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YouTube is a huge platform, and there are various types of content available that different people follow.

Have you ever wondered about who is the fastest growing army on YouTube?

I, as an entertainment lover, prefer roaming around on YouTube, and certainly, I am a part of the army we are talking about. Want to know? Please read what I say.

Who is the Fastest Growing Army on Youtube

Danny Gonzalez’s fans are known as Greg. When he made fun of Jake Paul’s “The Jake Paulers song” video, he came up with this idea. Craig is their enemy fandom, he says frequently.

Craig symbolizes people who don’t trust Danny enough and do not believe him when he says Greg’s army on YouTube is expanding at the quickest rate possible.

When Danny is asked about Greg, This is what he said-
“WHY DO I USE THE NAME GREG FOR MY FANS? We’re the fastest-growing YouTube channel, and Greg makes super nice content. So, rather than inventing a pun based on my name and addressing my audience as such, I chose to go with a wholly another name.

He also added-
“Haters quake when we mention your name because it’s so powerful. Greg is the name we all know ourselves by. We are surely taking over the internet, and to get started, just click subscribe and enable alerts.

So, who is the fastest growing army on YouTube? Surely it’s Greg!

Who is Danny Gonzalez & Why is He So Popular?

Danny Gonzalez is an American YouTuber and former Vine celebrity renowned for his humorous and emotional videos. With over three million Vine followers at his disposal when the service was shut down, Danny initially rose to fame on the now-defunct platform

After Vine was taken down, Danny moved to YouTube and continued to make humorous videos there. However, his major break came when he started releasing Troom Troom response films; the videos led to hundreds of thousands of followers. Now Danny is launching his music career with humorous and parodic songs and has became popular.

A Little More About Danny Gonzalez

Who is the Fastest Growing Army on Youtube
Photo: Instagram

Among the many social media sites where Danny Gonzalez is well-liked include Instagram, YouTube, and Vine. The well-known YouTuber is a living example of the economic potential of today’s social media platforms.

What else do you know about the effervescent online star outside his professional background?

Birthday12th June
Age28 Years
LocationChicago, Illinois
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 154.324 Ibs
Income $1.7 million in a year
Relationship Status Married to Laura Fuechsl

As of August 2021, the well-known YouTuber had 4.84million subscribers to his channel, 952 thousand Instagram followers, and 836.6 thousand Twitter followers. Danny has unquestionably kept up a strong online presence on the most widely used social media sites.

Excited to know who is the fastest growing army on YouTube? No more wait

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the net worth of Danny Gonzalez?

He is believed to have a net worth of $3.2 million currently.

2. When did Danny Gonzalez start his music career?

When he was in high school, the YouTuber became interested in music production. But he started his career in 2019.

3. When did Danny start editing videos?

When he was thirteen, in the 7th grade, he began editing videos.

4. Does Danny Gonzalez have any pets?

Yes, he has two guinea pigs.