Who Makes Roper Appliances | Brand Evolution and Benefits

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Roper appliances are a pretty popular name in every household. Various features and product types helped it make a reputable name in the market. But do you know who makes Roper appliances?

Whirlpool Corporation manufactures Roper appliances in its manufacturing facilities. This history-enriched brand provides cheap, durable devices to its customers.

Some essential features like moisture sensors, load and go tech, deep washing, temperature control, lid lock, and wrinkle prevention accelerated its popularity in the crowd. Since it’s a Whirlpool subsidiary, Roper also makes dishwashers and refrigerators.

The company provides quality service at a lower price than most brands. They come with a few minor cons. However, being aware of them helps buy a better appliance from Roper.

Evolution of Roper Brand

Roper technology, earlier known as Roper Industries, was founded by George D. Roper in 1890. This 132-year-old brand had its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. Currently, Whirlpool’s headquarters is used as its hub of operations.

Significant Historical Events Of Roper Technology

1890: Roper Industries started its journey.

1906: Roper bought the Trahern Pump Co.

1957: Roper Industries rebranded itself to Roper Pump Company.

1981: Roper Pump Company changed its name to Roper technology.

1988: Electrolux purchased Roper’s lawn and garden section.

1989: Whirlpool took over Roper’s home appliances and yard sector.

2004: Roper technology bought TransCore, a radio frequency system.

2008: CBORD, a payment system, became a subsidiary of Roper.

2012: Software company Sunquest Information System became a part of Roper.

2015: Roper again changed its name to Roper Technology Inc.

2016: Roper Technology purchased architectural software ConstructConnect.

2020: In August, Roper bought Vertafore, which makes insurance software.

Manufacturing Zone Of Roper Appliances

Roper is a branch of the famous Whirlpool Corporation. This renowned brand has manufacturing plants all over the USA.

Whirlpool has eight manufacturing facilities across the USA, to be exact. Most of the plants are located in Tennessee, Iowa, and Oklahoma. Other cities like Ohio, Greenville, and Clyde have a few Ropers manufacturing plants.

After the acquisition by GE Appliance, a Haier brand, most of the kitchen and cooking accessories are made in Walker County, Georgia. Recently, this billion-dollar brand has expanded its manufacturing plants in India.

Roper Product Lineup

This Whirlpool subsidiary offers other electrical products besides appliances. Kitchen utensils are another major product of Roper appliances.

Here’s a summary of these products.


The extra-large tub capacity of the Roper dishwasher makes it a better option than other brands’ dishwashers. A super-sized dishwasher with three extra inches does more dishes than the regular one.

Roper dishwashers use the PowerScour technology to clean the dishes perfectly. It sprays 35 different types of jets to clean dishes thoroughly.


Roper refrigerators come with wall-to-wall frameless tech that offers more storage. Capacity, design, and reliability are the secret facts behind its durability. You can purchase this refrigerator if you love buying groceries in bulk.

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Benefits of Roper Appliances

who makes roper appliances

Roper appliances provide some unique benefits. These advantages helped the brand gain consumer trust.

Let’s take a quick peek at why you should use Roper appliances.


Roper appliances are more affordable than most brands. A Roper washer costs around 329 to 379 bucks, and a dryer’s price is between $329 to $479.

Moisture Sensor

A Roper dryer is equipped with an automatic moisture sensor that switches off the heating parts once the clothes are dried. It’s a convenient feature that reduces the current bill.

Load and Go Feature

You only have to add detergent after 20 loads in the washer. The cold wash technique saves massive energy and removes dirt faster. This method prevents heat from damaging clothes.


With a cheaper price range, Roper appliances last pretty longer. Each of the products comes with a one-year warranty. But they last longer than a year without any difficulties.

Energy Saving

Roper appliances need less energy to operate. You’ll have to pay a lower current bill if you use one of these products. Plus, these machines are environmentally friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about environmental pollution.

Less Noisy

These appliances don’t make loud noises like a NASCAR vehicle. It’s a pretty smooth machine that won’t wake up your baby while using the device. This also helps reduce noise pollution.

Deep Water Wash

Use the deep-water option to clean the dirtiest clothes. It’ll increase the water flow inside the washer to clean the clothes thoroughly. The extra rinse option accelerates the cleaning process.

Temperature Control

The temperature control settings allow you to control the inside temperature depending on the clothing’s quantity. It reduces the chances of cloth damage and keeps the constant texture.

No Wrinkled Clothes

Roper appliances don’t apply any heat to prevent wrinkles on clothes. The wrinkle prevention feature removes the wrinkles faster and brings out nice fluffy stuff.

Lid Lock

A lid lock is a blessing if you forget to put some clothes earlier inside the washer. You can unlock the washer to put them in before the spin cycle starts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Roper appliances worth the money?

Roper appliances are worth the money. These machines serve quite longer at a lower price. Other brands’ devices come with the same features, but the price is high. So, if you want better washing at an affordable price, then buy Roper appliances.

Is Roper an All-American Brand?

Roper is an All-American brand. It’s a subsidiary of Whirlpool that hails from the USA. The brand has branches all over the USA and around the globe. Even most manufacturing plants are located in the USA.

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Roper appliances are the best choice if you have a tight budget. The warranty is pretty good, depending on the price. Their increased production after the deal with Whirlpool also has increased the profit.

We hope the analysis on who makes Roper appliances has cleared all your doubts regarding this topic. Sometimes, some washers are missing a few features. Inspect the washers properly to find out the best one. Good luck with purchasing a new Roper appliance!