Who Makes Husky Tools – Are Husky Tools Good?

Home Depot has several house brands of its own, and Husky tools are one of them. When you visit any superstores, you will surely find Husky tools there as these tools are only sold in Home Depot stores. The long product lines include tool storage items, pneumatic tools, and hand tools.

Nonetheless, Home Depot doesn’t manufacture these tools. So, who makes Husky tools? Also, are their products indeed reliable?

Apex Tool Group makes most Husky tools for Home Depot. Band Capital is the owner of Apex Tool Group. Also, you will be astonished to know that Apex also manufactures multiple power and hand tools for different companies and brands, including Weller, Allen, etc.

But, let’s stick to Husky tools to know details about their manufacturer, reliability as a brand, customer care service, and answer their common questions.

What Company Owns HuskyApex Tool Group (Now)
Target MarketUnited States of America (USA)

Who Makes Husky Tools

Husky tools have a long product line, including pneumatic tools, hand tools, and even different storage items for power tools. Under the ownership of Band Capital, Apex Tool Group manufactures most of the Husky tools.

We understand that Apex Tool group isn’t famous in the marketplace as other hand and power tool manufacturers such as Craftsman or Ryobi. However, Apex Tool Group is well-known in the OEM market as it indeed designs and manufactures different tools for many famous tool suppliers. The list includes:

  • Wiss
  • Allen
  • Weller

All the brands have an excellent reputation in the market for different tools, which are in reality manufactured by Apex Tool group. For instance, Allen has become synonymous with hex wrenches. Next, Wiss supplies high-end metal sears. Finally, Weller has developed a reputation for providing customers with top-of-the-line soldering tools.

However, the OEM tool supply of the Apex Tool group doesn’t end here. Apex makes tools for Menards and even Craftsman. In fact, Craftsman sears tools are almost 100% supplied by Apex companies.

However, you need to understand one key point. We have mentioned that Apex Tool group produces most Husky tools for Home Depot stores, not all tools.

Apex Tool group produces most Husky tools for Home Depot

So, over the years, different power and hand tool manufacturer has also made Husky tools. It includes:

  • Western Forge
  • Stanley
  • Iron Bridge

So, don’t be surprised to see different manufacturers for Husky tool product lines. Now that we know what company is manufacturing Husky tools and where they are made let’s focus on its other aspects.

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Is Husky a Good Tool Brand, and Is it Reliable?

who makes husky tools

Yes, Husky is a reliable and good brand for hand and pneumatic tools. Many professionals use Husky tools. Even we have seen many homeowners acquiring Husky tools for their different home maintenance tasks.

What’s more, our team has talked with the real users of Husky tools. Our research found that customers were largely satisfied with these tools’ performance, longevity, and service. However, it would help if you understood that Husky tools aren’t designed for high-end professional jobs.

Nonetheless, Husky tools will work fine for most average users, do-it-yourselfers, and many professionals. For instance, you may choose their screwdriver set to loosen and tighten different screws and nuts at home. Your DIY craftworks will be easy to accomplish with the Husky hand tools. Their various pneumatic tools are also pretty useful.

Moreover, you can easily get these tools in Home Depot stores. It means you can easily get a Husky tool during emergencies. The availability combined with good-quality and customer care service makes Husky a reliable tool brand.

The only downside of their tools is rust and corrosion. Since these are cheap and affordable tools, Apex didn’t use premium materials for Husky tools. Therefore, these tools may catch rust and chip away sooner than other branded power and hand tools.

How Are Husky Tools Compared to Craftsman?

Since Husky tools are useful for many homeowners, many people compare them with different brands. However, people mostly compare Craftsman and Husky tools due to their identical product lines and availability.

Husky mostly makes hand and mechanic tools for average uses. Their main target is homeowners who need different pneumatic and handheld tools to maintain their property. Thus, these tools perform fairly well for light to medium-duty tasks. You will also find their product quality fairly good or just above the fairly good level. Nonetheless, we don’t recommend Husky tools do medium to heavy-duty tasks.

Long story short, Husky tools are famous and reliable for DIY projects, regular home and property maintenance, and low-end professional jobs.

On the contrary, Craftsman is known for its top-of-the-line pneumatic, handheld, and power tools for nearly every user. Although Craftsman tools are primarily designed for light to medium-duty tasks, in reality, you will see many professionals using their tools.

Another key difference between Craftsman and Husky is in their manufacturing line. While Husky tools come from different manufacturers, including Apex Tool group, Craftsman products almost always come from a singer manufacturer. Thus, Craftsman product has a more streamlined supply line, and you won’t need to worry about quality variation.

Husky Tools Warranty Period and How is the Customer Service?

The warranty period for the Husky tools varies depending on the tool you will purchase. Usually, Husky offers a lifetime warranty for their most common hand tools. You can avail a lifetime replacement service for your handheld Husky tools if it gets damaged due to a manufacturing problem.

When you visit the Husky after-sales service center with your damaged hand tools, they will first try to fix or repair them. If they fail to repair the damaged hand tool, they will most likely replace it with a new one for you free of cost.

Nonetheless, not all of their products will have the same lifetime warranty. Many of their pneumatic tools have two to three years of the warranty period. So, we suggest you look at the specific warranty period and conditions of Husky tools when you buy them.

Thankfully, they offer excellent customer care support. So, you won’t face any problem with your warranty period for any products.

Would I Buy Husky Brand Tools?

If you’re a homeowner looking for small handheld tools to maintain your property, you must choose Husky tools. These tools are easy to get from Home Depot stores, priced affordably, and have good performance.

You will love their longevity as well. Therefore, we recommend you get Husky tools for your home maintenance, DIY projects, and even light-duty professional tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Husky and Kobalt Made by The Same Company?

No, Husky and Kobalt tools aren’t made by the same company. While Apex makes Husky tools for Home Depot, Lowe owns Kobalt and is also made by a different manufacturer.

Is Husky Tools Going Out of Business?

No, Husky isn’t going out of business soon. Home depot has no plan to discontinue its popular hand tool brand. Earlier, they provided a replacement of Craftsman sears with Husky, and they have only discontinued this.

Do Husky Tools Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Most Husky hand tools have a lifetime warranty. However, not all the products from Husky come with a lifetime warranty. So, you should check their product label carefully.

Are Husky Tools Made in the USA?

No, Husky tools are mainly made in China, while they are designed in America. They don’t write ‘made-in America’ on their product label.

Do Husky Tools Have A Website?

Husky tools don’t have a website. However, you will find their product lists on the official website of Home Depot.

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Final Words

In the last few years, Husky has grown to be one of America’s leading and most popular home improvement brands. Apex Tool group makes Husky products mostly, and they manufacture them in China.

If you are looking got light-duty hand and pneumatic tools, Husky can be a great choice for your home maintenance and DIY projects.

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