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My grandfather used to tell me stories about the wars and warriors when I was little. I was interested in the fighting and how they finally won. In one such story, he told me about the Morningstar weapon.

Have you ever wondered how the ancestor warriors fought? Or what weapons did they use? Well, in this article, I will talk about the most destructive weapon ever.

Morningstar-The Most Murderous Weapon

The Morningstar was a medieval weapon. It resembles a mace but with a spiked club form. The ball with a spike is usually attached with a chain to a shaft. It can also be described as an all in all weapon.

It was very special amongst the Knight. The Knight is known as the toughest warrior of all time. They used it by whirling the chain with a spiked ball and punching it at the opponent.

Morningstar Weapon History

The Morningstar became worldwide popular around the fourteenth century in Germany. It was known as “Morgenstern.” There are some references that the head was shaped like a star, though this has no evidence.

The approximate length is 3 feet, and the weight is 8.4 pounds. In contrast, people did not admire the other medieval flail as much as the Morningstar weapon.

Difference between Morningstar and Mace

Morningstar and mace have confused many people. Although there is a resemblance, they can be differentiated by their appearance.

Morningstar has a rounded end with spikes and a long length. A mace has a wooden or metal shaft with a stone, bronze, or steelhead.

Types of Morningstar Weapon

Morningstar Weapon

 There were three types of weapons depending on their uses.

  1. The first type was that high professional soldiers were well crafted.
  2. Military men used the second type. The shaft and head were usually made of one piece.
  3. The third type was for decoration which had a smaller shaft. Some people have also made tattoos on their bodies.

Some interesting facts

There are some fascinating facts regarding the Morningstar weapon. And you will find those below.

  • There is a name of Satan, which is Lucifer Morningstar. This name refers to this weapon.
  • Currently, it is not clear about the exact design of a Morningstar. But the most common design was Morningstar flails.

Similar Weapons as Morningstar

There are some similar weapons as Morningstar weapons.

Morningstar Flail

It consists of a wooden shaft in which a chain is joined with one or more balls. It has appeared in many books and movies. However, there is no proof that it ever existed.

Medieval Mace

It has a heavy symmetric head made of stone, bronze, or steel with a wooden or metallic handle. It was very popular in medieval times.

The Goedendag

A Flemish weapon, the Goedendag is also similar to the Morningstar weapon. It has a thick wooden shaft which is slightly thicker in the top with iron spikes.


It is a Japanese weapon with a solid or hollow wooden or wooden shaft consisting of a chain and iron weight. It is the most aggressive weapon in Japan.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Morningstar weapon?

It is a spiked iron or steel ball connected to a steel shaft by a chain. The shaft has a good grip, and it helps to twirl the ball and hit the target.

How useful was a Morningstar weapon?

It was more beneficial than any other weapon back in the fourteenth century. The soldiers and the horsemen usually used Morningstar against their enemies.

How hard was it to wield a Morningstar weapon?

Wielding a Morningstar was not that hard, but it was dangerous. Because it was very easy to hurt oneself or other mates with it.

How lethal was the Morningstar weapon?

Morningstar was the deadliest medieval weapon. It had a heavy spiked ball. When the ball waved with the chain, it punched the opposite person with maximum impact.