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High school was full of fun sitting around the desk all day and spending hours after hours in the video game set. All those gaming competitions, Comic-Con that we went through real power up our memory from the past.

One popular you might have heard is termed Witchcraft. The players gather themselves and form a team to finish off some deadly quest.

Does the character Sylvanas come to mind? Yes, a vicious woman who turned the game around, bringing many twists to the storyline.

Regarding that, let us find out why did Sylvanas burn Teldrassil? This question rises among many gamers, and there is no clear answer. It is our job to investigate.

The appearance of Sylvanas in the Witchcraft Series

Sylvanas originally appears in the Witchcraft III – Reign of Chaos series. The Witchcraft series was developed by Blizzard Entertainment- a good well-known gaming company. With all the mistook learned from the earlier version, Sylvanas was redesigned in the World of Warcraft – Legion version.

Judging upon its fame, Sylvanas also appeared in multiple online gaming portals such as Heroes of the Storm. This famous is voiced by Patty Mattson in World of Warcraft, but later, it decided to pass the role to Piera Coppola.

Story of Teldrassil

The story of this gigantic tree is originated from an island that was the extended part of the true Teldrassil. It is also known as the Titanic tree filling shadowing most of the land. The peak of the touched the upper horizon of the skies. The branches were so broad that they became home to many Night Elves.

According to some intensive research, Teldrassil was linked to the health of Azeroth, and its destruction took place during the Battle of Azeroth. So, if you are still looking for the statement “Why did Sylvanas burn Teldrassil, ” the next part will fulfill all your needs.

Reasons behind Sylvanas burning the Tree

Over the sneak peek of the game, Sylvanas utters, “If you want your enemy to bleed to death, you inflict a wound that cannot heal”. In between this line, she meant about destroying its enemy but not hurting the alliance.

Sargeras also injured Azeroth with the blade, and Sylvanas learned why: to destroy the Old Gods! So, she set fire to Teldrassil! So, by destroying Teldrassil, she has injured Nzoth, causing him to lose his full power.

Sylvanas knew quite well that the night elves would not agree with her in burning their home. But she had no choice keeping in mind that all victories inevitably come at a cost.

sylvanas burning teldrassil
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The fate of Sylvanas after burning Teldrassil

Following Sylvanas taking down the great tree, Tyrande Whisperwind was outrageous for slaughtering his people like this. She takes on the power of Night Warrior, which she is enraged about from losing Teldrassil.

On traveling to Shadowland, Tyrande intends to murder Sylvanas for his inhuman step towards the night elves. The scene ended with a statement from Sylvanas herself which uttered, “Yeah, I let all those people die, but I did it for a really good reason, and Tyrande needs to get over this.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What incident occurred at Teldrassil?

After Sylvanas ordered the Horde to burn down the Teldrassil, they used demolishers with arcane-enhanced payload. On the other hand, the shaman gathered wind to raise the flames so the spreading could take place efficiently.

Where do the night elves go after Teldrassil?

At the start of the game, they take on Teldrassil. As the game proceeds, they shift to Dolannar. The players even try to rescue some of them from the burning fire.

What kind of character is Tyrande?

The character type is female, the race for night elf, and the description goes as a regular hunter.

Why did Sylvanas turn out to be evil?

Because at one point in the game, Sylvanas made a dark deal with Val’kyr, which is towing all servants to death so that she can come back to life and fulfill her fate.