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The fantasy world was the light of hope for children. I cannot seem to remember how many times I secretly sneak into the drawing-room in the middle of noon to seek my favorite anime or cartoon show.

The top 3 shows that rocked the children’s dream world were Beyblade, Pokemon, and finally, Dragon Ball Z. There still comes someday where my son and I argue about who is the strongest Super Saiyan of all time- Goku or Vegeta.

With all, there is one antagonist that most fans do not know about, and speaking of it gives rise to the question- who is Turles? So, to minimize all the confusion, this article will guide you through this character from top to bottom and how he raised an impact in the DBZ world.

Past Life of Turles

Turles was known among the Saiyan community as a low-class warrior on a mission far away from the planet Vegeta. For that reason, he was able to survive the Supernova attack that Frieza used to destroy Vegeta.

Following the destruction of his race, Turles formed his own, which he liked to call Turles Crusher Corps, along with many Saiyans who his alliances were.

Their mission was to search for a perfect place to plant the seed from the Tree of Might, a tree that produces fruit that offers an enormous amount of power that a Saiyan could ever imagine.

Turles in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might

In search of the perfect planet for the seed to grow, Turles found Earth is the ideal host for the Tree to succeed where he encounters Gohan, Goku’s son. The Z-fighters eventually went to stop this abomination from him, and he took the matter on his own when Gohan eliminated one of these Saiyan warriors.

After learning Gohan’s true Saiyan capabilities, Turles played a game transforming Gohan into a giant ape and turning him against his friends. However, that plan soon backfired as Gohan somehow learned to control his adverse transformation.

Turles from Dragon Ball Z
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Encountered by Goku in The Tree of Might

Now that Goku knows who is Turles, he decides to end this madness once and for all. He single-handedly defeated all the remaining Saiyans of the Turles Corp, eventually catching the antagonist’s attention.

After fighting for a long time, Goku realized that Turles was too powerful for him at this power level. So, he ate the fruit from The Tree of Might which helped him harvest enough power to form a spirit bomb.

The bomb was too powerful for him to consume, and it finally destroyed him and the Tree itself, which gave Goku the vengeance he deserved to seek for hurting his son.

How is Turles Related to Goku?

Who is Turles, and how is he related to Goku? They are from the same family line, their face looks almost identical, but he is older than Goku. Some also refer to the theory that Turles is Goku’s older father, but there is no single story to prove this hypothesis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Turles ever referred to as Black Goku?

Turles’s appearance looks exactly like Goku’s, and his skin color is black. But he is not precisely like Goku as they have different personalities.

Did Turles come before or after Vegeta?

He was away from the planet Vegeta when it was destroyed and nearly after 30 years arrived at Earth where the Tree of Might battle took place.

Is Bardock the father of Turles?

In some rumors, it is heard that he is Bardock’s brother, which makes him Goku’s uncle.

How did Toriyama represent Turles?

The writer of the DBZ created this character to tell the readers about how Goku would have turned out if he had not lost all his Saiyan memory on the head injury from his childhood.