Who Makes Continental Tires | Manufacturing Process with Pros and Cons

Who Makes Continental Tires

Continental tires are one of the oldest tires in the world. Better quality and durability both are the top qualities of these tires. That’s why it’s well known around the globe. But who makes continental tires?

Schaeffler Group, also known as the Continental AG, manufactures continental tires. Summer, winter, and all-season tires are the most sold continental tires. Continental AG follows some tricky steps to produce these exclusive tires. This fantastic product lasts more than ten years. With the self-supporting RUNFLAT tech, an All-Season tire covers 50 miles even if the tire is punctured.

Like other tires, a continental tire isn’t a perfect product. It has some cons along with some pros. A standard guideline will help you select the best option from the varieties of these tires.

Everything About Continental Tires

Continental tires have a vibrant history. The tire brand was founded in Hanover, Germany, in 1871. But it became the first German brand to manufacture pneumatic tires in 1892. Europe received its first pneumatic agricultural tire from this brand in 1928.

The tire company has earned fame in the sporting section too. Radial tires, designated as ‘R’, are now the standard in the racing world. Continental is the first in Europe to bring the tubeless tires and tires depending on the seasons.

The ‘Taraxagum’ experimental lab uses cutting-edge technology to rear Russian dandelions. It’s an alternative to rubber trees and is more environmentally friendly. This table concludes with some interesting information about the Continental tires.

Owner of Continental TiresSchaeffler Group
Official Websitewww.continental-tires.com
Turnover in Recent Years$39.94B (in 2021) $43.09B (in 2020) $49.81B (in 2019)
Employee Count244,000
HeadquartersHanover, Germany Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA
Founding Year And Place1871 Hanover, Germany

Manufacturing Process Of A Continental Tire

A tire is a combination of different elements. Continental AG follows a five step-by-step guide to producing a durable tire.

Step 01: Collecting Ingredients

High-strength steel is used to make steel cords and wires. Natural rubbers and chemicals are mixed in proper portions to create the desired tire combination. The cords of the tire are made of rayon and nylon.

Step 02: Material Production

Through calendaring, a mixture of cord and rubber produces steel cord. A screw-type extruder makes the treads of the tire. A calendar is used to manufacture textile materials of the desired width.

Steel beads come in a ring shape with rubber coatings. An extruder does the cutting of the sidewalls. The wide, thin inner liners are produced using a calendar.

Step 03: Tire Creation

The half-finished materials are combined to make a ‘Green Tire’. First, the casing and then the treading is done.

Step 04: Vulcanization

Vulcanization makes the tire flexible and durable. For a while, it’s done at a constant temperature and pressure. Markings and patterns are carved on the tire in this phase.

Step 05: Quality Inspection

Tire uniformity, X-ray, and visual inspection tests are performed on a tire. These tests check the durability of the product.

Some Popular Types Of Continental Tires

The tire company offers versatile tires. Quality and environmental state are top priorities when choosing a pair of tires.

Who Makes Continental Tires

Every Season Tire

CrossContact or All-Season tires are perfect for the temperate region. These tires are the best fit for summer and winter. The Continental run-flat tire uses RUNFLAT automation. It can cover up to 50 miles even if the tires are punctured.

Summer Tire

Summer tires are the best option for a hot environment. Better rubber construction provides the best anti-slip properties. As a result, these tires can grip any rough surface.

The low rolling resistance offers a significantly reduced drag rate. So, the fuel economy also increases significantly. It is a well-constructed tire for instant braking.

Winter Tire

The fat percentage of natural rubber reduces the freezing rate of the tire. Winter tires perform better on icy and snowy roads because of their excellent grip. Even at 450 Fahrenheit, winter tires operate smoothly.

The deeper tread blocks dig into the snow to provide more grip. So, the chances of an accident reduce to an extraordinary level.

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Advantages of Continental Tires

Continental tires have some remarkable advantages. Before purchasing a pair of these tires, look for the benefits they can provide.

  • More durable than other tires.
  • Offers different types of tires depending on different types of weather.
  • Provides quick steering response and standard grip.
  • The use of self-supporting technology reduces the chance of accidents.
  • With enough traction, the tire can grip easily.
  • Better performance on wet roads than other brands.
  • Continental tires can be replaced easily.
  • The company provides a reliable exchange warranty when you buy these tires.

Disadvantages of Continental Tires

These excellent tires have some drawbacks too. But there aren’t many. Beware of these cons before buying continental tires.

  • Continental tires are more expensive than other tire brands.
  • The grip of these tires is average
  • High maintenance cost
  • It’s not available in most countries
  • They’re painful to ride
  • Unlike other tires, continental tires make a loud noise
  • The tires wear out before the warranty ends
  • Despite the warranty, the company doesn’t sometimes refund the money
  • Some of the premium quality tires can’t handle high-speed

Continental tires come with these cons while you’re purchasing them. But the pros and cons of the tires change depending on the consumer.

Life Expectancy Of Continental Tires

The most common question this renowned brand face is the life expectancy of the tires. Continental AG has been producing the best quality tires for a long time.

Continental tires

Actually, it depends on changing the tires regularly. Continental tires claim that its tires can last for more than ten years. But it depends on various factors like weather conditions, usage, etc. If the tires are well-maintained, they last much longer than other brands’ tires.

The CrossContact LX, an all-season tire, can last four years. These tires last longer if you properly maintain them and do a routine check. But the particular grade tires last longer than any average product of continental tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Continental Tires affordable?

Continental tires are one of the most expensive brands. But the quality is much better than those brands. All-Season tires price is around $95-$468. It fluctuates depending on the market.

Are Michelin and Continental the same company?

No, they are not the same company. Schaeffler Group, a German organization, owns the continental group, while the Michelin family owns the French Michelin. Also, the employees have 2% ownership of the company.

Is the quality of Continental Tires up to the mark?

Continental is one of the top 5 tire manufacturers in the world. The producers maintain the quality to compete with other brands. So, the quality has to be world-class. And the customer demand is another proof of that.

Does China manufacture Continental Tires?

China does not manufacture any continental tires. Schaeffler Group, also known as the Continental AG, manufactures the tires. However, there’s a tire manufacturing factory in a city in China called Hefei.

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Bottom Line

Continental Tire is a reliable name in the tire industry. The durability of the product helped it to reach the top position. Continental tires are expensive, but the quality is top-notch. The All-season type is quite affordable than other types. A routine check increases the durability of a tire.

Hopefully, the discourse on “who makes Continental Tires?” has cleared your doubts about this brand. You can choose any tire according to the vehicle you use. Check out the market price before you buy tires of this brand.

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