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How many times have you heard about Tookas death mystery? Do you know how did Tooka die and Who is Tooka From Chicago?

Because I was curious about Tooka, I began researching his gang and the topic of his death, and I discovered some information that I believe will amuse you.

Tooka, the Chicago gang member, is one of the most discussed topics online. I know a lot of my readers are curious about this character, and that is very normal.

To fulfill their curiosity, I’ve come up with this exciting topic. I have researched a lot on this topic and tried to find everything about Tooka’s identity and the story behind Tookas’ death. So, let’s find out what I have discovered about Tooka.

Who is Tooka From Chicago

Starting with the question “Who is Tooka?” Tooka is a teenage boy from Chicago. This boy was only 15 when he died. Tooka was this Chicago teen’s street name; His name is Shondale Gregory.

This boy was involved with the Chicago gang, a group of young gangsters named Gangsters Disciples (GD). Tooka did not get a long life. This boy was killed at a bus stop by another gang member.

The Death Incident

Tooka was not an ordinary boy from Chicago. He was a member of the gang called the Gangsters Disciples. Once, this boy was waiting at a bus stop for the bus to come. All of a sudden, a car stopped in front of him.

The passengers came out, and suddenly an argument began between them. Then, they shot Tooka multiple times after only a few minutes of arguing. Tooka died, for instance.

This incident of Tooka’s death occurred in January 2012. After nine years since his death, this topic remains a great mystery, a fact of ordinary people’s interest.

All the thing we know about Tooka only includes his gangster gang.

We found nothing about his family and personal life. So, who is Tooka is still like a mystery.

The issue between the two gangs and Tookas Death

Who is Tooka from Chicago

Shondale aka Tooka was a young man who squandered his entire youth, strength, and energy on his teen gang, the Gangsters Disciples. The encounter between these gangster boys is not a new scenario.

This is commonly seen in every place where most of the crimes occur by these boys’ groups. Anyway, people assume that Tooka was killed by another gangster gang member, Errick Walker. Errick was only 17 years old when he shot Tooka. He was a member of the Black Disciples (BD).

Errick is also thought of as killed by GD members. They killed another gang member of GD, a 20 years boy Odee Perry.

The news portal Daily Mail featured news about it; according to them, Tookas close friend Gakira Barnes might be the killer of Odee Perry. She was called the most dangerous female teen gangster in the US.

Gakira Barnes could not even live long. At the age of 17, as revenge for Odee Perry’s murder, she was murdered by BD gang members.

Tookas death causes a lot of murder in town. The young gang members were so obsessed with taking revenge that they started killing one after another.

Who was King Von?

For some strange reason, King Von was another character who got connected to Tooka. He was a rapper. Being a rapper is not the only identity to mention here. King Von was the grandson of the founder of the BD gang, named David Barksdale, or King Dave. Von lived on the south side of Chicago.

What was the matter between King Von and Tooka?

The young gangsters used to tease each other through rap. As King Von was a rapper, he constantly insulted Tooka in his songs. This was not unusual for him to hate Tooka.

He used to call Tooka “Smoking Tooka.”

According to the Urban Dictionary, “smoking Tooka” refers to the constant smoking of weed.

This thing taunted Tooka several times. The gang members were active on social media also. They used to post videos on social sites several times.

After the death of Tooka, “Smoking Tooka” Was frequently being used to humiliate his death.

King von, in all his rap, Mentioned the thing that Tooka got smoked. Yeah, they murdered Tooka giving marijuana.

For mentioning this particular fact, King von is the topic even after these nine years. People now know that he happened to hate Tooka. There is an assumption that Tooka once had beaten King Von, so Von always hated Tooka and encouraged the gang members to kill him.

The 1 minute, 29-second video on Instagram

After Tookas’s death, A video got spread on social media. The length of the video is 1 minute and 29 seconds. In that Video, a young boy appeared and shouted, saying, “Fuck Tooka, we took his life”.

This boy from BD gangster was with the group of their gang members.

The video got eight thousand views in no time. Many people saw this Instagram video, and this short clip is one of the main reasons people are discussing Tookas death. Even after nine years, they still want to know who is Tooka.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Tooka?

Tooka was a teenage boy from Chicago. Nine years ago, at the time of Tooka’s death, he was only 15 years old.

When did Tooka die?

Tooka died nine years ago. On the 12th of January 2012, Tooka was murdered by one of the members of his enemy gang named Black Disciples.

Who is Tooka?

Tooka was a teenage boy from Chicago. This 15-year-old young boy was a gangster. He was a member of one of the teen gang Gangster Disciples.

Why are people discussing Tookas’ death?

On Instagram, a short clip appeared that includes the incident of Tooka’s death. The 1 minute and 29-second video clip revealed the Black Disciples members’ voices. He was seen shouting, “Fuck Tooka, we took his life.” This Video is the reason people are talking about Tooka’s death.