Why Did Jack Turner Shave His Head

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Being a celebrity was never a simple job. Constant commercials, interviews, or shooting always stick like super glue to them. Even between these busy times, they manage to advertise us posting from their Instagram accounts, etc. Don’t you love to know what is going on with your favorite superstar? I sure do and eagerly wait for any news regarding Jack Turner.

For those who are a massive fan of his, here is some update about why did Jack Turner shave his head recently and other news regarding his upcoming movies. Stay tuned!

Why Did Jack Turner Shave His Head

So, the question remains, why did Jack Turner shave his head? There are multiple answers to this question. Losing hair is an excellent problem for men. The best thing to do is to shave your head.

Multiple reports say Jack Turner may be turning bald and to stop this process somehow. Optimistic fans like us like to believe it is necessary for a role in a movie.

Yes, folks! The movie entitled ‘One Perfect Wedding’ where he plays the role of Ben Livingston who, along with his love of life, plans the perfect wedding.

Some say it is the director’s choice that this character is bald in this movie.

Jack Turner and His Struggle

Before enrolling himself in Hollywood, Jack Turner had quite a brilliant career up until his sleeves. He studied Psychology at Oxford University. After completing his graduation, he certainly took a job at Google.

He gathered his interest in acting and started taking a class in a downtown abbey during that time. After discovering that he could cook a career out of it, he moved to Los Angeles in 2012. He auditioned and got lucky in several T.V. films, commercials, and video games advertising.

Jack Turner also turned out to be a side musician. He has ten years of experience with keyboard and guitar and recently themed the soundtrack of “Steam Room Stories – The Movie.”

Acting Career of Jack Turner

His first film, “The 10 Year Plan,” starred him as Myles, a love-sick romantic. He has acted in several Hallmark movies and was the mystery lousy guy Liam Granger on Freeform’s “Stitchers” for two seasons.

In 2017, Jack made his television debut as “J.R.R. Tolkien” on “D.C. Legends of Tomorrow,” which represents the first time the writer is featured a young man. In the U.K., “Red Devil” was released worldwide in 2020.

Turner’s Instagram

We might get a different answer from Turner’s Instagram account. Recently during the lockdown session due to COVID-19, he, along with his wife, Tajna Djelevic, posted a photo where suddenly the actor is noticed bald.

There the caption was noted as covidcut. The fans went through many guesses that maybe Turner was sick or gave a new look to himself for the lockdown.

But, as time passed, we came to discover that some of it was true as he twitted, “Interesting few weeks, had COVID, shaved my head and look like madmax.”

New career plan of Turner

Why Did Jack Turner Shave His Head
Source: Instagram

Turner is known to be one of the optimistic actors. He hopes that this shaved head look will harvest himself a good role as a villain. Turner deliberately mentioned wanting a role as a villain. Therefore, why did Jack Turner shave his head?

Answer: To become a mighty villain, silly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jack Turner currently working on?

The last movie of Jack Turner was ‘The Landlord,’ and he recently finished contract signing on ‘Red Devil’ and the remake of ‘Nosferatu.’

What nationality does Turner belong to?

Jack Turner was born American.

Does Jack Turner have a British accent?

As he is an American, it is not customary to have a born British accent. But, as he is an actor, he played a British character in many of his films.

Can Jack Turner sing?

Jack Turner can play guitar and piano. He has produced many songs over the years but has never been a confident singer.