Who Makes UPS Trucks | The Answer and Hidden Facts

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UPS is the largest courier company in the world. They design their vehicle frames themselves. Then they order their trucks from several car manufacturing companies. They usually order chassis-style vehicles.

UPS is American international shipping & receiving and supply chain Management Company. Their trucks and vans used for shipping are specially made.

Morgan Olson, Union City Body, and Utilimaster manufacture the body of the delivery trucks of UPS Company. Their older vehicles were based on Ford or General Motors P-chassis. Their first-ever delivery van was a Model T Ford.

So, let’s find out some detailed information on who makes UPS trucks.

Who Makes UPS Trucks

The bodies of UPS Companies’ delivery vans are made by “Morgan Olson”. Union City Body and Utilimaster also make them.

Morgan Olson is an American aluminum vehicle company. It is a leading producer of aluminum-based walk-in vans. Utilimaster and Union City Body are two subsidiaries of The Shyft Group.

Ford manufactured UPS Company’s first batch of delivery cars.

Some manufacturers are Stellaris, Modec, Italian company Iveco, Navistar International, and British Leyland Trucks.

They also recently invested in Arrival Company to make 10000 Generations 2 vehicles. Source: Wikipedia.

UPS Company has more than 119000 delivery cars operating worldwide. They have bicycles, vans, cargo airlines, tractor-trailers, etc.

What are UPS Trucks

UPS trucks are used by courier company UPS for shipping and receiving parcels. UPS trucks are unique. The company itself designs these cars.

These trucks are usually of chassis style. UPS Company hires several manufacturers to make different cars.

These cars have different designs and sizes depending on which route they travel and the number of packages they carry.

Most of the new UPS trucks are updated with an automatic transmission system. Almost all the UPS trucks don’t have air conditioning except for tractor-trailers.

UPS Company has many delivery cars serving all over the world. They use one car for around 20-25 years and then crush them and reuse them. UPS Company never sells their Trucks. They also don’t sell car parts for possible future legal complacency issues.

who makes ups trucks

The History of UPS Trucks and Maker Companies

UPS is short for United Parcel Service. James Casey first founded UPS Company with Claude Ryan in Seattle, Washington. He had started the company by the name American Messenger Company.

Although it started with 100 dollars in debt, now it is the world’s largest courier company by revenue.

The company’s first-ever delivery vehicle was a Model T Ford, bought in 1913. Before that, they used to deliver packages by foot and bicycles. Model T Ford was the first affordable automobile. It was also the most influential car of the 20th century.

UPS uses a 1990s Grumman Olson package car and a 2000s propane-fueled package car.

It uses Ram ProMaster, a Fiat Ducato produced by Stellaris. Stellaris is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer, founded in 2021.

UPS has Modec electric vans in Germany. The van was first made in 2010.

Ford LN8000, Ford-650, International 9000 by Navistar Internationals are also some of the vehicles used by UPS Company.

In 2020, UPS invested in Arrival, a UK-based electronic car manufacturing company. UPS ordered Arrival to make 10000 EV cars.

UPS Company takes care of their vehicles very well. A person can hardly distinguish new cars from old ones. They are the envy of many companies and hire the best people and maintain their trucks in the best way possible.

They have invested in many manufacturing companies to cut down their cost to the least. They’ve also changed their fuels so that their cars can be as cheap and environmentally friendly as possible.

Top Benefits of UPS Trucks

UPS trucks are known for their brown color. They call their trucks package cars.

These are customized cars and come with different beneficiary features. Some plus points of these cars are mentioned below.

Several Manufacturers

UPS Company has, over the years, invested in many car manufacturing companies. All these different companies are known for different specialties. Some are best at making SUVs; some are best at making tractor-trailers, etc.

So it’s safe to say they get the best trucks, no matter the type.

Self-Designed and Customized

UPS Company designs and customizes their cars themselves. As a result, they can install or upgrade their trucks’ features. They can customize their vehicles by the roads they take and the number of packages they carry.

Fuel-Efficient Trucks

UPS is very popular for trying different methods to make their car as fuel-efficient as possible. UPS vehicles are mostly alternative fuel vehicles. They also have hybrid electric vehicles and compressed natural gas vehicles. UPS Company aims to reach 0 carbon emissions by 2050.

Automated Transmission and Excellent Sensors

Newer editions of UPS cars have automated transmission systems in them. Their sensors are so good that they can detect whether a car is turning left or not. The sensors can determine whether the driver is wearing a seatbelt or not.

 So possibilities of casualties are quite a few.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After the entire details, I know you still have some questions in your mind. I’ve picked some most searched questions available on the internet. This will help you to get the correct details about UPS Trucks.

Do UPS trucks have an air conditioning system?

UPS trucks do not have an air conditioning system, and neither do their delivery vehicles. On the other hand, Tractor vehicles have it due to heat-related concerns experienced by certain drivers.

Can I buy UPS trucks?

No, you are unable to do so. UPS demolishes its vehicles after removing reusable components. The particles are then used to create new automobiles.

What type of vehicle do UPS use?

When it comes to transporting items, UPS employs a variety of vehicles. They have vans, bicycles, tractor-trailers, and other modes of transportation.


Since UPS Company invests in several companies, it is hard to say specifically who makes UPS trucks with a single noun. So far, UPS Company has been envious in terms of the vehicles they use and how they take care of them. Famous and efficient manufacturers from different nations make these vehicles.

Hopefully, the readers will find this article to be useful. A brief discussion about UPS Companies delivery trucks and makers has been made. It should give you a proper idea about what they are all about.

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