Cynthia Rowley Kits Mom from the Bachelor- Age, Relationship, Career

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Are you the one who envied Kit Keenan the moment she stepped onto Matt James’s season of The Bachelor?

Well, you are not alone. The pink feathered mini dress Kit wore stems from the fact that her mom—Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley—is highly respected in the fashion industry.

Cynthia Rowley is a famous New York fashion designer born on July 29, 1958. Despite being a well-known global designer, Cynthia is also a great author and TV actress. She aims to inspire in every role, whether she is mentoring America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway contestants as a guest judge or sharing lifestyle tips in her best-selling books.

Rowley is a prominent fashion designer who showcases her creations in New York Fashion Week every year. 

Rowley’s designs are described by The New York Times as “flirty, vibrantly colored dresses and tops in wispy materials.”

Cynthia Rowley – Biography

NameCynthia Rowley
Date of BirthJuly 29, 1958
Place of BirthIllinois, USA
Age65 years
ProfessionFashion Designer
Zodiac SignLeo
SchoolBarrington High School
CollegeThe School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Family details
ParentsEd and Clementine Rowley
SiblingsTwo siblings (names not disclosed)
Books she has written and Co-writtenSlim: A Fantasy Memoir (Random House, 2007) The Swell Dressed Party (with co-author Ilene Rosenzweig, Atria, 2005) Swell Holiday (with Rosenzweig, Atria, 2003) Home Swell Home (with Rosenzweig, Atria, 2002) Swell: A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life (with Rosenzweig, Time Warner, 1999)
Net worth$100 million

Cynthia Rowley- Early Life And Family

Her parents, Ed and Clementine Rowley brought up Cynthia in Illinois. She belongs to the white ethnicity. She was raised in a family surrounded by the artist- her dad was a science teacher, but her mother’s side of the family dabbled in the arts, which likely inspired her love for fashion design.

 “My mom’s whole side of the family were painters. My grandmother did a lot of self-portraits.”

Cynthia’s grandparents were also creative and were into painting. One of them designed the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo. Moreover, she grew up with two siblings whose names she has not disclosed it. 

Cynthia Rowley – Education

Cynthia Rowley gets her early education from Barrington High School, a four-year public high school in a northwest Chicago suburb.

She earned her Fine Arts Bachelor’s degree from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (SAIC). During her senior year in 1981, she won a fellowship award at SAIC. Although she was a good student, her education journey was tough and challenging.

When Cynthia was in her junior year, she got kicked out of an art show because she wanted to attach wings to her designs. By Cynthia’s senior year, SAIC had granted her a fellowship that allowed her to move to New York City (where she is now based).

Cynthia Rowley- Age

An American fashion Icon was born on July 29, 1958. She is based in the Manhattan neighbourhood of New York City.

Cynthia Rowley- Business

Cynthia Rowley runs her brand, which includes sportswear and related categories- swimsuits, beauty, and wetsuits.

Rowley Eyewear Features Eyewear collections for both men and women. 

A quick visit to her website shows that Cynthia sells a full range of products: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, children’s clothing, eyewear, and home goods. If you’re in the market for ridiculously gorgeous designs, here are a few standouts to get you started.

Her brand stores are in Chicago, New York City, Palm Beach, Montauk, Newport Beach, and Pacific Palisades.

Cynthia Rowley- Career

Cynthia started following her passion from a very young age. She made her first piece of clothing at the age of 7.

She said, “I was playing with my Barbie dolls and watching Totally Spies at that age; it’s fine.” While she was at college, she sold her first collection. 

She went to the Art Institute of Chicago to become a painter but later developed her interest in fashion when a local department store buyer met her on the train. That initial push motivated her to move to New York City, where she successfully won the CFDA awards for emerging talent. 

She has appeared in several TV shows such as Letterman, The Today Show, and Project Runway and is best known as an author. 

