Who Makes Mavis Tires – History of A Successful Tire Dealer

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Mavis is one of the largest and independent tire manufacturers and retailers in North America. Their Discount Tire has been famous for being American Tire for over a few decades. The retailer shop not only provides you with the best quality tires but also performs an array of tasks.

Mavis does everything you can imagine, from changing lubricants and oils to repairing and servicing different parts of your vehicle. But the real question people ask is, “Who Makes Mavis Tires?

This has a complex answer. Firstly, Mavis is famous for its Discount Tire. It has become a household name for vehicles in North America, including New York. However, as a retail tire shop, Mavis sells different tire brands.

So, let’s jump into finding who makes the tires you get in Mavis stores. Also, we will discuss their history and popular tire models.

Who Makes Mavis Tires

Mavis is an independent tire retailer in America. It sells mainly Discount Tire and offers different services for the tire and wheels of your automobile. Thus, technically it is right to say that Mavis makes all the tires you find in its retail shops.

In fact, Mavis Discount Tire has grown to be one of the largest independent tire suppliers in North America. They work independently without the influence of the giants in the tire market.

Also, the company has developed a serious reputation for the highest-quality services and repairs you get in their centers.

Foundation History of Mavis Tires

Unlike the giant tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Continental, or Goodyear, Mavis doesn’t have a hundred years long history. In fact, Mavis only reached its 50th year of the establishment a few months ago.

Yes, Mavis Tire Supply Corporation was founded only in 1972. But, as their website claims, their history goes back to 1949.

Victor established Vic’s Cycle Shop. There he repaired the bicycles for his neighbors. Thanks to his amazing repairing skills for bicycles, his reputation grew soon.

Since Victor had repaired some incredibly damaged bicycles, his reputation soon spread beyond the neighborhood. Also, somehow Vic’s managed to get the capital required for his business.

However, his breakthrough came when a customer asked him to repair his automobile tires.

Luckily, Victor repaired the wire with his bicycle tire repair tools. It established him as a Tire Wizard in the neighborhood. Plus, Victor and his wife, Marion, decided to change the name of their tire repairing and servicing shop.

They together kept the name ‘Vic the Tire King.’ The tire repair and service shop soon become a giant one in the growing automobile sector.

Time of Expansion

Who makes mavis tires
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As the business grew in the neighborhood, Victor and Marion decided to expand their business. Once they had settled with the name of their repair shop, they started finding a suitable location to set up their industrial-scale service center.

In 1968, the couple established a 7000 square feet tire center. It was one of the largest tire centers at that time. They had three tire service centers and stores by 1971. As the business grew, Victor and Marion found the necessity to establish a better business image.

Thus, they decided to change the name of their tire shop and center. As a result, they changed the name of their Vic The Tire King to Mavis Tire Supply. Gradually, they established their Discount Tire brand. It is now one of the most popular American tire dealers.

Mavis later became the first New York multi-brand tire dealer. Now, it operates in several states of America.

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How Did Mavis Get its Name?

The naming of Mavis is pretty interesting. The name came from the owners. Yes, Victor and Marion’s names combined for the tire brand name. The name came as:

  1. First two letters of Victor’s and Marion’s names.
  2. The first letter of the couple’s last name.

Thus, Mavis is a resemblance to their love. The couple continued to guide the tire retailer and supplier center until 1988. Then, they handed it over to the next generation.

How Large is Mavis?

Mavis is larger than you may imagine. During the last three decades, Mavis has owned multiple tire companies. These acquisitions have helped the retailer shop become one of the largest independent dealers in New York.

  • In 2008, the company acquired Cole Muffler Brake
  • In 2015, Mavis owned Somerset Tire (STS)
  • In 2018, the company bought Kauffman Tire

As the company-owned these three competitors, Mavis truly become the largest retailer. And recently, Mavis merged with Tire Engineers and Express Oil. It has helped the tire supplier to keep pace with the changing automobile industry.

As their website claims, Mavis currently works in 13 states. They have 700 fully equipped and state-of-the-art service centers. Nonetheless, the best thing about Mavis Tire is that it still operates from the first 7000 square feet of service center.

Product and Services of Mavis

Mavis doesn’t only supply automobiles with Discount Tires. The company has different products and services in its manufacturing and supply line. It helps them cater to the different needs of their clients with great satisfaction.

The top services of Mavis are:

  • Wiper Blade Installation
  • Wheel and Tire Installation
  • Free Flat Tire Repair
  • Winter Tire Changeover
  • TPMS Sensor Installation
  • Lug Nut Replacement
  • Wheel and Tire Rotation and Balancing
  • Free Tire Inspection

Top products of Mavis include:

  • Tires (new and used) and wheels
  • Sensors and lug nuts
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • TPMS (tire pressure monitoring)

Mavis’s amazing products and services have made it a tire tycoon in America. At present, its revenue is US$5.2 billion. Also, more than 25000 employees are working in the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mavis brand tires made by Hankook?

No, But Mavis sells a tire from Hankook named Traction Control.

Are Mavis tires good?

Basically, Mavis is a retail shop that sells different brands of tires so the quality of those tires depends on the manufacturing brand. But most people are satisfied buying tires from them.

Who is Mavis tire owned by?

Mavis is owned by Mavis Tire Supply Corporation.

Is NTB and Mavis the same?

Mavis Tire Supply Corporation bought 112 NTB Tire & Service Centers.

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Mavis manufactures and supplies the popular Discount Tire to American automobile owners. You will find their products and services truly amazing.

Plus, they have been in the tire servicing and manufacturing sector for over 50 years now. And within this time, they have become the largest North American tire supplier. They have established their retailing and servicing shops in 13 states with 700 shops.

So, you are sure to get their service centers whenever and wherever you need them.