Meredith Walker-‘The Benefactor’ Teen Wolf: Age, Relationship, Career

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Meredith Walker, also known as ‘The Benefactor,’ is a character in the popular television show Teen Wolf. She first appeared in season 3 as a mysterious figure who offered help and protection to the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills. She was revealed to be the daughter of Gerard Argent and the sister of Kate Argent and Allison Argent. Though initially seen as a benevolent figure, she was eventually shown to be a villain, as her true mission was to exterminate the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills. She was also revealed to be in league with the mysterious Darach and was responsible for the death of several of the show’s main characters. Meredith was presented as a brilliant and calculating figure. She was shown to be adept at manipulating those around her. She was also ruthless and willing to go to any lengths to achieve her goals. Despite her villainous nature, she was shown to possess a strong sense of justice and was determined to protect the innocent, even if it meant putting her own life at risk. Meredith Walker is an interesting character, as she is not a simple villain but a complex figure with heroic and villainous qualities. She is a reminder that even the darkest people can have a heart of gold and that sometimes the only way to fight evil is to be willing to do the same.

Meredith Walker is a mysterious figure who is shrouded in mystery. She is an influential figure in the supernatural community, incredibly knowledgeable about all things magical. She is a mysterious ally to the show’s main characters, often providing them with help and advice when needed. Her powers and abilities are vast and mysterious, and it is never revealed exactly what her true nature or identity is.

Meredith is a powerful and mysterious figure devoted to protecting the supernatural community. She is a fierce protector of the magical creatures of Beacon Hills and will go to great lengths to protect them. She has a strong justice sense and believes that supernatural creatures should be allowed to live in peace without fear of persecution. Meredith has also been known to use her powers to help the show’s protagonists in various ways. She is willing to use her powers to help them fight against supernatural foes and is always ready to provide advice and assistance.

Meredith Walker is a compelling and mysterious figure who has profoundly impacted the show. Her mysterious identity and vast knowledge of the supernatural have made her a powerful ally to the show’s main characters. She is fiercely protective of the magical community and is willing to use her powers to help the protagonists. Meredith Walker is an important figure in the show, and her mysterious identity and abilities make her a fascinating character to watch.


We first see The Benefactor at the end of season 3, when he appears out of the blue and offers a group of teenagers a million-dollar reward for killing all the supernatural creatures in the town of Beacon Hills. He is willing to pay handsomely for their services, but his offer is met with skepticism and fear. It turns out that The Benefactor has a dark past that he is unwilling to share with the teens, but it is clear that he is not to be trusted.

The Benefactor’s age has been a source of debate since his introduction. Some argue that he is much older than he appears, while others say he could be between 18 and 30. It is impossible to determine his age without further information, but we can use a few clues to make an educated guess.

First, The Benefactor has relatively advanced knowledge of the supernatural world. He seems to know a great deal about the creatures that inhabit Beacon Hills, and his offer of a million dollars indicates he has access to much money. Both of these facts suggest that The Benefactor is not a teenager but someone with experience and resources.

Second, The Benefactor’s interactions with the teenagers in Beacon Hills suggest he has had a lifetime of experience dealing with supernatural creatures. He can offer them advice and insight, which indicates that he has been in the magical world for quite some time.

Finally, The Benefactor’s offer of a million dollars suggests he is not a teenager. Such money would be difficult for a teenager to acquire, and The Benefactor has likely had a long career in the supernatural world to receive such a sum.

It is impossible to determine The Benefactor’s exact age without further information. However, our clues suggest that he is not a teenager but a mature individual with experience in the supernatural world.


The Benefactor and Teen Wolf have a complicated relationship. On the surface, the Benefactor appears to be a powerful force that Teen Wolf must contend with. The Benefactor often uses his power to manipulate events, and Teen Wolf must constantly be on his guard to protect himself and his allies. The Benefactor has also been known to be ruthless, as he does not hesitate to take lives to further his agenda.

However, there is a deeper connection between the Benefactor and Teen Wolf. Despite their opposing agendas, the two share a bond. The Benefactor often provides Teen Wolf with guidance and advice, and even though the two may not always agree, there is a sense of mutual respect between them. This is proved/justified by the fact that the Benefactor has saved Teen Wolf’s life on multiple occasions and that Teen Wolf has been willing to help the Benefactor in certain situations.

However, the most critical connection between the Benefactor and Teen Wolf is their shared sense of destiny. The Benefactor believes that Teen Wolf is destined to save Beacon Hills from the forces of evil. Although Teen Wolf is often reluctant to accept this role, he eventually realizes it is his destiny and is willing to take on the challenge.

The relationship between Teen Wolf and the Benefactor is an interesting one. While the two are often at odds, they are ultimately connected by mutual respect and understanding. Their shared destiny further strengthens this connection as they both strive to protect Beacon Hills from the forces of evil. Despite their differences, the two understand each other in a way few do, creating a unique bond.


The Benefactor first appeared in the show’s first season when Scott McCall’s best friend, Stiles, discovers that his father had been receiving payments from an unknown source. This is later revealed as The Benefactor, who has been using his wealth to support supernatural creatures in the town. He is first seen when Stiles and his friends discover an old mansion, where they find a mysterious figure in a chair. It is later revealed that this is The Benefactor, who is told to be a wealthy businessman using his money to help supernatural creatures make a living.

The Benefactor is a mysterious figure, and his motives are unclear. It is suggested that he is helping supernatural creatures because he believes he must protect them. He is also seen as a benefactor to the magical creatures, as he provides them with financial support and resources.

Throughout the series, The Benefactor is seen helping supernatural creatures in various ways. He provides financial support, resources, and assistance to magical creatures in need. He is also seen giving guidance and assistance to those in need and helping them find ways to make a living.

The Benefactor is also seen as a mentor figure for the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills. He is seen advising magical creatures and helping them find their place in the world. He is also seen as a figure of authority, as he is seen making decisions that affect the supernatural creatures of the town.

The Benefactor is a mysterious figure whose motives and intentions remain unknown. However, he is seen as a benefactor to the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills, as he provides them with financial support and resources. He is also seen as a mentor, providing guidance and assistance to those in need. The Benefactor is an important figure in Teen Wolf, and his role in the show is integral to the story.


As portrayed in Teen Wolf, the Benefactor is an enigmatic figure whose identity and motives remain mysterious. Despite the lack of information, viewers can piece together that The Benefactor is a powerful and dangerous being responsible for the supernatural events in Beacon Hills. His involvement in these events is not all bad, however, as he is ultimately responsible for the protection of the town and the people in it. By providing the supernatural inhabitants of Beacon Hills with the tools they need to survive, The Benefactor ensures that the city is safe from the dangers of the magical world. Ultimately, The Benefactor is an essential part of the show, providing a unique and mysterious source of protection for Beacon Hills. By allowing viewers to explore his identity and motives, The Benefactor helps to create a compelling and intriguing storyline for Teen Wolf.