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Insignia appliances are one of the most famous products around the globe. The brand has won its consumer’s trust through its durable and fantastic products. Ever thought about who makes Insignia appliances?

BestBuy, the owner of Insignia, produces Insignia appliances. Insignia has introduced some top-notch tech like POPS and The Like Machine to gain consumer trust.

These appliances are cheaper than other brands, more durable, energy-saving, and provide better service than some of the most popular brands. Other Insignia products like ice makers, ovens, toasters, smart TVs, washers, and dryers are also available at a low price.

The appliances deliver some cons along with outstanding benefits. Finding out the faults of these products will help you purchase a quality appliance accurately.

History Of Insignia Brand

Insignia Systems, shortly known as Insignia, was established in Minnesota, USA. GL Hoffman and David Eiss founded this famous brand on 2nd January 1990.

It is a USA-oriented service company. The household brand became a publicly-traded company in 2002.

Some Historical Remarks Of Insignia

Over the past years, Insignia has had some adventures and provided some top-notch technology to its consumers. Take a look at these events and marvelous technologies.

1993: Insignia launched the Stylus software in the market.

1996: SightRight machine replaced the original impulse machine.

1998: Insignia introduced POPS as its featured product.

2011: The cutting-edge technology Laser Die Cutter balanced POPS graphics.

2013: Insignia Plus, a nutrition-based product aisle navigating feature, was introduced.

2014: Introduction of The Like Machine helped customers give opinions and reviews directly with just one button push.

The famous POPS software established connections between 23,000 shops around the USA. On 13th January 2014, Insignia celebrated 50 million signings with the die cutter.

Manufacturing Zone Of Insignia Appliances

Do you know where insignia appliances are manufactured? Well, this question has a tricky answer. Though Insignia is a BestBuy product and an American brand, it is not made in the USA.

Haier, a Chinese household electric gadget manufacturer, makes Insignia appliances. The manufacturing plant is located in a Chinese city called Qingdao. The US appliance market holds only 1.1% of Haier’s share.

Haier also has manufacturing plants in the Indian subcontinent. Countries like Bangladesh and India generally manufacture Insignia convertible refrigerators.

Then these finished products are sent to different countries. The European home appliance market is another important business field for Haier.

Insignia Products Lineup

who makes insignia appliances

Insignia has various types of products besides the appliance. This BestBuy branch offers different electrical products. A quick view of these products helps to understand the available variety.

Ice Makers

Insignia produces four types of ice makers. Three of these ice makers make the popular clear geometrical shape ices for drinks and beverages. The other one makes the nugget or small cubic ice.

These ice makers can produce 26 to 44 pounds of ice daily. The price of the ice makers varies from 99.99 to 374.99 bucks.

Washers And Dryers

Washing and drying machines come with single equipment and the same sets. Some of the cool features of these wonderful machines are a soft-close cover, flexible shut-off hinge, and imbalance detection.

The price of a washer alone is $450. If you purchase both a washer and a dryer, it’ll cost you 900 bucks.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are one of the favorite products of Insignia. These TVs provide superb picture quality at a low price. You’ll find different TV sizes at varying prices in the shop and on the official website.

Other Appliances

This famous brand sells cookers, beverage coolers, air fryers, ovens, and toasters. The price of these products depends on their durability and quality. You’ll find the price list of these products on the Best Buy website.

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Benefits Of Using Insignia Appliances

Insignia appliances come with superb advantages. These pros help to keep the products fresh for a long time.

Here are some of the surprising benefits of Insignia appliances:


This is a budget-friendly product of the BestBuy brand. But the brand doesn’t compromise quality for a low price. They offer a free delivery option for products priced over $399.

Energy Saving

Insignia appliances consume less energy to operate at an optimum level. It saves a lot of energy than other brands of appliances. This brand’s machines prevent a fat power bill.


Products from Insignia are durable despite the surprisingly affordable price. They come with an easy switch to operate the door smoothly. The yearly maintenance cost of the lowest model is between 25 to 40 bucks.

Better Service

It provides the same quality service as Samsung and LG but at lower prices. Insignia appliances are easy to buy from the official BestBuy website.

Different Colors And Shapes

Insignia appliances are available in different sizes according to the kitchen size. You have a lot of options to choose from for your kitchen decoration. Insignia appliances offer a lot of variation in color and style.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does Insignia Appliances have any warranty?

Basic Insignia appliances come with a 3 to 5-year warranty. The warranty increases with a price increase. Since the product quality also increases with the price, so does the product’s warranty.

Is Insignia an American brand?

Insignia is an American brand. But the appliances are made in China. The designs come directly from the Minnesota headquarters. Insignia mainly produces ice makers, washers and dryers, ovens, and toasters.

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Bottom Line

Insignia appliances are a better option than other brands at a lower price. The warranty of these appliances increases with the price. It has changed the face of the in-sale stores through some terrific technologies.

Hopefully, the discourse about who makes Insignia appliances has provided you with all the required information regarding the product and the brand. Check out the features thoroughly and find out the faults to obtain the best Insignia appliances. Don’t forget to inspect the market price of Insignia appliances before you go shopping!