She kicked off her fashion career with a $3,000 gift from one of her grandmothers. Her first capsule range launched in 1988 and since then expanded to include women’s clothing, dresses, handbags, glasses, color makeup, scent, wetsuits and swimwear, home furnishings, bedding items, bedding, sheets, and office accessories. 

The Designer also created a line of home accessories called Swell, based on a book series she co-wrote with friend Ilene Rosenzweig, which made its debut at Target in 2003. 

In 2011 Rowley presented the Mr Powers collection, a limited menswear range named after her husband, Bill Powers.

She also made guest appearances on reality television shows, such as Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Celebrity Jeopardy, Gossip Girl, and many others. 

Cynthia Rowley- Relationship

When Cynthia was in her 20s, she was already a successful designer working with fashion photographer Tom Sullivan. A few years later, they both realized they were in love. Within six months, they married and looked forward to spending their lives together.

But this marriage does not go too far. Tom Sullivan was diagnosed with brain cancer, and both hardly lived together. He died of cancer in the year 1994 at the age of 32. The real-life romance ended in devastating loss and heartbreak

She then married a Brooklyn Sculptor, William Keenan Jr., with whom she got her daughter Kit Keenan (born year: 1999). But this, too, does not last long, and their marriage ended in divorce later that year. 

Kit started her fashion line, “KIT”, while she was still in college. In 2019, Both Cynthia and Kit brought their first podcast Ageless. 

After Cynthia separated from Keenan, Rowley didn’t give up on love. The Designer took a chance on love again and married an art dealer, writer, and owner of the Half Gallery in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, William Bill Power, on September 17, 2005. They have a daughter together, Gigi Clementine Powers. As of now, they both are living a happy married life. 

On Instagram, Rowley often shares photos with her handsome husband and two beautiful look-alike daughters. Rowley’s determination and can-do attitude have made her a winner in love and business.

Cynthia Rowley – Awards And Achievements

The eminent US-based Fashion Designer gathered global fame by winning various awards. In 1994, Cynthia was honoured with a Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent by The Council of Fashion Designers of America. She and her partner William Bill were also awarded the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Legend of Fashion award in 2012.

In 2015, Rowley received the Designer of the Year award at the 37th Annual American Apparel and Footwear Association American Image Awards.

Despite her popularity and fame, she has not seen doing any brand endorsement deals. However, it is anticipated that she will soon start to endorse brands.

Cynthia Rowley- Net Worth

With her professional career as a fashion designer, she accumulates a good amount for a living. As per the sources, her estimated net worth is $ 100 million.

She bought the property in 2014 for $11 million and used it for her working space for her brand. In March 2019, Cynthia Rowley sold her West Village townhouse in New York City for $14 million, gaining a $3 million profit. She originally demanded $18 million. According to public records, Cynthia owns at least two other properties in New York City.

Cynthia Rowley- Hobbies And Interests

Because the family was into art, Cynthia and her family loved doing adventurous sports. She, along with her daughters, loves surfing. Many of her Instagram pictures depict her interest in water sports.

Although She was not always been a surfer. She didn’t take up the sport until her mid-thirties, and it has now become part of her daily routine. 

Cynthia Rowley- Social Media

She is active on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

  • She has gained over 25.7k followers on Twitter under the username @Cynthia Rowley. 
  • She has gained more than 206k followers on Instagram under the username @cynthiarowley. 
  • Moreover, her Facebook page has more than 83k followers under the username @cynthiarowleyny.


1. Who is Cynthia Rowley?

Cynthia Rowley is a well-known Fashion designer in Ney York that started designing her first piece at the age of 7. Her designs reflect a delicate balance between refined ease and high style. Her collections exhibit at New York Fashion Week twice a year.

2. Where is Cynthia Rowley based?

She was originally based in the Manhattan neighbourhood of New York City, but she always reaches new places with her nomadic pop-up retail concept. The collection is sold in Cynthia Rowley boutiques nationwide and online at, as well as in select speciality retailers, affiliates, and global partners.