Why Did Jake Leave MrBeast | He Left or Kicked Out?

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A YouTuber’s life is more stressful than you think. Trying to come up with new content every day, reading all those mean comments, appreciative comments, and trying to evolve, keeping in mind how the viewers will react is very brainstorming if you set it to be your career.

Those who are regular on YouTube must have heard of the name MrBeast. A well-known YouTube channel that uploads an educational video review video or, sometimes, comedy videos but most of the time they giveaway a lot of money!

One trustworthy member of MrBeast was Jake, the Viking. Is he a Viking? This claimed Viking left his first job in April 2020, and we are here to find out why did Jake left MrBeast. So buckle up!

Who is Jake The Viking

Jake the Viking, whose real name is Jake Franklin, was born on may 1, 1992, and raised in California. He is famous for his role in MrBeast with all the writing, directing that made him a familiar face in front of the camera.

James Steven Donaldson(Jimmy), the founder of MrBeast, is a good friend of Jake was very supportive of him during his work in Beast. His leaving made the fans wonder about their brotherly relationship, which will be the net topic to discuss to figure out the mystery.

Why Did Jake Leave MrBeast

Jake had a 9-minute video presentation about his statement about leaving MrBeast. He mentioned that he did not appear in any of the MrBeast videos starting from January, yet he was still getting paid for other works that needed to be done.

After a while, he realized that the paths of his and MrBeast were separating somehow. So, he no longer had any interest in the work that MrBeast normally does.

What Did the Fans Think

Many fans concluded their explanation of why did Jake leave MrBeast. After intensive research, we highlighted some of the best explanations expected from an ideal fan.

The question arose that was there any meltdown between James and Jake? But one regular follower confirmed that he highly doubts that. MrBeast makes qualitative content, and if the members create a side business apart from Breast, it should not be a problem for James.

We confirmed this statement keeping the number of subscribers MrBeast is allocating currently.

Thoughts That Raised A Debate

One fan pointed out an interesting fact that raised the debate to a whole new level. The person pointed out that Jake was such an important member of MrBeast, literally like glue, and the channel depended on him.

A person like Jake, leaving without any previous notice and pointed to be noted, had no farewell type of video or statement from MrBeast. His absence was noticeable suddenly.

This kind of stuff led to only one explanation, they must have had a serious argument about some content; or there might be a question of leadership that forced Jake to cut the road of his own.

After the departure of the Viking, many fans pointed out that MrBeast let go of one extremely good talent from their group, which might affect their views.

Why Did Jake Leave MrBeast
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Was There Any Betrayal?

So, why did Jake leave MrBeast? He lost interest in what he thought used to be his passion. He also pointed out that there was no quarrel or bad blood kind of situation with any group members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Jake?

During the mid of October, Jake decided to leave MrBeast and focus and find his ground of passion.

Is Jake a Viking?

Jake claims to be called Viking as he runs a vlog where his profile name is “Jake the Viking.”

Did they fire Jake from MrBeast?

No, Jake, the Viking left in his interest.

Jake involved with anyone?

According to his Instagram account, Jake is involved with model Shelby Dueitt.