Who is Ferran Real Dad? They Finally Revealed the Truth!

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I love watching Youtube’s vlogs. Why? You might ask, I would say it’s easy and enjoyable. Are you in this category too? The Royalty Family is my favorite of all. It is a family-based vlogging channel. Ferran, the older son of Andrea. But Who is Ferran real dad?

Who is Ferran Real Dad?

Ferran’s real dad is Andera’s ex-husband, and his name is Pierre Lepine. After divorce, Andera raised Ferran. Andera, the mother of Ferran, was married to Pierre Lepine, and they had Ferran as their child. Ferran is popular because of its YouTube. And to be honest, he got in the limelight because he is a part of The Royalty family; he got in the spotlight.

Ferran is originally from the United States. The US is the place where he was born and raised, and Andrea, his mother, raised him. Ferran is Bilingual. English and Spanish are the languages he can speak. One of his skills is Social Media content knowledge.

Interesting facts about Ferran

  • He is only eleven years old.
  • Ferran’s mom raised him.
  • His real name is Ferran Espada.
  • He is passionate about fashion.
  • His mom handles his Instagram.
  • Ferran has a YouTube channel too

Ferran age and height

Can you believe he is only 11 years old? Yes, you saw that correctly. He is 11 years old, and his birthday was on July 26, 2010, and Ferran’s height is about four feet, seven inches.

Ferran’s childhood

Ferran has been a great public figure since his childhood. Ferran goes to school like a normal kid, and he likes to play video games, has a good sense of fashion.

As an 11 years old kid, his fashion sense is unique. He loves dogs, and they have two dogs in their house who are Gucci and Princessa.

Ferran’s social media

Ferran is a social media star. He got famous from his family’s vlogging channel, and the name of the channel is The Royalty Family. His mom used to upload his picture on social media. Later, when her mom and dad started vlogging, he was part of that.

Ferran has a YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok account. He uses the name “the_kingferran” on TikTok.

“Kingferran” is his Instagram handle. His own YouTube channel’s name is “Ferralandia.”

His Zodiac sign and nationality

Ferran’s Zodiac sign is Leo. He is both Colombian and American. How? Because he was born in America and his mother is Columbian.

Ferran Net Worth

We know about his basic information, and who is Ferran real dad? But what is his income source? Let’s find out. Ferran gets pocket money from his family, and his family income comes from YouTube revenue. From the sources, we got to know his net worth is about $1.5m in 2022.

How does he handle his social media profile?

Who is Ferran Real Dad
Photo: Instagram

Andera, his mom, handles his Instagram account. He and his father Ali vlogs gaming together. Their gaming channel name is “Royalty Gaming.”

Frequently asked questions

Who is Ferran king?

The Royalty Family’s elder son is Ferran king, and Andera and Ali are his parents.

Is Ali Ferran’s dad?

No, Ali is not Ferran’s real dad, and Ferran’s Biological father is Pierre Lepine, and Pierre Lepine is a photographer.

Does Ferran have siblings?

Yes, he does have a brother. His brother is younger than him, and Millan, known as Prince Milan, is his brother. He was born on June 1, 2020.

When did The Royalty Family start their channel?

Andera and her family created this channel in April 2017. They have posted more than 500 videos on YouTube, and 15.4 million people have subscribed to their channel.