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Phobias are an exciting subject. One day I came across the word mephobia, and the meaning was a thrilling one.

I couldn’t stop myself from researching it. I searched for it and got to know many details about it. Would you like to know? Then, Let’s find out more about it.

What is Mephobia?

What if your capabilities make people pass away? Is it possible? No, but mephobia literally means this.

The definition is that a person thinks they will become so awesome that people won’t be able to handle it, and they will pass away.

Is Mephobia Real

it exists. Yes, it is true. However, people cannot die from someone’s awesomeness. People can be acutely jealous of them, though.

What are Mephobia’s Symptoms?

  • Daydreaming about how much of an amazing person you are.
  • Often feel like people are particularly jealous of you
  • Thinking of yourself as a king or queen.
  • Almost all the time, you feel like people should please you.
  • They see other people as inferior.

What causes mephobia?

  • If you think you are highly capable.
  • You are special from everyone else.
  • Unique quality makes you superior.
  • The people around you can’t match your level.

Can mephobia be diagnosed medically?

No, you can not diagnose it medically. It is not an acceptable term of medical science.

Mephobia’s effect on others

  • People get jealous of other people’s betterment easily.
  • The General public thrives for more.
  • Worries more about worldly things.
  • People Give more attention to outer looks.
  • It Divides people into groups.
  • People crave more compliments.

Things you should know about Mephobia

What is Mephobia

How did the term get popular?

It got popular recently through social media sites. It was common to see this term in fiction.

Is mephobia dangerous?

Luckily, it is not that dangerous. It is curable with the help of doctors.

Why do people use this term?

People use this term for fun. Some famous and wealthy people use this word since they don’t have many worries in life.

How do you pronounce it?

It is an easy word to pronounce. Mephobia is pronounced like “mee-foh-bee-uh.” You can learn it by practicing.

Some Interesting facts

  • It starts with people’s beliefs.
  • Some famous and affluent people use this term.
  • This term is used by people who don’t have many worries in life.
  • Shifting people’s faith factors can cure this phobia.
  • There are no actual cases.
  • There is a girl who has mephobia tattooed on her face.
  • It got popular recently.
  • It can make the person either depressed or blissful.

Mephobia and fictions

This term appears more often in fiction. Authors use mephobia for Superheroes to make superheroes special from others.

CrossFit mephobia

What is CrossFit mephobia? It is a gym in the United States. However, this gym is not related to mephobia.

Frequently Asked Questions

After knowing some facts about mephobia, it is normal to get excited about learning more. Here are some FAQs for those eager minds.

What is the definition of mephobia?

The fear of becoming incredible that humans can’t handle that and everybody dies is called mephobia.

Are there any cases of mephobia?

The sources say that Morgan Freeman and Chuck Norris have this. But we think they have been the scapegoat of this subject.

Should we take this phobia seriously?

Phobias can get pretty serious with time. As mephobia is not medically accepted and its seriousness is not on the extreme side, you can take it lightly.