Who Makes Goodyear Tires (Pros and Cons Included)

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Goodyear tires are an all-American-made product. These tires are famous for their use in NASCAR and racing tires. The first-class quality of these tires has earned the trust of the consumers. But do you know who makes Goodyear tires?

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is the producer of Goodyear tires. All-season Fuel Max, Run Flat, Highway Goodyear, and Snow Goodyear Ultra are some of the variations of this trusted brand.

They use cutting-edge technology to produce the best quality tires. Better resistance and superb handling are the best features of Goodyear tires. A Goodyear tire lasts for 3-4 years even if used continuously.

Goodyear tires have some disadvantages too. But the cons couldn’t stop it from becoming a top tire brand globally. You’ve to follow some essential steps before you buy a Goodyear tire.

Background Of Goodyear Tires

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was established in 1898 in Akron, Ohio. The Mercury Wingfoot is the trademark of this tire brand.

In 1903, Goodyear launched the first tubeless tire on the market. Goodyear replaced the one-piece clincher rim with the detachable rim in 1904.

This 123-year-old brand made the first American all-weather diamond pattern tread. In 1908, the research and development department was launched to improve tire quality.

Goodyear launched internationally in 1910. Their dynamometer was first used to test airplane tires in the same year.

The headquarter of Goodyear tire & rubber company is still in Akron, Ohio. The number of employees will be 72000 as of 2021. The company’s overall turnover in 2021 was $17.5 billion.

Goodyear Tire Materials

Quality is the identity of any product. It’s also applicable for renowned brands like Goodyear. Here are the materials used in Goodyear tire making: 


It’s used to make the mold of belts and beads. They help to lock the tire and stiff in one place. Better quality steel is necessary to provide superior handling power and tire wear performance.


It’s the key component of making Goodyear tires. Manufacturers use both synthetic and natural rubbers to form durable tires.

The combination of both rubber types provides higher elastic power and slip resistance. It’s necessary for high-performance tires.


Typically, the antioxidants are used for the sustainability of Goodyear tires in temperature variation throughout all seasons. They also prevent any damage due to oxygen exposure.

Polymer Composites

Several polymer composites like polyester, nylon, and rayon are added to tire manufacturing. They help to reinforce the tire’s strength. Therefore, these tires have higher durability and stability to handle the vehicle’s weight.


Only the polymer composites are not enough to maintain such higher strength. Several fillers like silica and carbon black are added to the combination. The stuffing also helps to extend the lifespan of tires.

Goodyear Tire Components

The manufacturing process is divided into several steps where the components are made individually, and in the final stage, all of them are combined to form the final product. Each of them is crucial to making high-performance Goodyear tires.

goodyear tires


The sidewall provides lateral stability to tires. It’s made of an extra thick layer of rubbers. And because of the thickness, the sidewall can protect from severe damage.

But when the sidewall is completely damaged, you need to change the tires.


It’s the core component to connect the sidewall to the tread. The shoulder helps to provide better stability in handling. Therefore, you can ride smoothly on any road. 


It connects the wheel to the tire. The beads are made of high-strength steel. They need to be placed firmly, or else you can’t control the movement of your tire. Any slight wrong move can cause serious accidents.


It’s another crucial component that has a role in a tire’s overall performance. The outer area of the tread is soft because it will face the roads. It can reduce rolling resistance and provide higher grips on the streets.


The belts are made of steel. They are placed around the tires. Their primary purpose is to reinforce strength and rigidity. A belt also helps to retain the tire’s original shape.

On top of that, it gives directional stability, puncture resistance, extra strength, and durability.


It’s used to make the skeleton of the tires. It’s mainly multiple layers of fabrics. The plies are needed to provide additional strength and flexibility. They also help in maintaining the tire’s shape.

Sipes and Grooves

They are placed in the tread blocks because they help improve the tires’ aquaplaning resistance in various weather conditions.

Your tires won’t lose grip on mud, ice, or snowy roads. Some deeper grooves are placed in specialized winter tires.

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Manufacturing Process of Goodyear Tires

It’s not easy to combine the raw materials to produce a better-quality tire. But Goodyear follows some simple steps to manufacture these fantastic tires.

Step 01: Acquire Raw Materials

Rubber, steel, fillers, antioxidants, and textiles are collected from the respected companies. The materials have superior quality or don’t get through the quality assurance department.

Sometimes the company manufactures some of these raw materials like rubbers and steel to ensure the quality of the materials.

Step 02: Combining The Raw Materials

These raw materials are then mixed to create a gummy and black mixture. It’s crucial to mix all the components correctly. Different machines like calendars and extruders are used to create this composite.

Without the ideal combination, it’s impossible to make good-quality tires. The mixture is then sent to the milling section.

Step 03: Basic Structure Of Tire

After combining the raw materials, the composite is cooled and milled in the milling section. The basic structure of the tire is given. In this stage, steel belts and fabric cords are also manufactured.

Step 04: Making Of Green Tire

The tire is made from the inside. At first, the casing is manufactured. Then the sidewalls tread and shoulders are made.

In this stage, the tire looks like an actual tire. That’s why it’s called a green tire.

