Why Did Barton Leave The Chi

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Imagine you are all alone in your room. You are cooking a hot steak, having some can of beer, and waiting for 5.30 pm for your favorite TV series to start. As a series enthusiast, it is a dream come an actual moment for us.

But people like us had to digest some of the challenging moments when we see our favorite character leaving the show, and sometimes, we do not get a proper explanation.
So now, are you familiar with the TV series The Chi?

Speaking of such things, let us find out the mystery behind why did Barton leave The Chi TV series and if he is ever coming back.

Why Did Barton Leave The Chi

The season finale of Chi ended with Reggie, but the character played by Barton himself, getting shot by assailants on a motorcycle. The fans were confused to see the death of Reggie and thought maybe there were some complaints about Barton too.

As it turns out, there was a storyline where Reggie will have a relationship with a trans woman, to which the actor Barton Fitzpatrick refused to agree. The rumors were indeed believable when a YouTube video entitled “‘The Chi’ star REGGIE allegedly fired for refusing to date a trans.”

Therefore, there is the mystery of why did Barton leave The Chi!

Who is Barton Fitzpatrick

Barton Fitzpatrick chose the acting path from an early age. He was born in Chicago, where his family raised him. People in his neighborhood say that he was born to act as he showed early talents in his childhood.

In 2013, he was the finalist for the Illinois monologue competition and received a scholarship at the University of Illinois, where he completed his graduation for the BFA Acting Program.

Hollywood Journey of Barton

Throughout his acting career, Barton played multiple roles in multiple TV series, advertisements, etc. His most mentioned series are Chicago PD, MED, and JUSTICE, where he played the role of Dick Wolfie.

His collaboration with Raul Colon has led to several independent features. He also has some other talents to be concerned about, such as being a singer and musician. He sang and appeared in many music videos such as ‘I like it and ‘Wonnabe.’

The Plot of ‘The Chi’

Why Did Barton Leave The Chi
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The Chi is an American television series directed by Lena Waithe where she tried to reflect the daily lives of the neighborhood on the Southern Side of Chicago.

The show premiered in 2018, and to this day, it ended up with four seasons and more still to come. “A series of life-changing starts to take place in the south neighborhood of Chicago which relates the life of Emmett, Brandon, Ronnie, and Kevin in unexpected ways,” according to the synopsis of The Chi.

The Shakeup of ‘The Chi’

Now let us focus on the fact why did Barton leave The Chi? The series came to a shakeup right in the middle of season 2. Jason Mitchell, who played Brandon, was accused of some inappropriate behavior overwork.

Tiffany Boonie and Ayana Floyd Davis filed the complaints, which led the show’s authors to kill the character Brandon in season 2.

But unfortunately, there was a plot twist at the season finale, which shocked all the fans of The Chi. With the death of one character came the end of another one, and the details continue in the next section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barton doing now?

Barton Fitzpatrick is currently shooting a movie entitled Brotherly Love, Available Wife, directed by Jamal Hill.

Who plays Reg’s younger brother in Chi?

Jake Taylor, who plays the role of Micheal, is Reg’s younger brother.

Why was the character Reggie killed on The Chi?

Barton, who played Reggie, was killed off by a motorcyclist because he refused to engage in a relationship with a trans woman.

What is the hometown of Barton Fitzpatrick?

Barton was born and raised in Chicago.