-piece Duralast racket sets from AutoZone’s Ratchet brand cost roughly $59.99. Milwaukee 48-piece ratchet sets that are comparable cost about $299.99. This is a price difference of over 70%.

Engineering Toolbox

The 160-piece Duralast Mechanic’s Tool Kit from AutoZone costs $152.99. A 150-piece mechanic’s tool with a tradesman equivalent costs around $299.95. This is a 20% price difference.

Who Should Use Duralast?

Are you debating whether Duralast is the best option for you? Who would benefit most from using Duralast tools is shown below.

1. Weekend Mechanics

You need a good set of tools if you use them frequently. You get excellent tools from Duralast with a lifetime warranty. You can be confident that Duralast tools will withstand frequent usage. Moreover, Duralast tools will endure the test of time.

2. A Person Who Is Unconcerned About Brand Names

Duralast tools work well if you don’t need MAC, Snap-on, Bosch, Milwaukee, or DeWalt tools. Duralast tools are comparable to non-private-label brands in weight, strength, and durability.

3. A Resident Close To An Autozone

The Duralast tools are ideal if you live near an AutoZone shop. This is due to how simple it is to acquire the necessary tools. Also, you may easily replace or return tools with just a quick trip.

Duralast Is Not Suitable For Whom?

Although many mechanics think Duralast tools are adequate, they may not always be the best option.

1. A Qualified Mechanic

You can tell if you are a skilled mechanic by the equipment in your garage. The truth is that a potential client may value your job more if they perceive that you have well-known brand-name equipment in your toolbox. This judgment may only be cursory. Yet, a mechanic using Bosch equipment can be viewed as more qualified than one using Duralast equipment.

2. A Strong Vehicle Or Someone In One

You might not want to risk driving a high-performance car with a private-label tool kit. Even though Duralast’s quality can be equivalent, spending more money on the best private-label tools might be worthwhile. After all, you don’t want to take any chances when fixing a car that could end up costing you a lot more than an ordinary one.

3. You Have More Trust In Particular Brand Tools.

When it comes to their equipment, those who work on their automobiles can be highly brand loyal. You might feel more comfortable continuing with MAC, Snap-on, Bosch, or Milwaukee tools if you’ve been using them for 20 or 30 years. Duralast does indeed offer equivalent quality at a reduced cost. But sometimes, the value of peace of mind cannot be measured.


1. Who Makes Duralast Tools?

AutoZone is the maker of Duralast tools. The only American supplier of aftermarket auto parts and accessories, AutoZone, sells Duralast products, a line of automotive tools and equipment. Depending on the particular tool or piece of equipment, a number of different third-party manufacturers produce the tools under the Duralast brand, which AutoZone developed. Our Duralast tools are put through rigorous testing by AutoZone to make sure they meet or exceed industry requirements for quality.

2. Does Duralast Tools Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Indeed, many of Duralast’s products come with a limited lifetime warranty. The specifics of the warranty may change based on the product and how it will be used. But, in general, Duralast warrants that, under normal use and service, its products will be free from flaws in both materials and artistry for the duration of the product. Duralast has the right to repair a product or refund the purchase price if it fails due to a manufacturing flaw. To ensure the lifetime guarantee covers a product, reviewing the exact warranty terms for the one you are considering buying is always a good idea.

3. Is The Duralast Brand Good?

 AutoZone is the exclusive retailer of Duralast components and accessories for vehicles. Generally, many consumers and industry professionals agree that Duralast is a dependable and trustworthy brand.

High-quality goods manufactured by Duralast are well known for meeting or exceeding industry standards. The company sells various vehicle parts, such as batteries, brakes, belts, and filters, as well as equipment and tools for professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Customers can have an additional piece of mind from Duralast because many of their products come with a limited lifetime warranty and because of the high quality they provide.

4. How Reliable Are Duralast Parts?

Generally, Duralast is regarded as a trustworthy brand of automobile components and accessories. Several clients have expressed satisfaction with Duralast products, and the company is renowned for creating high-quality goods that match or surpass industry standards.

Duralast is widely recognized as a reliable and trustworthy alternative for individuals in need of automotive components or tools, even though no manufacturer can promise 100% dependability. To make sure that the actual product you are contemplating is the right fit for your needs, do your research and read customer reviews like you would with any brand.


In conclusion, consumers needing automotive tools and equipment could consider Duralast tools a trustworthy and high-quality choice. Duralast, an AutoZone-only brand, is renowned for creating tools that meet or exceed industry standards and are built to withstand the demands of both DIYers and experts.

There are many options from Duralast to pick from, whether you require hand tools, power tools, or diagnostic equipment. Customers can be confident that they are adding wisely to their tool collection thanks to the limited lifetime warranty offered on several of their goods.

Overall, Duralast is a company you should think about if you require automotive tools or equipment. You can rely on Duralast tools to complete the job correctly each and every time because of their reputation for dependability and quality.

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