Are Dash Appliances Good? (Air Fryers, Waffle Makers, Egg Cookers)

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Although many appliance brands are available, Dash is one that you may need to become more familiar with. Dash appliances come in a range of prices and are of excellent quality. Check out Dash if you’re searching for a new appliance. Everything that you need to discover about this brand is provided here.

The quality and longevity of Dash appliances are well renowned. They provide a large selection of inexpensive items, including waffle makers, air fryers, and egg cookers. Additionally, each of their products is covered by a good warranty. So, give Dash some thought if you’re shopping for a new appliance.

Are Dash Appliances Good?

Evan Dash, CEO, and creator of StoreBound LLC founded Dash, one of its brands. Stormbound, founded in 2010, owns Maytag, Sobrino, and Zakarian lifestyle brands.

Stormbound wanted Dash to enhance home cooking. Its brand encourages home chefs to create healthy meals instead of consuming commercial or fast food by reducing fat, simplifying cleanup, or developing appliances with a considerable counter appeal.

Next in this Dash review? First, we’ll show you the brand’s features, then its stylish, user-friendly appliances.

Are Dash Compact Air Fryers Any Good?

The Dash Compact Air Fryer is the top air fryer for small families. It still performs well despite its compact size.


Small households don’t need big appliances to have crispy meals. The Dash Compact Air Fryer is smaller than most others and costs less than most. You can wash the basket in the dishwasher, which will only take up a little shelf space, and it couldn’t be simpler to operate with two control dials. Additionally, it is available in various colors so that you may match it to the design of your kitchen.

However, keep in mind that its compact size cannot accommodate an entire chicken. If you like to air fry smaller servings, as you will discover in our Dash Compact Air Fryer review, it’s one of the finest you can purchase.

The Design Of The Dash Compact Air Fryer

The Dash Compact Air Fryer looks lovely thanks to its cylindrical design and shiny finish.

Like other air fryers, this one has a handle sticking out of the front. Two dials make up its control panel: one at the top to adjust the temperature and another at the front to set the timer. With dimensions of only 8.1 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches, it will fit on your countertop in the same amount of space as a coffee maker.

Review The Cooking Abilities Of The Dash Compact Air Fryer

The Dash Compact Air Fryer excelled at frying chicken wings in our testing, earning a perfect score. Although the results were less crisp than some bigger versions, it also performed well with breaded chicken, frozen French fries, and Brussels sprouts. The French fries were less crispy or juicy than others we had seen, which was where it failed.

Before air frying, Dash advises preheating for three minutes. There is no preheat option; you must pick your preferred temperature and the timer to heat the oven before adding your meal. You just reset the timer after you’ve placed your food in the basket.

Dash asserts, like other manufacturers, that the air fryer’s capacity is determined by how much the basket can hold—in this instance, 2 quarts. However, if you want consistent results, one pound is the most we’d advise cooking at once. The basket’s diameter is just 6.25 inches, which is insufficient to prepare fried chicken for more than two people at once, mainly because leaving space between the pieces for air circulation improves crisping.

Food in the Dash took longer to cook than it would in previous models, given its size, and it generally didn’t brown or crisp uniformly. To get optimal results, we thus had to stop and shake more than once during cooking. Frozen fries, breaded chicken, and Brussels sprouts all came out moist and tender but less crispy than from larger models. However, the Dash truly shone when it came to preparing chicken wings, which were ready in 25 minutes and were both browned, crispy, and juicy. Homemade French fries could never compare to the flavor and texture of deep-fried ones, even after a more extended cooking period of 24 minutes. Most of the points for the compact air fryer were deducted here.

Even though the handbook does not mention roasting a complete chicken, it would not fit in this oven. The bottom of the Dash could only hold one hamburger. It took 23 minutes to cook although most air fryers require 10 to 13 minutes, it turned out juicy and golden.

