Dorothy Wang Bling Empire – Age, Relationship, Net Worth

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Dorothy Wang is a well-known public figure. She has earned a name in the entertainment industry as a television personality, fashion blogger, and social media influencer. She belongs to a wealthy family and has built her successful career as a fashion blogger and influencer. She rose to fame for her appearances on the reality TV show “Bling Empire.” The show features a group of wealthy Asian and Asian-American individuals living in Los Angeles. Los Angeles native Dorothy Wang is one of the newest additions to the Netflix reality series Bling Empire. Before joining the cast, Wang had already appeared in two reality series. What is Dorothy Wang Bling Empire – Age, Relationship, Net Worth? Additional information is discussed in this article in detail.

Bling Empire Star Dorothy Wang: Life, Style, And Philanthropy

Dorothy Wang is one of the cast members of the Netflix reality TV series “Bling Empire .”Dorothy is a dynamic and entertaining character in “Bling Empire” who brings a lot of energy and humour to the show. The fashion-forward socialite took Hollywood by storm due to her charismatic personality mentioned step by step:

  • Dorothy can charm people with her quick wit and sense of humour. She enjoys having a good time and is often seen dancing and having fun with her friends on “Bling Empire” and her social media channels.
  • Dorothy’s personality is known for her quick wit and love of designer fashion and bling.
  • In the show, Dorothy has expressed her desire to find a long-term partner and settle down. However, she has also been open about the difficulties she has faced in the dating world, particularly as a successful and independent woman.
  • She is known for her close relationships with her family and friends. She has used her platform to promote charitable causes and give back to her community.
  • Her true passion is fashion and beauty. She is the creator of the popular lifestyle and fashion blog “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and has a large social media following.
  • Dorothy loves fashion and is known for her bold and stylish outfits. Her collection of designer accessories and jewellery is outstanding.

Dorothy Wang Bling Empire Role In The Season

In the show “Bling Empire,” we see different parts of Dorothy Wang’s life, such as her work and relationships with other people. Dorothy has challenges balancing her career, family, and social life while searching for love and connecting with others. Dorothy’s story in “Bling Empire” is a mix of highs and lows, with plenty of laughs. Through it all, Dorothy’s vibrant personality and undeniable charm continue to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Here are some key moments from Dorothy’s story: Searching for Love Amidst Drama

1. The Reality Of Entrepreneurship

At the beginning of “Bling Empire,” Dorothy is eager to launch her skincare line, but she has a few setbacks. She needs help finding the right packaging for the product and experiences difficulties marketing it effectively. These challenges showcase the reality of entrepreneurship and the obstacles that come with starting a business.

2. Maintaining Neutral Relationships

In “Bling Empire,” Dorothy Wang is shown looking for a meaningful romantic relationship. Despite going on multiple dates, she faces disappointment with the men she meets. Thus she opens up to her friends about her challenges in navigating the modern dating scene.

3. Maintaining Neutral Relationships

While the show did feature some dramatic moments and conflicts between the cast members, Dorothy generally remained on good terms with the other characters. She was not involved in any major controversies. There were moments when she was caught in the middle of conflicts between other cast members. Still, she generally tried to remain neutral and keep the peace.

4. Searching For Love Amidst Drama

In “Bling Empire,” Dorothy Wang is shown searching for love while dealing with conflicts with other cast members, such as Anna Shay and Kelly Mi Li. She goes on many dates and seeks advice from her friends. Despite the drama, Dorothy’s personality keeps viewers interested.

5. Close Friendship With Tensions

Dorothy Wang and Christine Chiu share a close friendship on “Bling Empire” based on their mutual interests in fashion and beauty. However, the show also portrays the tension between them. There was a disagreement over the planning of Christine’s baby shower that led to some friction in their relationship. Despite the conflicts, the show emphasizes the strong bond between the two friends.

6. Conflicts With Cast Members Adding Drama

In “Bling Empire,” Dorothy Wang experiences conflicts with some of her fellow cast members. She disagrees with Anna Shay regarding Anna’s pet monkey, and they have a heated exchange over the issue. Additionally, Dorothy has a falling out with Kelly Mi Li after Kelly comments on her family, which leads to tension between the two. These conflicts contribute to drama and tension in the show, which adds entertainment value to the series.

