Who is Glitchtrap from Five Nights at Freddy

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Glitchtrap is one of the main characters and antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted. It is counted as William Afton’s developed digital virus.

It is a part of the mind of William Afton that lives inside the video game FNaF. William is the murderer of most of the kids killed in FNaF. But he doesn’t even appear there, who is represented as the guy in purple. 

Who is Glitchtrap

So, who is Glitchtrap? Is he a human? Here I am going to give the possible explanations about him. Glitchtrap is the spirit of William. This spirit of humanity doesn’t count as human. In the game, we see William in a special place and is being persecuted in the afterlife by the one he should not have killed.  

Is Glitchtrap a Vanny? 

Vanny is another character in FNaF known as a reluctant follower. She is a human in a white bunny suit and abides by the order of Glitchtrap. Also she is one of the returning characters we don’t technically use in the FNaF game. At the end of the FNaF: Help Wanted, Glitchtrap attempts to possess the protagonist and withstand influence over her as a voice in her mind. However, vanny shows up as one of the biggest antagonists after Gregory in Security Breach. 

It is not Springtrap

No, Springtrap is not Glitchtrap. In Fact, it is the physical body of William appears when he tries to escape from the kids’ ghost and gets trapped. Springtrap, known as spring Bonnie is another main antagonist of FNaF: Help Wanted purposely possessed by William Afton. 

How does he look

Glitchtap wears a Spring Bonnie costume which is a bipedal, golden-yellow rabbit. Also, he wears a purple star-speckled vest, two black buttons on his chest, and a purple bow tie. Though he initially appears as translucent, it becomes less spectral with the progress of the game. 

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Furthermore, Glitchtrap has vivid purple eyes, which come with small pupils. In the dark or blacklight mood, his eyes turn blue with white. The large whiskers on both his cheeks and large arching eyebrows make him look not funny at all. 

Personality of Glitchtrap

His personality is quite unknown and mysterious. In the FNaF, Glitchtrap is nearly a silent character, and his only dialogue is “I always come back.” But the fact is, he has the same personality as William Afton, such as malicious, cruel, sadistic, and arrogant. However, the game shows his high intelligence and manipulating ability. In the conversation with vanny, William wanted to show his threatening manner as he spoke to her. 

Glitchtrap’s presence in the early game is rare. So early in the FNaF: Help wanted you’ll get very little information about him, and information will be scattered throughout the game. In the first tape of the game, he comes to the doorway at the player’s right side and stares at the player. So the player has to collect more tapes within the segments; Glitchtrap goes close to the player. He starts to look less translucent in his appearance. 

How does Glitchtrap Always Come Back

This is completely related to William Afton’s past remaining even after death. The Glitchtrap character tries to establish that our past will never leave us and stay internally within ourselves. So it causes the actions externally that we have impacted by our life choices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Glitchtrap Afton’s brother?

No, Glitchtrap is not William Afton’s Brother. he is the spirit of William. However, this spirit of humanity doesn’t count as human. In the game, we see William in a special place and is being persecuted in the afterlife by the one he should not have killed.

Is Glitchtrap a virus? 

Glitchtrap is counted as the main antagonist of the FNaF: Help Wanted game. The character is a totally weird and sentient virus built by the programming of ancient animatronics.

Final Note

In short, Glitchtrap is related to William Afton/ Springtrap. he is responsible for players dying in the game and causes nightmare animatronics which have physical forms.