Cleaning And Usage

Setting the two dials for time and temperature couldn’t be more accessible or evident. However, they are difficult to assess accurately since they are not digital. A 400°F setting is available, but the other temperature options are 320°F, 250°F, and 170°F, which are not often requested temperatures. There is no 350°F setting, the additional temperature you’re most likely to use. A little detachable rack on which food is put rests in the basket, which is simple to remove from the appliance and replace.

The dashboard’s lower front side reaches a temperature above 143°F, and the bottom of the vehicle becomes rather hot to the touch as it cooks. It would be best to use caution while handling the Dash, even though the handle and the dials always stay at room temperature. We were taken aback by the air fryer’s 60.6 dBA sound level, given its size. The reading we obtained for full-size air fryers was quieter than this one. The loudness is about the same as the level of the kitchen’s talk.

The basket and its rack feature nonstick coatings that make dishwashing safe.

The instructions are simple to read and comprehend. A brief cooking guide is included, along with a few tempting dishes.


Small households will appreciate the space-saving Dash Compact Air Fryer. Although it doesn’t crisp and brown as rapidly or as effectively as bigger versions, with little trial and error, it produces decent results. We can’t argue with its performance there, either, so get it if you like chicken wings.

There needs to be a more user-friendly or more complex model available. Additionally, the Dash is lightweight at 5.6 pounds and compact, making it simple to stow when not in use. But this model is the one to get if you have a little counter.

Is Dash Mini Waffle Maker Any Good?

On Amazon, Dash’s kitchenware is a popular choice, and for a good reason. These goods are affordable yet helpful and effective, allowing consumers to spend less time cooking and more time being productive in other areas.

How Does A Dash Mini Waffle Maker Work?

A small, 4-inch, nonstick waffle maker that fits in the palm of your hand is what the Dash Mini Maker is billed as being.

The conventional method of making waffles and other delicacies may create a tricky mess to clean. It can be challenging to get them cooked to the perfect temperature. With the help of Dash’s Mini Maker, you should have cooked waffles in a matter of minutes without the hassle of a messy kitchen.

The Dash Mini Maker is a waffle maker in the strictest sense of the word. Still, with the aid of a recipe book with 12 instructions in the package, it can also produce a variety of other delicacies.

Shape And Size

The Dash Mini Maker is available in various vibrant hues, eye-catching patterns, and, intriguingly, seasonal forms like a heart and a pumpkin.

The Dash Mini Maker is tiny enough to store in most cabinets (or even drawers!) and can be handled with just one hand, thanks to its 16.26 x 12.7 x 7.11 cm dimensions.

Contrary to expectations, it seems relatively cheap despite the waffle maker’s outside being made of plastic. The apparatus uses two nonstick cooking surfaces that enable an even cook on all sides, intended to prevent a sticky mess afterward.

Since the gadget has non-slip “feet,” it won’t move about on the counter, and you can easily open the lid without putting your hands too near to the hot surfaces.

Temperature Control Is Not Available While Using Dash Mini Maker.

Given that the Dash Mini Maker is fully put together and has to be connected to AC power, setup is minimal. It only requires a quick clean with a towel. Once the device is ready, the indication light will turn off to let you know that the preheat cycle is over. The device will then begin to heat up. It should be noted that this appliance has no temperature control; your options are to turn it on and cook or off. This could be acceptable for some people who want to spend less time guessing about specific temperatures (and it’s also fantastic for budding kid chefs in your family). Still, it might also be bothersome for those who are accustomed to being able to dial in an exact amount of doneness.

Compared to the conventional method’s time to heat a griddle, the Dash Mini Maker heated up for me in just about a minute.

It’s generally recommended that consumers add 14 cups of batter equally into the waffle maker each time since too much may cause it to overflow. Six 4-inch waffles are produced using Dash’s traditional waffle recipe, or the ideal amount to serve two or three people. You may experiment with the batter quantity you prepare according to your requirements.


The Dash Mini Maker should be a fun and convenient kitchen appliance for you if you’re searching for a cheap, basic waffle maker that can cook a few other items. The compact size fits those living in smaller quarters, such as RVs or dorm rooms, but it also frees up storage space in a more oversized kitchen. The major drawback is that there is just one degree of doneness, so if you like brown and crispy waffles, you may be better suited to a full-size or customizable version.