Dorothy Wang Bling Empire Age

She was born on January 27, 1988, which makes her currently 35 years old (as of 2023). Dorothy Wang was born in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

Dorothy Wang Birth Sign

According to her birthdate, she makes her zodiac sign Aquarius.

Dorothy Wang Family Life

Dorothy’s family background is a significant aspect of her life in “Bling Empire.” She hails from a wealthy and influential family with roots in China and the United States. Dorothy’s father, Roger Wang, is a billionaire who serves as the CEO and chairman of the Golden Eagle International Group. Meanwhile, Dorothy’s mother, Vivine Wang, is a former beauty queen from Taiwan who is well-known for her charitable work. Dorothy has an older brother named Richard Wang, who is also involved in the family’s business.

Dorothy Wang’s Relationship

Dorothy Wang’s quest for love has been a key storyline in the show “Bling Empire.” She’s expressed her desire for a long-term relationship. Still, she has faced difficulties dating due to her success and confidence. On the show, Dorothy went on multiple dates, but none developed into a serious relationship. In the past, she’s been linked to celebrities like Odell Beckham Jr. and Cooper Green. In 2021, she began dating French Montana, but the couple announced their amicable breakup later that year. Throughout it all, viewers have witnessed Dorothy navigate the challenges of finding love as an independent woman.

Dorothy Wang’s Career Details

Starting as a blogger in the fashion industry, Dorothy has achieved success in both entertainment and fashion. She attended the University of Southern California with a degree in communications. Dorothy Wang initially pursued a career in real estate, but her true passion has always been fashion and beauty. She has since become a fashion blogger, television personality, and influencer in the industry. In 2013, she began her blog, “Elevate My Style,” which highlights fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The following year, she was cast in “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” a reality show that tracked the lives of affluent young people in LA. The show ran for four seasons and made Dorothy a famous television personality.

In 2021, Dorothy became a part of the “Bling Empire” cast, another reality show that showcases the lifestyles of wealthy Asians and Asian Americans in LA. It has become a popular show on Netflix and has helped increase Dorothy’s fame. Additionally, Dorothy has experience as a television host and presenter. She has hosted “Famously Single,” a reality show on E!, and has worked as a correspondent on various entertainment programs.

Dorothy Wang’s Instagram Details

You can find Dorothy Wang on Instagram at @dorothywang. She has almost a million followers and posts pictures and videos of her fashion, beauty looks, travels, and personal life. On her page, you can see many fancy pictures of her wearing expensive clothes and accessories, attending important events, and hanging out with her family and friends.

Dorothy Wang’s Net Worth

Dorothy Wang’s estimated net worth is around $10 million, a considerable sum. She comes from a wealthy family background, as her father founded the Golden Eagle International Group, a prosperous real estate development company based in China. It has contributed to Dorothy’s wealth and created her prosperous career as a TV personality, fashion blogger, and influencer.

Over the years, she has successfully built a strong following on social media and gained popularity through appearances on reality shows such as “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and “Bling Empire .”These TV appearances have also helped to increase her earning potential and net worth. Dorothy’s fashion blog, “Elevate My Style,” has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts, further contributing to her success.

Although Dorothy’s family wealth may have given her a head start, she has proven her ability to succeed through hard work, talent, and dedication. With her diverse skillset and wide reach, it’s no surprise that Dorothy’s net worth has grown over time.


Dorothy Wang has achieved great success in the fashion and entertainment industries. She is a famous personality on social media and reality TV. Her family’s financial resources, along with her achievements, have led to an approximate net worth of $10 million. Though her search for love has been highlighted on “Bling Empire,” she has also used her platform to promote charitable causes. Dorothy’s love of fashion and outgoing personality has made her a popular and influential figure in the entertainment and social media. This article must have helped you to know Dorothy Wang Bling Empire – Age, Relationship, and Net Worth in detail.