Who was Chad Boyce from “the 100”? (May We Meet Again)

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I was watching an amazing series where the videography was top-notch. I was wondering who could be behind the camera. Then I found out about Chad Boyce. Then I did deep research about him and discovered some interesting findings about his professional life and how did he die. This article will explore more about Chad Boyce.

Who was Chad Boyce

Chad Boyce worked as a camera trainee in the movie “Punch”. Chad worked in Riverdale, Wynonna Earp, and Underwater podcasts. He joined the television series “The 100” as a cameraman and worked there before departing from his life. Chad Boyce was born on September 23, 1978, and died in 2018.

The 100 series’ cameraman Chad Boyce died while working with them in 2018. For his remembrance, they telecasted an episode that made him known to the general public, and that was the 4th episode of season 5. At the very end, there was a message that said

"In The Loving Memory of Chad Boyce"

Interesting facts about him

  • Chad Phillip Boyce was Chad Boyce’s full name.
  • He was an animal lover.
  • His love for dogs was noteworthy.
  • He had a passion for traveling.
  • The Trip to Asia was his first big trip.

Things to Know About Chad Boyce

He was born in Vancouver, Canada. His dad’s name is Larry Boyce. Chad passed away at the early age of 40. Chad Boyce’s death occurred on April 17 of 2018. His cause of death is quite unknown but some sources think that a drug overdose caused his death.

He traveled to Hawaii before his death. Chad visited different countries such as Spain. He also went to the Roman temple. Boyce toured Asia just before dying.

He traveled to Hawaii before his death. Chad visited different countries such as Spain. He also went to the Roman temple. Boyce toured Asia just before dying.

Chad’s mother died when he was young. After Chad Boyce’s death, his memorial was organized by one of his close friends Dale Shaben. The name of the memorial was “Celebration of Life.”

Chad Boyce’s memorial was held in Polish Hall on Fraser Street in Vancouver on May 26, 2018.

The reason for his death didn’t get any exposure, but according to sources, Chad’s death may have been caused by a drug overdose.

Different people from his work, relatives, and close people shared condolences for him. It was a sudden event for them as he was a young and healthy person.

How Did Chad Boyce Start His Journey

Who is Chad Boyce from "The 100"

He started his journey as a camera trainee in a movie. He worked for the International Cinematographer Guild 669 (ICG). There Chad Boyce worked as a second assistant cameraman.

He worked there before his death. ICG 669 is located in British Columbia, and it is a Canada-based company.

ICG 669 is known for its work on Riverdale, Wynonna Earp, and the Underwater podcast.

Condolences from Friends and Family

Joe Fiss:Gonna miss you buddy love ya see you again one day gone too soon.”

Shanna Ashton Grenier: “He touched the lives of many including mine. my love and prayers go out to all of chad’s friends and family.”

Carolyn Abbott: “I give prayers to your family, friends, and loved ones I wish you the best in your next life May it be better than this one.

Tyler Beecher: “stunned… prayers to his family and friends… his smile could light up a room. he will be missed..”

Bethany Jane: “Rest easy my friend, so many good hugs and chats from you. I am in shock, I hope you’re watching down on all of us and I
know I will be thinking of you every day.”

Impact on “The 100” Community

Chad Boyce’s sudden departure resonated deeply within “The 100” community, a testament to the close-knit nature of the series’ cast and crew. His loss was felt not just as a professional blow but as a personal one, with many cast and crew members expressing their grief publicly.

The tribute in the show’s credits was a rare acknowledgment of a crew member’s impact, highlighting the often-overlooked yet vital contributions behind the scenes.

For fans, this gesture opened a window into the camaraderie and collective heart of the show’s production team, uniting them in remembrance and appreciation of Boyce’s life and work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious minds always want to know more about a person. The questions could be more works of the person or the person’s real name and pseudonym and many more. Here are some FAQs for those eager minds.

How old was he in 2018?

Chad was only 40 years old when he died in 2018, and he was a young soul whose death was unexpected to everyone.

How did he pass away?

The cause of the death of Chad Boyce was not in the limelight, and many sources have been publishing that a drug overdose caused his death.

Who is Chad Boyce in the 100?

Chad Boyce from The 100 was one of the crew members of the series, and he was working as a cameraman on the set.

What were his other works?

He worked as a trainee in the camera and electronic department of the movie “Punch,” released in 2002. He worked as a second assistant cameraman in ICG 669.

What was his birth year and birthday?

Chad was born in 1978, and his birthday is on September 23.

Where was he from?

Canada. To be very specific, he was from Vancouver, Canada.

What was his memorial name?

Celebration of Life” was the name of Chad Boyce’s memorial. It was held on May 26, 2018.

Who is Clay Virtue from The 100

Clay Virtue was another crew member of “The 100”. He works as a stunt member. Clay also died unexpectedly on October 15, 2017.