Who is Rem in Re: Zero | She is not Dead but in Coma!

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Who is Rem? There’s definitely a possibility that you would know this answer if you are an anime fan.

I, as an anime lover, am a fan of Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World. Rem was one of the main characters in the show.

If you want to more about Her, follow what I will describe here.

Who is Rem

In the Re: Zero series, there are two Roswaal L Mathers’ twin maids,  and Rem is the younger of the two. As a result of a prior occurrence, She feels both admiration and remorse for her sister.

To compensate for her sister’s respect and shame, she used to view herself as a second-class citizen. Having been saved by Subaru, she falls passionately in love with him,  becoming one of his most devoted followers and vowing to remain with him no matter what happens.

But let’s get into more details of her so that it gets easier for you guys to portray a picture of her in your mind if you did not watch her already –

Rem First Appearance Re Zero

Rem’s hair is a medium-long sky blue color that covers her right eye. Her huge light blue eyes and youthful features make her stand out from the crowd.

Hair clips adorn the left side of her head, a flowery ribbon adorns the same side, and a maid hairband completes her look. With the exception of the color of her hair, eyes, and ribbons, she is virtually identical to her older sister.

Normally, she wears a uniform that depicts a maid’s dress, but she discreetly alters the proportions to cover her bigger chest.

Birthday2nd February
Height 1.54 meters or 5 feet and one inch
Weight 125 Ib

Background of Rem

Who is Rem

So, who is Rem? Thousands of years ago, there was a tiny town in the kingdom of Lugunica where only Oni lived, human-like demons that could grow horns and achieve superhuman levels of strength. Oni had two horns save for Ram and Rem who were born with one horn apiece.

In order to become as talented as Ram, Rem recognized that she needed to be more helpful, but it didn’t work out so well when she got lost in a jungle while searching for materials, only to be saved by Ram.

Tragic events, on the other hand, took place shortly thereafter. To make matters worse for Ram during their battle one of the members of the sect severed its head, making her weaker. And Rem was happy because she knew she would be outstanding compared to Ram.

It wasn’t long until Roswaal L. Mathers, one of the most powerful magicians in Lugunica and a landowner, took the twins in after their house had been destroyed. While in Roswaal’s manor they were required to work as maids under the supervision of Frederica Baumann, the top maid.

To make ends meet, they were tasked with caring for Queen Emilia, who was in line to become Queen of Luxembourg. While working together they met a weird person named Subaru Natsuki.

Rem Popularity

As far as anime females go, She is without a doubt one of the most popular ones ever. This is a surprising number of Rem-related products and figurines that have been produced throughout the years.

The Rem figurine will be there to commemorate any memorable occasion. Fans of Re: Zero are often talking about Her, and some even believe that she created the entire program. You can easily find out who is Rem based on her popularity.

Frequently asked questions

Did Rem die?

Despite the fact that Rem is in a state of coma, she is not dead. Except for Subaru, he has vanished from everyone’s memory.

How did Rem die?

Many people were escorting Rem to the royal castle when she was last spotted on her route to it in a carriage. A gigantic white whale turned out to be their pet, and they were determined to get it back.

When She tried to utilize demon mode to attack them, it didn’t work, and she was defeated.

Will Rem ever wake up?

The likelihood is that she will return shortly.