Step 05: Curing Of Tire

Hot molds do the job of curing the green tire. The tire gets the desired shape during the curing press.

Curing makes the tire flexible and durable. Sidewall markings and tread patterns are engraved on the tire during this process.

Step 06: Quality Check

Goodyear does some random checking of its tires. Experienced specialists and machines are used to inspect the quality. The officials sometimes cut the tires open to match the Goodyear standards.

So, there’s no need to worry about the quality of a Goodyear tire.

Types Of Goodyear Tires

Despite being a bicycle tire manufacturer initially, the American tire brand has a variety of tires today. From NASCAR to passenger cars, they produce tires for every type of vehicle.

who makes goodyear tires

All-season Fuel Max

It is best for minivans and sedans. This tire offers exceptional fuel economy. The tread patterns are made of unique elements.

Reducing the rolling resistance, these tires enhance the efficiency of the vehicle. But the main advantage is that you can use these tires in all seasons and don’t need to change the tires when there’s a change in the climate.

Run Flat Goodyear

Faster steering response, cornering ability, and traction are the best features of this tire. Run Flat runs smoothly both on wet and dry surfaces because of the latest TredLock technology.

Highway Goodyear

SUVs, pickup trucks, and crossovers use these great tires. Highway Goodyear is available in different sizes. It makes less noise and vibration. That’s why it can run on rocky and less snowy roads.

Snow Goodyear Ultra

Snow Goodyear ultra can endure the most challenging roads. The special winter tractions provide better stability.

In extreme weather, the 2-D blades in the center add starting and stopping power. On top of that, it has the highest grooves for additional gripping power.

Sport Performance Tires

These tires are specially made for racing cars and motor vehicles. It helps to maintain high performance and provides proper handling and maneuverability. So, its durability is on a superior level.

On top of that, the traction on these tires is sustained in both dry and wet conditions. Therefore, racing in any season won’t be bothersome.

All-Terrain Trailrunner Tires

The Goodyear wrangler trail-runner tires are versatile and famous for their off-track performance. They can constantly perform from rugged off-roads to highways.

And it’s possible because of the massive interlocking tread blocks. The tires also have superior handling power and toughness. They won’t fail you to provide comfort and mileage simultaneously.

Mud Fierce Attitude

These tires are famous for their innovative rim flange protectors. And because of the protectors, the rims stay protected from any potential damage when you drive off-road.

It’s pretty easy to drive in deep mud with these tires because of solid traction. On top of that, the staggered shoulder blocks provide a mighty grip on rough roads.

Pros Of Using Goodyear Tires

Different Goodyear tire types provide some distinct advantages. Unlike other tire brands, Goodyear provides unparalleled pros.

  • These tires have tight grips.
  • Better wear resistance.
  • Goodyear offers unparalleled traction.
  • Tread life is better than other tire brands.
  • Makes the riding very smooth.
  • Provides outstanding handling.
  • Goodyear tires offer massive lateral thrust.
  • Racing tires have excellent cornering grip.
  • The touring-type tires are comfortable.
  • High-performance tires respond quickly to acceleration.
  • The all-season passenger Goodyear tires provide better ride comfortability.
  • Has excellent balance on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • It doesn’t hamper the fuel economy of the vehicle.
  • Goodyear tires last longer and have better durability than its competitors.
  • Performs better in all-terrain adventures.

Cons Of Using Goodyear Tires

Goodyear tires have some drawbacks too. You’ll be able to buy the right one if you’re aware of the cons of the particular type.

  • Noise increases when the treads are worn out.
  • High-performance tires have low tread life.
  • The racing type is very uncomfortable and noisy.
  • The treads of the wrangler tire are tiny.
  •  Provides average braking on an icy surface.
  • The rolling resistance is not up to the mark.
  • Racing-type tires aren’t comfortable to ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Goodyear tires manufactured?

Goodyear manufactures a fat portion of tires in Akron, Ohio, The United States. Small manufacturing plants in India, Malaysia, Turkey, Venezuela, and other countries also produce tires. The company has a state-of-the-art tire manufacturing plant in Pulandian, Dalian, China.

Are Goodyear tires good?

Goodyear tires are better than most other tire brands. These tires provide a superb tight grip and respond quickly to handling. Plus, the organization has to keep up with its competitors. So, the quality has to be the best.

Are Goodyear tires expensive?

Yes, they are expensive. The price depends on the type of tire. You’ve to spend a hefty sum to buy Goodyear tires. Two pairs of summer tires cost $508- $3756. The price of a winter tire varies from $72 to $279.

Can you buy Goodyear tires online?

The brand has an official website. You can buy Goodyear tires from there. The site will guide you on purchasing the right tire. Also, there are many local shops available that offer online services.

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Bottom Line

Goodyear tire is a trusted tire brand around the globe. This brand is the best choice for better resistance and quick steering response. The durability and robust thrust improve the vehicle’s efficiency. Goodyear is expensive, but it provides more safety than other brands.

The discussion on “Who makes Goodyear tires” will help you buy the desired tire for your car. Read the car manual for the best tires to adjust in your car. Do some ground research and market analysis before you buy some pairs of Goodyear tires.

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