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Patrick McKinney is an American actor best known for his role as Steve Harrington in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. McKinney portrays Steve as the classic 80’s jock; popular, confident, and cocky. However, as the series progresses, Steve’s character development reveals a more vulnerable and caring side as he forms a close bond with the mysterious Eleven. His friendship with her provides a sense of security and understanding that she desperately needs while allowing Steve to develop and grow. Ultimately, McKinney’s performance as Steve Harrington is a testament to the show’s ability to create complex and believable characters, leaving the audience feeling warmth and admiration.

Patrick McKinney, one of the main characters of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, has become beloved by fans worldwide. Patrick plays the role of Will Byers, a young boy mysteriously taken away by an otherworldly creature. In the show, Patrick’s character is the one who ultimately saves the day.

Will is a brave and resilient character. He constantly has near-death experiences, yet he manages to stay strong and persevere. His courage and strength in the face of danger inspire many. Patrick has done an excellent job of bringing the character of Will to life. He has masterfully portrayed Will’s courage, strength, and determination.

Patrick has also brought a certain level of innocence and vulnerability to Will’s character. Will is a young boy but also very wise beyond his years. He has a solid moral compass and always looks out for his friends. Patrick has done a great job conveying this aspect of Will’s character.

In addition to his acting prowess, Patrick is also a talented singer. He has performed several songs throughout the show, notably singing “Should I Stay or Should I Go” in the third season. His singing is beautiful and really adds to the show’s overall atmosphere.

Overall, Patrick McKinney has done an incredible job portraying Will Byers’s character. He has brought depth, emotion, and courage that many viewers have found inspiring. His singing has also been a highlight of the show, adding an extra layer of emotion and beauty to the already magical world of Stranger Things.


Patrick McKinney is said to be around fifteen years old when the first season of Stranger Things begins. As the series progresses, Patrick develops a close bond with Eleven, a mysterious girl with powers held captive by the government. Patrick acts as a mentor and protector to her, much like an older brother would. His protective nature is also evident in his relationship with Mike, where he is always looking out for his younger brother.

Though Patrick can be seen as a relatively carefree and relaxed older brother, he is not without his struggles. Throughout the series, he deals with the pressures of adolescence and the efforts of growing up. He must also learn to protect his siblings while maintaining a sense of normalcy in their lives. At times, he is seen as a parent figure, guiding Mike and his friends through various circumstances.

Patrick McKinney is a beloved character in the Stranger Things universe, and his fifteen-year-old makes him relatable to viewers. His age helps to show the struggles of growing up and the responsibilities that come with being an older sibling. It also serves to show the bond that can be formed between siblings, no matter their age difference.

In conclusion, Patrick McKinney is an essential character in the series, and his age of fifteen is integral to the show. His age allows viewers to relate to his struggles, and his bond with his siblings helps to show the importance of family. Patrick McKinney is a beloved character in the Stranger Things universe, and his age is a significant factor in his appeal.


Steve is a caring and loyal friend to the main characters in the series. He is the best source of comic relief, and his interactions with the other characters often bring lightheartedness to the show that is often lacking in other series.

He is also portrayed as a brave and dedicated leader who takes risks to protect his friends. Patrick and Steve have a unique relationship on the show. Steve is initially described as a bully, unafraid to use violence to achieve his needs. However, as the show progresses, Steve grows to trust and care for the other characters. He begins to show a softer side to his personality, and Patrick’s portrayal of Steve’s growth is one of the show’s highlights.

Patrick’s portrayal of Steve has been praised by fans and critics alike, as he has conveyed the subtle nuances of Steve’s character in a way other actors have failed to do. Patrick has also been praised for his comedic timing and delivery, as he often brings humor to the show that lightens the mood. In addition to his work on Stranger Things, Patrick has appeared in other popular Netflix series, i.e., House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. His work in these series has further cemented his status as a fan favorite and helped elevate his career to new heights. Patrick McKinney and the Stranger Things series have had a lasting impact on viewers, and Patrick’s portrayal of Steve Harrington will be remembered for many years. His unique relationship with the show has helped make it one of the most beloved series ever.

Patrick is a loyal and good-natured high school student who is close with his friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. He is the son of Karen and Ted and the older brother of Nancy. He is a kind-hearted and easy-going teenager who is a source of support for his friends and his family.

Patrick is also known for his romantic relationship with Max, a new student that joins the group in the second season. They quickly become close and develop strong feelings for each other. Patrick is Max’s understanding and supportive partner, who struggles to fit in with the group. He is patient with her and encourages her to open up and trust others.

Patrick is also a strong leader in the group. He is one of the only ones who does not fear the face of danger. He will try his best to protect his friends and family against the monstrous Demogorgon. He also stands up for Max when being persecuted for her gender.

Patrick’s relationship with his friends is one of the most important aspects of his character. He is always there for them, no matter what. He is eager to put himself in danger to save them and is one of the few people they can trust. He is also a source of comfort when they are experiencing tough times.

Overall, Patrick is a fantastic character who exemplifies loyalty, friendship, and courage. He is an integral part of the group, and his relationship with his friends and family is one of the show’s best and most critical aspects.


Patrick McKinney is best known for portraying Jonathan Byers in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. McKinney began his career as a stage actor in New York City, appearing in several productions on the off-Broadway circuit. He debuted in a 2013 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode. In 2015, he began appearing in Unforgettable, recurring in the show’s fourth season.

McKinney’s career took off in 2016 when he was cast as Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things. In Stranger Things, McKinney plays the role of a teenage boy living in Hawkins, Indiana, trying to cope with his mother’s disappearance and the sudden arrival of a mysterious girl named Eleven. The show has become a huge success, receiving numerous awards and critical acclaim. McKinney has been praised for his performance, with many critics noting the emotional depth he brings to the role.

McKinney has since appeared in several other projects, including the drama series Bloodline and the Netflix movie named “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” He also starred in the horror film Freaks, which debuted at the 2018 South by Southwest Film Festival. In addition, he was recently cast in the upcoming Netflix series The Eddy, which is set in modern-day Paris.

McKinney’s success on Stranger Things has helped to propel his career to new heights, and he has become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. He has shown range and depth in his performances, and much more will come from him. His success on Stranger Things has also helped bring more attention to other young actors, showing that there is great talent outside of Hollywood.


In conclusion, Patrick McKinney is a character who has become a fan favorite in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. He is a kind, sweet, and loyal young man who often puts the needs of others before his own. His unwavering love for his friends and family is one of his defining traits, and his bravery and courage make him a true hero. Patrick McKinney is a character that viewers have come to love and admire on Stranger Things, and his likable, selfless nature makes him a great example of a hero.