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Married at First Sight (Mafs) is a TV show. The singles who don’t know each other get married with the help of experts. Season 12 has couples from different backgrounds. They take a big risk by marrying a stranger. as they meet their future spouses for the first time. Fans want to know more about these couples and their stories. One of the famous participants is Chris. His controversial role made him generate feedback. He received a lot of negative comments on social media too. This controversy likely increased his popularity and made people curious about his personal life and relationships. In-depth, you will get details about Chris From Mafs Dating – Age, Relationship, and Career in this article.

Know About Chris From Mafs Dating

Chris Williams became well-known after appearing on the reality TV show Married at First Sight in 2021. This show is very popular, and viewers often get attached to the contestants. Chris gained many followers on social media during and after the show. However, during his time on the show, Chris’s behavior towards his partner, Paige Banks, was controversial. Many viewers were critical of how he treated her. It’s also worth noting that while Married at First Sight provides a unique and intense environment for couples to navigate

1. Married At First Sight (Mafs) Shows Selection Procedure

The application procedure for Married at First Sight generally consists of an online set of questions. It demands filling out a form and appearing for interviews. The show proposes that the compatibility of unknown persons is determined by the people specializing in relationships. They see and confront each other for the first time and legally marry each other. The producers of the show and relationship experts select the best potential couples by using the information.

The participants in a TV show are matched based on their compatibility and evaluated. They decide to get married even though they have never met each other before. They then move in together and their lives are filmed for the duration of the show. The show’s experts provide guidance and support to help them overcome the challenges of their new relationship.

In the case of Chris and Paige, their screening on the show resulted in a rollercoaster and turmoil relationship. It finally ended in divorce. However, their appearance on the show allowed them to explore themselves and what they seek in a relationship. While Chris’s behavior on the show was controversial, it generated criticism from many viewers. Some supporters also appreciated his openness and his struggles. However, the response to Chris’s appearance on Married, at First Sight, was mixed, and his public image likely reflects this.

2. Chris From Mafs Dating

As discussed earlier, Chris Williams and Paige Banks appeared on the 12th season of the reality show Married at First Sight, which aired on Lifetime in early 2021. We shall throw light on their ideas, intentions, and plans.

  • Chris and Paige are successful in their professions and want a faith-based marriage. Both want children but have different ideas on how many. Chris hopes to have up to seven and believes it’s important to train them. Paige, on the other hand, wants to start having kids in the first one to two years of marriage.
  • They are both religious, with Paige wanting a “God-fearing” husband. Chris, who was previously an ordained minister, also values religion.
  • They both have successful careers, with Paige being an accountant and realtor who bought her home at age 20. Chris was homeless before, but now he makes six figures as a finance manager.
  • Marriage is important to Paige; she has been dreaming of her future husband since she was a child. Chris’s ideal partner is “intelligent, submissive, sexy, good in bed, and a freak.”
  • They both place a high value on sexuality. Chris was previously engaged twice, most recently three months before filming Married at First Sight.

3. Married At First Sight (Mafs) Villainous Behavior

Chris Williams’s behavior on the show was controversial and generated criticism from many viewers. He has continued to receive criticism from viewers due to his behavior on and off the screen. He has been very active on social media, often posting controversial and confrontational comments. It has further damaged his public image. Some of his social media posts have been perceived as insensitive, leading to accusations of him being manipulative. While he may have gained attention as a villainous character on Married at First Sight, his actions outside the show have done little to redeem his public image.

Additionally, in February 2021, a woman claimed on social media that she had a relationship with Chris. At the same time, he was still married to his MAFS partner, Paige Banks. Chris initially denied the allegations but later admitted to having a relationship with the woman outside the show. It further fueled the backlash against him. Such incidents have further damaged his reputation, and many viewers have called for his removal from the show.

Chris From Mafs Age   

Chris Williams was born on December 27, 1981. He is around 41 years old, and his partner Paige Banks will be around 28 years old in 2023. There is a significant age difference between the two, with Chris being 13 years older than Paige. While his birthplace is not publicly known, Chris is from the United States and has lived in several cities, including Houston and Chicago. While Married at First Sight, he lived in Atlanta, Georgia.

Chris From Mafs Relationship

Chris Williams and Paige Banks both participated in the 12th season of the reality show “Married at First Sight,” During the show, Chris and Paige’s relationship was tumultuous. Chris often expressed doubts and fears about the marriage, which led to several disagreements and challenges. Despite these issues, they decided to stay together on Decision Day, which is the day when couples decide whether to stay married or go for a divorce. Their experience in “Married at First Sight” allowed them to learn about themselves and what they want in a relationship.

After the show, it was reported that Chris and Paige had officially ended their marriage, which confirmed the rumors circulating for some time. Since then, they have both moved on and are living separately. Overall, their relationship on the show was marked by disagreements and a lack of trust. However, they both shared a commitment to their faith, which was an important value. They also shared a desire to build a strong family, with children being a priority for both Chris and Paige.

Chris From Mafs Career

Chris Williams is a software engineer. He has been working in the IT sector for so many years. He is credited as the founder and CEO of two technology companies: Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group and Ivy Boy Entertainment. On the other hand, Paige Banks is a professional accountant and real estate agent. She got her Bachelor’s degree in accounting and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She worked in different accounting firms along with her own accounting business. Over and above, Paige has a license as a real estate agent in Georgia. She has been working in the sector since 2014.

He spoke openly about his struggles and challenges in his personal life, which were a significant focus of his storyline on the show. This successful and popular career ended in a tragedy that impacted him. Chris is considered a successful person due to his commitment to work. While he has tackled numerous highs and lows during his career, he has shown professionalism and dedication to the assignment and profession.

Chris’s Birth Sign

Chris was born on December 27, 1981, making his zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorns are generally known to be responsible, hardworking, and disciplined. They are also typically loyal and reliable. They have a strong sense of ambition and a desire for success.

Chris’s Family

It is known that he has a son named Khi, who was born in 2019. While on Married at First Sight, Chris mentioned that he was separated from his father and had a complicated relationship with him. It’s worth noting that his family has not played a significant role in his public life. Chris always speaks openly about the importance of family and his desire to build a strong and supportive family of their own.

Since the show ended, Chris and Paige have moved on with their lives and have not reconciled their relationship. In comparison, they have made some public statements about their time on the show and their divorce. They have kept their personal lives out of the spotlight. They have not provided many details about their current relationship status.


Chris’s popularity comes with increased public recognition of his controversial role. He experienced a successful and popular career that ended in tragedy. It has had a significant impact on his life, both personally and professionally. Losing a career due to a tragedy can be emotionally devastating. He may still face public scrutiny and criticism for their involvement or perceived responsibility. Sometimes, this can lead to the celebrity facing backlash and negative media attention. The article of Chris From Mafs Dating – Age, Relationship, Career covers all his personal and professional aspects.