Who Makes Criterion Appliances? Are They Affordable? (PAA)

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Criterion is a leading appliance, especially a refrigerator brand in the USA and worldwide. In fact, Criterion has become part and parcel of many kitchens with their unparalleled product line of freezers and refrigerators. Most people trust the brand’s rich history, market reputation, and excellent after-sales service.

However, only a few people know the actual owner and manufacturer of the Criterion appliances. So, we always face questions like, “Who makes Criterion appliances?

Menards owns Criterion appliances, and they are the manufacturer of a long line of refrigerators and other home appliances like washers and dryers, microwaves, washing machines, range hoods, etc. Menards is famous for its home improvement products, and they are one of the leading American manufacturers of different brands.

We will guide you through Criterion appliance manufacturers, their history, market reputation, along with their advantages and disadvantages in this write-up. So, stay with us.

Who Makes Criterion Appliances

Criterion appliance is a brand owned by the American home improvement company Menards. As Forbes suggests, Menards ranks 26th among the largest American private companies. They are also the 3rd largest home improvement retail chain in America. Only Lowe’s and Home Depot are in front of them regarding store numbers and sales.

However, as their annual reports showcase, Menards look forward to surpassing the company by 2025.

Menards is currently operating in 15 states of America and has 335 stores across these states. However, their headquarter is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

What is Criterion?

Before we jump directly into the history of Criterion appliances, let’s see who they are and their product line. Although most people know about the brand, it will certainly help the newcomers.

Criterion usually manufactures freezers and refrigerators for residential uses. You will find their products across America. Their reliability, versatility, and innovative design have made them one of the leading refrigerator brands worldwide.

Henceforth, in many American and non-American homes, Criterion kitchen appliances and refrigerators have become part and parcel. From the standard single-door refrigerators to the large double-door ones, Criterion is skilled at supplying all types of refrigerators and freezers for all types of users in the USA market.

Key Point Of CriterionDetails
Mother Company and OwnerMenards
HeadquarterEau Claire, Wisconsin.
Manufacturing LocationAssembled in US plants

The History of Criterion and Menards

who makes criterion applainces

The history of Menards and Criterion goes hand in hand, and it dates back to the late 1950s when America saw a great industrial boom after World War II. John Menard Jr. is the founder of Menards, and it started the journey as a small-scale home improvement and building item manufacturer.

John Menard Jr. registered the company as Menard Inc in 1960, and since then, they have never looked back. Following their success in different home improvement sectors, the company launched its refrigerator section in the early 2000s. Later, Menards named their refrigerator section as Criterion and registered it as their brand.

Nowadays, Menards manufacture and supply all types and sizes of freezers and refrigerators under the brand name Criterion. You will, therefore, find Criterion refrigerators and freezers in all the stores of Menards across the 15 states.

Ever since Menards launched their Criterion refrigerator brand, it has never looked back. Nowadays, Criterion is among the top 10 refrigerator brands in America, along with Whirlpool, LG, Frigidaire, GE, etc.

We have gone through the key points of Criterion and its manufacturing company Menards. But, how good are the refrigerators of Criterion? The following discussion will surely help you know it better.

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Top Benefits of Criterion Appliances

Criterion has established itself as one of the leading refrigerator brands in just less than two decades. But, what makes Criterion so popular? We researched it and found the following benefits that make their refrigerators so popular.

Energy Efficiency

Criterion uses the latest technology to manufacture their refrigerators. It includes an innovative and modern insulation system that keeps the freezers cold without consuming too much energy. Thus, most of their refrigerators have an energy-efficient rating, and it cuts your electricity cost considerably.


Criterion is known for its pocket-friendliness. When you compare a Criterion refrigerator with other brands in the market, you will surely find the difference in their pricing. It makes their freezers a great choice for people with a tight budget.

Widest Range

Whether you want a small refrigerator for personal use or a big one for your family, Criterion has refrigerators for all users. Their widest range of refrigerators includes chest freezers, upright freezers, drawer freezers, etc. So, you can quickly choose from their comprehensive product list to meet your refrigeration requirements.

Alluring and Modern Design

Last but not least, Criterion offers the most alluring yet practical designs for their refrigerators in the market. For instance, most of their models include a wire basket which is an exceptional feature. Also, managing different storage parts of their freezers is pretty user-friendly. You will find their maintenance highly convenient too.

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People Also Ask (PAA)

Who makes Criterion refrigerators?

Menards is the manufacturer and owner of the Criterion brand. So, they are the manufacturer of Criterion refrigerators.

Who makes Criterion washers?

Criterion is a brand under Menards. Criterion branded dishwashers are made in the American plant of Menards with great excellence.

Are Criterion refrigerators any good?

Yes, Criterion manufactures high-quality refrigerators at affordable pricing. Their alluring design and long-lasting performance make Criterion refrigerator a leading brand in the USA.

Who makes Criterion microwaves?

Just like Criterion refrigerator and dishwashers, Menards also manufacture all Criterion microwaves. You will find them in all 315 stores of Menards.

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Final Words

It would be best if you now had a clear idea of who makes Criterion appliances. Menards is the owner and manufacturer of Criterion refrigerators. The brand has passed less than two decades in the market and has already become one of the leading American refrigerator brands.

You can depend on their quality, design, and longevity for your residential and even industrial uses. Finally, with hundreds of models to choose from, Criterion will surely meet your budget and requirements perfectly, thanks to Menards’ advanced marketing strategy and quality assurance.