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EDM is known as the music of the modern era. Through popular social platforms, musicians have remarked on their creations and captured millions of people’s hearts. Richie Giese(Social Repose) is one of them.

My younger brother is a big fan of social repose.
Wondering who is Social Repose? It is the youtube channel of Richie Giese I was talking about. Let’s get to know more about it.

Who is Social Repose

Richie Giese pioneered his YouTube channel, Social Repose, in April 2011, and posted his original music. Afterward, he started publishing cover songs, vlogs, comedy routines, and other types of material.

While publishing original music of his, he started posting loop covers, barbershop-style Cappella covers, and more comedic musical content. He uploads four/five videos a week.

Videos show him singing songs following several genres, creating melodies from tweets by other YouTubers’, and inhaling helium while singing is famous for his musical material. He also posts reaction videos and bizarre creative videos, which he calls “Goth reacts.”

Social Repose has over a million followers. He dresses up in an eccentric way that depicts face paint, wings made of metal, and a headpiece while he performs and it looks like a Native American war bonnet.

He likes to add up various elements to his custom-made costume. The ensemble has this faith that it portrays distinctiveness and his music gets more attention. His style is described as an “alternative” by him. Do you know more about who is Social Repose and little details about him? No worries, we got you covered. Here we go-

Other Details

Full name Richard Mclean Giese
Birthday February 9, 1990
Age 31
Residence Washington, D.C. United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Relationship Status Unmarried
Net worth $240,000

While knowing about Richie Giese, you should know about a controversy about him that had gone viral once.

He has been slammed for cheating on his girlfriend Jaclyn Glenn and how he reacted to the circumstance, especially on how Jaclyn was supposedly cautioned and how he zeroed in lesson saying ‘sorry’ to Jaclyn yet more on what the circumstance is public and will mean for his channel and forthcoming substance, which is upheld by him watching his channel bite the dust.

Albums & EPs By Social Repose:

Who is Social Repose
Photo: Instagram

1. Paradise (2011)
2. More of the Same (2011)
3. The Modern Age (2012)
4. The Machine That Learned How to Love (2012)
5. Reckless Closure (2013)
6. Crazy Manic Love (2014)
7. Just Let Me Go (2014)
8. Covers (2015)
9. Yalta (2015)
10. Empress (2017)
11. Calamity (2020)

Frequently asked questions

1. What kind of music did Social Repose release at first?

He started creating synth-pop songs in 2011 and hasn’t stopped since.

2. Did he cheat on Ayalla Karina too?

After breaking up, Ayalla claimed on her YouNow social media platform that Richie cheated on him.

3. Is Social Repose gay?

No, he is not. He made clear in one of his videos that he is straight.

4. How long it takes for Social Repose to get ready for his video?

It is known that it takes 30-45 minutes for him to get ready.