The method is simple if you’re serving one or two people. Still, it isn’t ideal for feeding a large group of “hangry” family members since each waffle must be produced separately and takes around three to four minutes. Overall, the waffles were tasty, and the waffle maker didn’t create a mess, so it’s a great buy.

Is Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Any Good?

Eggs are tricky. They’re either raw or overdone. The $20 Dash Rapid Egg Cooker automates the handling of this delicate commodity. It allows you to boil, poach, and steam delicately.

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker makes poaching, boiling, and steaming eggs easy and economical. It’s simple, clean, and mess-free. It cooks huge eggs. Thus, extra-large and jumbo eggs need skill. Stovetop eggs cook slower. Its alarm buzzer is annoying and inaccurate. Therefore, if you want to make breakfast eggs quickly and cleanly, the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is worth a look, but you’ll still need a timer for optimum results.

The Dash Egg Cooker

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker will boil six eggs or poach two at once. Measure the correct quantity of water for your egg type, add it to the cooking base, and let the egg cooker do its thing.

The Rapid Egg Cooker is a 6″ tall, 5.5″ wide, and 5.5″ deep plastic. The pot-shaped toy has two primary components. A 360-watt heating plate and power button are in the device’s bottom half. The Egg Cooker’s clear-domed cover resembles a small cloche serving plate.

It’s a sophisticated countertop steamer. First, fill the product’s measuring cup attachment with water to match your egg type. The cup features “hard,” “medium,” and “soft” fill lines on one side and “omelet/poached” on the other.

Next, pour this water onto the machine’s metal heating plate and place the boiling tray in its slot. Boiling eggs are placed shell-up in the tray. The cooker has omelet and poaching trays.

To reduce sticking and simplify cleaning, the instructions suggest spraying either tray with cooking oil. Hand-washing appliance components are also advised. Since the bits were little, keeping the machine clean was easy.

How Fast Is The Egg Cooker?

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker heats ingredients slowly. Two large eggs boiled in “medium” water took roughly 8 minutes. Uncooked yolks and half-raw whites disappoint. Poaching two large eggs for medium took nearly 9 minutes and produced raw eggs.

Most people like medium-cooked eggs, often after 13 minutes of poaching. Even so, it’s a considerable wait compared to my stovetop 6-minute, 30-second boil (two eggs in a pot). I can microwave weird-textured but palatable scrambled eggs in a minute.

Is The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Worth The Money?

An excellent value for a little electric egg cooker.

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is a cheap, high-performing egg cooker. This little cooker is ideal for singles or small households.


1. How Often Should I Clean My Dash Appliance? 

Cleaning your Dash appliance is good practice, as it will help keep your appliance running optimally. Cleaning frequencies can vary depending on the type of Dash appliance you have. Still, you should clean a Dash appliance once every 4-6 weeks.

2. What’s The Best Way To Store My Dash Appliance?

Dash appliances should be stored in a dry and cool place when not in use. Last, to clean your appliance, remove all food debris, wipe down the interior with a damp cloth, and dry it off.

3. Can I Use My Dash Appliance With Other Cooking Ingredients?

Dash appliances are not meant to be used with other cooking ingredients. People should only use them for preparing food items that the maker intended. For instance, you cannot use a Dash appliance (like Air Compact Fryers, Mini Waffle Makers, or Rapid Egg Cookers) for heating foods like coffee or tea.

4. Why Did I Hear A Noise When I Used My Dash Appliance?

You could hear a noise when using your Dash appliance for several reasons. The inside of the appliance could be dirty, something could be getting in the way of the fan and making it work harder than usual, or the fan housing could be broken. If your Dash appliance makes noise when you use it, please ask your dealer for help.


Dash appliances are getting increasingly popular and are great for making meals quickly and easily. While they’re not meant to be used with other cooking ingredients, they’re an excellent choice for those looking for an appliance that can quickly cook up foods like waffles or eggs. When properly cleaned and stored, Dash appliances should last years without issue.