Who is Beau of the Fifth Column? (Wife, Net Worth and Past)

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Thinking of politics and its activities gives me a shiver. My husband has an interest in politics. So he was showing me a guy named beau and his channel, the fifth column. So my curious mind was pushing me to find out more about him, fortunately, I did find some amazing facts about him.

Who is Beau of the Fifth Column

Beau is a Journalist and YouTuber whose real name is Justin King. He has a YouTube channel called “Beau of the Fifth Column” where he covers United States politics, racism, climate change, equality, foreign policy, etc. He is from a military background and he lives in Florida with his family.

When coming to politics, nothing is predictable, and anytime anything can happen.
So, there is always a risk of speaking about it—now coming to Justin King or beau of the fifth column.

Many people might hate him and tell him fake as he has a colored past. 

But if he tries to look past it, we can see that he is trying to break the stereotypes of typical journalism. And he is bringing out the truth that no one has dared to do it. So, I guess either he is fake or natural; it depends on seeing it differently.

What Does Beau of the Fifth Column Mean

How many of you know the meaning behind this word? Or the history behind it? How about I give you a little inside about it? This way, we may understand why beau chooses this particular word as the name of his channel.

A fifth column is a group that destroys any larger group from the inside. They usually work as a favor for the enemy group or nation. The originality of this word came from Spain and during the early time of the Spanish Civil War. And throughout the years, it has gained more popularity in different wars and forms.

And as we know, Justin is an activist. So he using this word as his platform name might not be that unusual.

Beau of the fifth column net worth

Beau of the fifth column is a popular YouTuber who has been able to amass a large net worth from his various endeavors.

Beau’s primary source of income is from Google Adsense, which he earns from the ads placed on his YouTube videos. He also sells merchandise through his website and receives donations from his Patreon account. Lastly, he earns royalties from the music played on his Spotify playlist.

All of these sources of income have allowed Beau to accumulate a net worth of over $1 million. He is able to live a comfortable lifestyle and continue creating content for his loyal fanbase.

Beau of the Fifth Column Military Background

Justin has been arrested for illegal immigration and is also not a fan of government authorization. It is complicated to believe that he has some connection with the military. As much as bizarre it sounds, let’s see what we can find out.

It is said that he was born in Japan at Yokosuka and he comes from a military family. His father was a soldier and his mother a hipster. But later, his family was deported back to the USA.

He also has done business with the ex-private military contractor. I guess this explains his military background or connections. Still not believable if you ask me honestly. 

His past of being a felony

According to the sources, in 2007, he and three Russian conspirators were arrested by the Federal authorities. The charges against them were he bought young Eastern European girls in Florida illegally to work as a maid in the local resorts.

Due to that, he was imprisoned for 41 months in prison. Other than that, he and his fellow pals were asked to pay a fee worth $1million in assets. However, it is said that during his time in jail, he reformed and changed his view about jurisdiction and immigration. It’s good to know that he is back on track and hopefully sticks to it.

His belief in self-sustain community or state

Who is Beau of the Fifth Column
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As mentioned before that he is an anarchist believer. In many of his videos, he has said that he would like to stay less regulated by the government kind of community or state.

Besides, like other journalists, he doesn’t push the government into engaging themselves more in situations and more asking them to stay away from it. Further reflects his theory of self-sustain community or state.

Who is beau of the fifth column’s wife

Beau of the fifth column’s wife is a nurse and they have a happy family. They live together with their children. Beau of the fifth column is an amazing dad who helps with the kids and housework while his wife works long hours as a nurse. He is incredibly supportive of her career and loves spending time with their kids.

During pandemic Justin’s wife was one of the greatest nurses who give her everything to save the people. At that time, Justin has been so supportive of her wife and children.

His wife is very popular on Twitter. She has got around 20k followers over there.

Justin King Social Midea Activity

Though He is mainly active and popular for his personal youtube channel. But he does have some decent activity on his other social media accounts. He has also done some interviews with major media outlets, recently Rural Assembly covered one.

It can be inferred that Justin is a journalist who believes in Freedom of Speech above all else.

On all of his social media accounts, he discusses a lot about the news industry and freedom of speech. His social accounts are below

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know who is beau of the fifth column. There must be some intriguing questions regarding him. So here are some collective questions that are asked commonly. Hopefully, the answer pleases you.

How many subscribers does Justin have on his channel?

He has 760000+ subscribers. 

is beau of the fifth column married?

Yes, he is married. His wife works as a nurse in a hospital.

When did he join YouTube?

He joined on 15th October 2010.

Is beau of the fifth column a veteran

Beau of the Fifth Column is a Ex-military contractor and trainer.