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Not being able to get the warmth of your mother in childhood is heartbreaking, and I don’t express it much. But not seeing my mother for a day is frustrating, and I wonder what Gon went through without mom.

It must be confusing not knowing about who Gon is. And who is gon’s mom?  Are you as curious as me? Then let us hunt down the answer.

Who is Gon’s Mom

We have seen that Mito raises him. When everyone asked Gon about Gon’s mother, he gave a vague answer that they had separated. 

Besides, even Gon considers Mito as his birth mother. So now we can conclude as to who is gon’s mom

Gon’s Mom Theory

There is not a single hint about her true identity. It’s all just theory. Some theory says Alicia Freecs was his real mother.

Alicia Freecs and Ging met shortly after Ging became a hunter. They all went on many different adventures together. After Gon was born they decided to leave him at Mito and then traveled the dark continent.

Unfortunately, during a specific incident, Alicia tragically died. Ging blames himself for not saving her, that’s why Ging was staying away from Gon.

Who is Gon Freecss

Now we should know about the son. Gon Freecss is an amateur hunter in the famous Japanese manga series Hunter x Hunter. The series is written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, and he is also the main protagonist.

The Reason Behind Gon Being a Hunter

At a very young age, Gon’s father left him, and he thought he was dead. But later on, he got to know that he was alive. And a world-renowned hunter. 

At the age of nine, Gon meets Kite, and he is a professional hunter. A long-lost student of his father and Kite saved him from an angry Foxbear.

Kite was finding his father so that he could see him as a true hunter.  

Kite’s admiration for his father inspired Gon to find his father. And to understand the depth of the occupation that made a father leave his son. He started his quest of becoming a professional hunter like his father.

Gon’s Charismatic Power

Gon is an enhancer that is usually known for being naive and determined. Gon has inhuman senses, good vision, and exquisite taste.

Due to these powers, he had many potential allies who were on his side. Also had potential enemies to fight off.

Heart-Warming meeting of father and son

Who is Gon's Mom

Shouldn’t the meeting of Gon and Ging be dramatic and full of emotions and drama? Well, sorry to disappoint, nothing of this sort happened. 

Gon meets Ging first at 146 episodes of the series, in the room full of professional hunters. Everyone was shouting at Ging for not being a good father.

But our sweet little Gon apologized to Ging for a few matters and decided to talk with him later.

Later on in episode 148, it is seen that Gon and Ging have a long talk. About Gin’s adventures and future goals. Hunter x Hunter ended in 148 episodes, and the father and son had a good conversion.

And God might be in touch with his father in the future.

Gon’s Description 

He is a young, determined boy with black, greenish spiky hair and mesmerizing hazel brown eyes. He is 5’7 inches tall.

Gon’s outfit consisted of a green jacket with red edges, covering the black or white tank top. For pants a green shots with green laced boots. 

His Background

Gong’s was born on 5th May. At the age of twenty, his father, Ging Freecss, left Gong in Whale Island in the care of his grandmother first.

But later on, Ging’s cousin Mito was furious about his way of parenting. So, later on, she adopted Gong and raised him.

Interesting facts about him

The adrenal and the thrill of Gon’s adventure are very exciting. So let’s take a peek at his hunting life.

Not a favorite among the fans

Usually, the main protagonist is the center of attraction. But not in the case of Gon. Other characters are much more interesting than him as the writer didn’t put much backstory about him. Nor gave him any special privilege.

Follows his instinct rather than logic

In the Hunter x Hunter, it is vital to make every move with logic. But God doesn’t do that, and he doesn’t think before he takes action goes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all Hunter x Hunter or Gon fans, these are some of the commonly asked questions. I hope you enjoy the answers.

Is Mito Gon’s mom’s sister? 

According to the series of 1999, Mito is Gon’s mother’s elder sister.

Is Don Freecss related to Gon?

Yes, he is related to Gon through Ging’s father.

Does Ging Love Gon?

It is a bit complicated to say, but it can be that he loves Gon in twisted.

Is Bisky Gon’s mom?

There is nothing specified about it.