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For those studying abroad and participating in a part-time job, a car would be an actual vehicle. If you are a car enthusiast, you will not have a second thought. After buying my first car, I got bored with the outlook within six months. So, I thought, why not do some renovations and that is where I got puzzled! When you do a google search about car accessories, there are tons of options.

But, after some intensive research, I met MB wheels and finally had my nose breathing with relief. Therefore, who makes MB wheels? If you want your car rims to have a nice textured look, enjoy yourself through the ride within this article. Trust me; it gets less monotonous with every minute.

Who Makes MB Wheels

The brand “MB Wheels” is an Automotive Manufacturer that makes MB Wheels. But the sad part is they are currently discontinued and are no longer available.

As they don’t have any official website to promote their products, it was hard to find them and even harder to find the parts.

But luckily for us, there’s some supplier that still releases these products for us to buy.

Summit Racing has hundreds of MB Wheels in various designs, sizes, and finishes at the lowest prices! To complement your vehicle, choose from multiple finishes, including gloss, chromium, matte, and polished.

So, with all these concluded fixtures, why should you compromise shopping from their websites. Check the models immediately.

MB wheels provide a disc with multiple sizes, shapes, designs, and construction. You may also look for authorized dealer shops that sell MB components. They have a large assortment of rims ranging from five-spoke to multi-spoke, and sizes range from 15″ to 20″.

who makes mb wheels
Photo: MB Wheels

Types of Wheels Available with MB Wheels

Based on many cars, there are mainly three types of wheels available and capturing the public demand every day. They are:

  • Disc
  • Collapsible
  • Composite

The disc rotor is made up of a rim and is dismantled. A composite edge can be used on a truck’s disc wheel, with one side consisting of a changeable divide lock ring and a replaceable side ring that together constitute the rim.

A wheel with a dismantled rim is one in which one or two deconstructed edges are immediately attached to the hub and developed to the rim’s size. These wheels are commonly found on big vehicles such as automobiles and buses.

Composite one comprises two parts, each of which contains a portion of the rim. When the pieces are put together, they form a rim with two corners. These are used for tires with a broad profile and changeable pressure.

The connection to the hub facilitates torque transmission and hub centering. Bolts or nuts with a conical centering surface are commonly used to secure passenger autos. The hub belt is centered on the cast rims.

The mounting item features stud bolts and unified nuts with freely spinning washers to protect the disc. Instead of studs and nuts, bolts can be utilized.

About Customer Support

As the company is no longer available so expecting good customer support is hard. Still, you can contact any 3rd party seller for after-sales services who is selling the MB Wheels.

I can assure you; they will provide good customer support with the most humble behavior a customer can expect.

Some Mentionable MB Wheels

As we are done with the part about who makes MB wheels, it is now time to introduce some of the mentionable trending wheels produced by MB company.

MB Wheels 14

The MB14 is a classic 5-spoke style seen on front-wheel-drive cars. It features a one-piece appearance with a clear coating that is long-lasting, and it comes in silver, matte black, and chrome finishes.

The bolt configurations can be 5114.3, 5127, 5139, and 5150. They have rim sizes ranging from 15″ to 17″. The separate screw in the mid-cap has an embossed MB coating, and each rim comes with one as well. You will also receive a lifetime structural guarantee and a one-year trim guarantee.


Drivers typically prefer the change of rims at least once every two years. So, you need to provide them with rims that are generally durable, lightweight, and, most importantly, water-resistant.

The disc is an essential part of a rim. If chosen carefully, it will shower you with maximum reliability such as strength, avoiding deformation, and resistance to any corrosion.

Fortunately, MB Legacy is the best choice for any car regarding durability, design, and reliability. The most observing part is that this model provides you with a lifetime warranty to fix your rims-related problems at any time of your driving career.


It is a split 5-spoke wheel designed for driving in icy weather. Each spoke features polished cutouts for added style and size.

It comes with a snap-on center cap and is available in a typical case of 15, 16, 17, and 18 inches with silver trim. You will also receive a lifetime architectural guarantee and another finish coating warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by a split rim?

Split rims feature multi-sided wheels, mostly when the tire is locked in one place. It is always recommended not to use split rims on unbelievably lightweight cars.

What are the others best wheels in the supermarket?

Some of the other manufacturers that provide some of the best wheels are as follows:

-American Racing Torq Thrust
-Enkei RP03
-BBS Super RS
-HRE Vintage Series 505M
-Konig Hypergram
-Anything from ADV1
-OZ Racing Ultraleggera

Is it safe to install split rims in a vehicle?

Split rim tires are a safety issue since their failure might result in a violent separation followed by an explosion.

An explosive explosion might occur if these wheels break, resulting in the discharge of high-pressure changes and component components from the tire.

Is there any advantage regarding split rims?

If you can’t remove your tires off a one-piece rim on your own, a split rim will simplify it around 100 percent simpler. The safety element is not a concern as long as the rim is not destroyed or nearly crumbled away.

Is it possible to set a tubeless tire on a split rim?

Yes! You are liberal to set for tubeless tires while using a split rim. But, either way, it is always a good practice to use tubes and a rim boot.

How to put air in a split wheel?

Before inflating the tire, place the wheel assembly in a metal shell or a temporary safety restraining device. Only inflate a tire outside of a restraint device to the proper pressure.

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