Who Is Ed From Winder Towing? Is He Really Matt’s Dad?

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As Winder Towing grew in popularity and size, people have become keen on the employees and characters they see in the company. Following it, the audience of Winder Towing has become curious about Ed. They often ask, “Who is Ed from Winder Towing?” Is Ed a regular employee of the towing company? Or does he has any relation with Winder Towing owner Matt?

Who Is Ed From Winder Towing?

Ed’s full name is Ed Robbin. He is a friend of Matt Wetzel, the founder, and owner of the famous Winder Towing Inc. The friends’ duo has rescued many vehicles around California over the past few years. So, long story short, Ed is an old friend of Matt.

He also has excellent knowledge of vehicles and how to tow them to rescue. Matt has said that Ed has been an inspirational figure for him in the past years.

Also, we have seen the duo in many of their videos in Matt’s Off Road Recovery.

How Many Kids Does Ed Have?

As we have seen, Ed lives a joyful marital life. He has six children, as many sources say. His kids include David, Eddie, and Doug.

The names of his other two kids are unknown. We searched heavily to find the other two children’s names, but we could not do so.

Nonetheless, with six children and his wife Betty, Ed truly lives happily married. In one of his interviews in a local magazine, Ed said that he is proud to have such promising kids.

He then extended that Matt’s achievement as a premier towing service provider and iconic vehicle recovery video maker is fantastic and worthwhile. Also, he is proud to be a friend of Matt.

Ed had been living in Auburn with his family for a long time. We don’t know from where the family came to Auburn.

But they have settled there, and Ed is looking forward to an agricultural farm there. So we will look forward to its progress.

A Fake Story about Ed

There’s a fake story about Ed where people think he actually drove 80 miles to see Matt. As the story circulates, “

“Ed’s fame first developed when he with his wife Betty Robbins drove 80 miles at a stretch from Auburn to reach the accident spot of their child. When the couple reached the hospital, they found their son Matt in a deep coma.

The doctor said it was implausible that Matt would survive the night and come into everyday life again.

There two of Matt’s elder brothers were waiting for their parents. Once Ed and his wife Betty met them, the two brothers expressed concern.

However, David, the older brother, confronted both Ed and Betty that their younger brother would survive.

He then added that he had a strange feeling about Matt’s living possibility when he put his hand on Matt’s forehead.”

Well, this is a fictional story published on the church website as a story called “A Second Chance at Life.” Coincidently, the name of the father-son in the story was Ed and Matt, which gave air to this story.

So we’ve confirmed that this story is linked with Ed Robbins, a Christian missionary, and his son, Matt Robbin, who suffered a severe accident in 1992.

Is Ed The Father Of Matt?

Many of Matt’s YouTube channel viewers think that Ed is the birth father of Matt. But that’s not true. Ed is only a friend of Matt. Even the friendship grew at the very late stage of their life. If you have seen the first few videos of Matt’s vehicle recovery, you will notice how Matt calls Ed by his name.

Who Is Ed From Winder Towing

How Matt Met Ed?

Matt bought a garage when he was planning to establish his towing and vehicle recovery business.

This is the same garage from where Matt operates and creates his videos. Ed has been living in the garage even before Matt bought it.

He was quite a senior person at that time. So, instead of forcing Ed to leave the garage, Matt offered to work with him. It was a great benevolence on Matt’s part. It stopped Ed from being homeless and led a vulnerable life.

Currently, he has become Matt’s reliable friend and partner in many of his videos. In addition, his knowledge of working in the garage helps him with the cause.

Does Ed Know About Towing?

Although the 83 years old Ed doesn’t have any formal education on vehicle recovery, we have seen his expertise in many videos.

If you have carefully seen the videos on the YouTube channel, you will find Ed giving valuable insight on automobile and vehicle recovery tips.

On top of it, we have seen his knowledge and expertise in towing, vehicles, and mechanics. It has been a fantastic experience to see him offering insights and tips on many vehicle recovery tips.

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Is There Any Confrontation Between Ed and Matt?

Following the court suit on Matt about fraudulence, many questions came in front of us. The case was about his second degree. For this, many people thought Ed had been in a confrontation with him.

But, we haven’t got any news on any of such quarrels and confrontations.

In fact, we have seen Matt and Ed together even after the case of fraud started. So it was great news to see the duo together.


You should now clearly know who is Ed from Winder Towing. He isn’t the father of Matt, as many people perceive. He is only a general employer of the Winder Towing company.

Also, he is a close friend of Matt, and they have created many engaging vehicle recovery videos for “Matt’s Off Road Recovery.” Matt found his in the garage he bought for his company and let him work there. The due went on to become bosom companion later.

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