Things to Know About Vissani Refrigerator: A Complete Guide

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Vissani refrigerators will fit your requirement perfectly if you are looking for a high-performing, affordable, and good value-for-money refrigerator. Within 10 years of establishment as a home appliance brand, Vissani refrigerators have become a top-selling brand in America.

Vissani should be a good choice if you are purchasing a quality freezing product. However, there’re many things to know about Vissani refrigerators that can influence your buying decision. This list includes the manufacturer’s name, their manufacture, and their types and capacities.

Hence, we will discuss all the crucial points you need to know about Vissani refrigerators and freezers. So, let’s jump into it without further delay.

Who Makes Vissani Refrigerator

Vissani is a renowned sub-brand of Home Depot that has been running for almost 44 years. But Home Depot doesn’t manufacture the freezers for Vissani. In fact, there’s confusion about the actual manufacturer of the Vissani refrigerator.

According to Alibaba Cloud, Haier is the official designer and manufacturer of these refrigerators. On the other hand, Food and Fizz, along with Who’s Query, suggests that MCA Corporation is the original and authorized manufacturer of the Vissani refrigerators. MCA Corporation is a brilliant and well-renowned organization that manufactures products for many famous brands.

In fact, they are also the authorized manufacturer and supplier of the famous Magic Chef appliances. So, you may depend on the quality of the manufacturer and its performance.

Where Is Vissani Refrigerator Made

Vissani refrigerators are mainly made in China. However, the research center is in America under the direct control of Home Depot. Through the R&A and quality management department, they ensure the highest quality for all of their refrigerators. Henceforth, these freezing products follow standard American quality. Therefore, it should be appealing to the users.

Types Of Vissani Refrigerators Available With Capacity

Vissani manufactures and markets different types of refrigerators with various capacities. Thus, from small compact to large commercial ones, you will get all types and sizes of refrigerators from their inventory.

The main types of Vissani refrigerators include:

  • The conventional top or bottom loading
  • French door refrigerators
  • Side-by-side freezers
  • Undercounter freezers with compact size

As you see, Vissani markets almost all the main categories for their freezers. So, you are likely to find the one you want. Their size variation will also help you quickly find the suitable capacity for your kitchen requirement.

Usually, the Vissani refrigerator’s capacity starts at around 4.4 cubic feet. Therefore, it is ideal for students who live in a dormitory or small one-room apartment. After that, the size goes all the way up to 21.4 cubic feet. The large one is made mainly for family use.

Are Vissani Refrigerators Good?

Vissani refrigerators have become popular among students, homeowners, and small restaurant owners. But how good are these refrigerators? We researched deeply on it and found that Vissani offers brilliant quality for their refrigerators.

A few key reasons behind the popularity and worthiness of these products are:

  • Vissani maintains high-quality design, technology, and manufacturing for all its refrigerators. So, you will never get any compromise with their performance.
  • Vissani refrigerators use the best materials. The stainless steel, plastic, and thermoplastic materials used in the freezing product are impressive. Its copper and other metals are also carefully chosen for the best longevity.
  • You may get freezers and refrigerators in various sizes and capacities. It will be helpful for you to find the right refrigerator for your daily needs quickly. It also relieves you from selecting a larger and more expensive refrigerator.
  • Vissani provides you with the most modern and beautiful designs for their refrigerators. Thus, you will find them suitable for your home, office, or restaurant décor. Moreover, the minimalist design of the freezing items will be helpful in compact spaces.
  • With modern technology, Vissani refrigerators are highly energy efficient. In fact, these products have a certified energy-star rating. So, it will save your electricity bill superbly. The freezers are also affordable. So, you should find them pocket-friendly.

As you see, Vissani ensures quality, performance, and longevity for all of its freezing items. So, you should find them right for your kitchen setup without any high-end investment.

How Affordable Is Vissani Refrigerator

Vissani refrigerators are famous for their performance and affordable pricing. Compared to high-end refrigerator brands such as Panasonic, Haier, Samsung, and Whirlpool, these refrigerators from Vissani are incredibly pocket-friendly.

In the following list, we will discuss the pricing of the top-selling Vissani refrigerators. It should help you know their reasonable pricing.

  • Vissani 9.9 CU. FT. the Top freezer refrigerator price starts at $699 on Amazon. With 18 cubic feet of storage space, it is a brilliant option for small family and individual uses. Its black finish looks fantastic too.
  • Vissani 7.1 cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator comes for roughly around $500. It is one of the lowest-priced yet high-performing refrigerators in the market. It comes in a white finish and has an energy-star rating.

As you see from the list, you will find the Vissani refrigerators at quite a reasonable price. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget and looking for quality and performance, Vissani refrigerators will surely meet your requirements.

How Long Does A Vissani Refrigerator Last?

Vissani refrigerators are meant to last long. With modern and intelligent technologies, high-quality materials, and brilliant design, Vissani refrigerators will last for 10 to 15 years. Henceforth, you can depend on these products for longevity.

Once you buy the Vissani refrigerators, it will be pretty much a lifetime investment. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy unentrapped service from these refrigerators for years. Thankfully, the refrigerator supports quick and easy maintenance too. It allows you to clean, maintain and service the freezers without technical knowledge. 

How Much Electricity Does A Vissani Refrigerator Use

When a homeowner buys a refrigerator, he mainly remains concerned about the electricity usage of their newly bought item. It happens because most people think refrigerators are electricity hungry and double your bills.

So, how do Vissani refrigerators perform in this category? Will they increase your electricity bill or lower it? How much electricity a standard Vissani refrigerator uses?

Vissani refrigerators have an energy-start rating and certification. It means that the freezers usually consume lower electricity than the non-energy-star-rated ones. For instance, the Vissani MDTF18SS refrigerator has an 18 cubic feet capacity. Therefore, it will need 362 KWH/year of electricity used annually. According to the US Federal standard, it consumes 403KWH of electricity annually.

Compared to the other brands with similar capacity, this MDTF18SS refrigerator uses 20% less electricity. So, it will be an excellent investment for your home without increasing the electricity bill. It also works silently.

Warranty And Aftersales Service

Vissani will provide you with one year of warranty for all their refrigerators and freezers. If you find any defect in the manufacturing or materials, you can claim the warranty within 1 year of your purchase. You will, however, need to submit your purchasing documents to avail of the warranty.

Furthermore, we found the aftersales service of Vissani quite appreciable. Their servicing and repairing team are welcoming and cordial. So, they will provide you with prompt and quick service.

What People Say About Vissani Refrigerator

People have positive feedback about Vissani refrigerators. We have visited Amazon, Home Depot, and other sellers’ pages for Vissani. There we have seen excellent feedback and positive reviews about Vissani refrigerators.

Most people loved the technological advancement of the Vissani refrigerators. Others appreciated its design and performance. Most customers of Vissani freezers gave the products a 4-star rating, which is quite remarkable.

Pros Of Using Vissani Refrigerator:

  • An energy-star rating means you will have 20% fewer electricity bills
  • Available in many capacities, sizes, and designs for all people
  • Affordable pricing without any compromise in built-quality

Cons Of Using Vissani Refrigerator:

  • A newer brand and so isn’t stable yet.


You should now have a clear idea of the things to know about Vissani refrigerators. If you are looking for a reliable, modern, and energy-start-certified refrigerator at a competitive price, Vissani must be your top choice. Seeing how the brand emerged as a top American refrigerator supplier in less than 10 years is fantastic.

Plus, with growing numbers of servicing centers and wider varieties, it’s high time you set your kitchen with a Vissani refrigerator.