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Let’s discuss a very interesting topic, “Sith Code“. This inverse mantra of the Jedi code is all about power, passion, strength, and force. Have you watched the Star Wars canon?

The Code of Sith first appeared there.
I was very curious about the code of Sith and was just wondering how to write briefly about it. So, here it is.

What is the Code of Sith?

The code of Sith was first introduced in the Star Wars canon. It is also known as qotsisajak. This code is a mantra that influences the opposite beliefs of Jedis.

The Jedis are the peacekeepers. On the other hand, the Siths are some dark Jedis who lost belief in the light side and were the trouble keepers. After the Corbo’s battle, they were banished from the galaxy and created their community.

The code of Sith is their mantra that says the strong always destroy the weak. It’s their thing, their right.

The history behind the Sith Code

The Sith Code is kind of complex without knowing the history behind it. The story of the Galaxy and the Korriban planet is quite interesting.

The Galactic Republic was a democratic government that ruled the galaxy, and Korriban was the only planet in the Horuset System where the Sith lived. The Sith, or troublemakers, were once part of the Jedi, or peacekeepers.

After the battle of Corbo’s, some Jedi were expelled from the galaxy for no longer believing in the light side of their faith. They fled to the Korriban and built their community there.

They were the authors of the code of Sith, which was the opposite of the Jedi’s code. This code insisted on power and strength over anything. This code is the dark version of the Jedi’s.

The code’s impact on the Sith Empire

the sith code

This is not only a code, eventually, but it also becomes a mantra. The code insisted on the dark side of the force in sith order.

To rule the Sith empire, was considered to be their main belief. According to the code, violence is the only way to gain power and freedom. It says that it is the passion that builds strength, not peace. Peace is never an option if anyone wants to gain freedom, strength, and power.

The code says only fighting harder to gain freedom and destroying the weak is the only motto that can win over everything. It’s all about greed and self-gratification.

The Sith code is a list of rules that all Sith must follow. There are seven major tenets which are: power, strength, emotion, passion, ambition, competition, and purpose. The act of following these tenets allows the Sith to be more successful.

Creation of the Sith Code

The code was first introduced in the Star Wars canon. The episode “Altar of Mortis” was shown in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars“, where the code first appeared.

It is David Gaider’s creation. David Gaider, the writer of the Korriban segment, has written the code. When Gaider was told to write it for the game, he inverted and re-arranged the Jedi’s Code regarding Sith’s philosophy.

This is partly inspired by Adolf Hitler’s autobiographical manifesto named Mein Kampf. This is one of the most discussed topics in Star Wars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the Sith Code?

It means that the strong will destroy the weak.

Who created the Sith Code?

David Gaider created it.

What is the Sith philosophy?

The Sith believed in power and strength over anything. Passion and emotions are their tools to gain freedom, power, and rage. They believe that taking advantage of emotions can help them become more powerful. And it is nothing wrong.

Who was the first person to believe in Sith philosophy?

Ajunta Pall is the first Sith. Pall founded the Sith Empire. He expanded the empire onto other worlds too.