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Who is Steven Singer? Is he a model or some mafia? I am still thinking about it. When I asked my friend to suggest a shop where I could buy diamonds jewelry, she said two words Steven Singer.

Are you guys as confused as me? Well then, let’s find out about this mystery guy Steven Singer that my friend suggested.

Who is Steven Singer

My mind is running in Usain Bolt speed to decode Steven. One thing is clear that this man is connected with diamonds and jewelry. Maybe he is a merchant or a designer. So many options, but I can’t select one. Okay, now let me stop playing the spy role.

So here I present to you guys Steven Singer he is a jeweler from Philadelphia, and he owns a store named Steven Singer Jewellers. Now, what is so interesting about this jewelry shop?

In this shop, they sell beautiful jewelry at such a price that your boyfriend or husband can’t say no. And of course, in the end, all of them are bound to say the famous line “I hate you, Steven Singer.”

Inspirational Success story of Steven Singer

Behind every success, there is always a backstory of hardship and lots of will. Steven’s story is also like that his choice to do something different from others and his love for his work bought him to the place he is today.

Steven started his journey at the age of 17 by selling wholesale jewelers in Philadelphia’s Jewellery Row. After he found his passion for jewelry, he began to gain certifications on diamonds, pearls, colored gems, and many more from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 

Opening of his first store

Who is Steven Singer
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It is said that you should never forget your roots. The place you are from and where you started everything. Steven opened his first shop in Jewellery’s Row on 7th October 1980.

By the age of 22, he becomes the youngest first-generation jeweler of Jeweler’s Row. Quiet is an excellent achievement for a young age. Besides that, his shop was the smallest in the whole place. But his dreams were big, so soon, he started to gain the reputation of a go-to spot for buying diamonds. 

Expansion of the stores 

By 1996 Steven become one of the leading and finest jewelers in the jewelry industry. Customers were barging with satisfaction.

More prestigious things were waiting for Steven; he was invited to join a group of elite jewelers where he had the privilege of learning better ways to treat the customers.

Moreover, he was the first to be invited from his area in this group.

After all this, Steven thought of expanding his stores. So he purchased a three-story, 6500 square foot long building in 1999. It is based on Other Corner of 8th and Walnut, and this building was his dream store.

Steven Singer Jewelry
Image: Instagram

Great Marketing Strategy

Only relying on the loyalty of your customer is not always enough, nor it sustains for long. Marketing your business and brand as much as necessary as loyal customers.

Well, Steven here used a weird but kind of authentic technique. So one day, a customer’s husband was complaining that he hates Steven, and the reason is his wife, instead of saying “I love you” to the husband, said she loves Steven hence the hate.

So he used this particular line and planned his marketing around this. He spread this on the billboards and everything. At first, some people were reluctant to do this, but after seeing the success of this marketing, they all jumped into it.

Aside from that, over the years, Steven has promoted his brand through radios. If you switch to a Philadelphia radio station, you will always hear him and advertisements of his brand. Now that’s some authentic and high level of branding and marketing.

Conquering the NASCAR

Till now, we knew his marketing strategy was limited to radios and billboards. But this is Steven; we are talking about the guy who aims and always thinks big. Another feather added to his hat of achievement was having his name on a NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2011. 

I know this is astounding and unbelievable, but my pals, this is the truth. He signed on with JD Motorsports as a marketing partner. Do you want to know which car? Mike Wallace in the series drives the Chevrolet; that’s where it was named.

Speech in Philadelphia University

Steven was asked to give some inspirational speeches to the fresh graduates in the 132nd Commencement of Philadelphia University. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know who is Steven Singer. I am sure the admirer of his jewelry and a new fan of his work must have many questions about him. Well, here are some selective common questions. Hopefully, the answers shine for you like your diamonds.

Is Steven Singer a good jeweler?

Yes, he is a good jeweler, according to the reviews of his customer.

Does Steven Singer’s jewelry ship in Canada?

No, it doesn’t ship in Canada. But they have other ways.

At what age did he start his business?

At the age of 17, he started his business.

What is the price of a 24kt rose in his store?

It depends on the carat.