8 Best Sticker Printing Machines For Small Businesses in 2023

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The freedom to design and print the stickers you imagine is the best thing for people and encourages them to create unique and attractive stickers. So, it is good to have a sticker-making machine at your home and office for the ultimate creation. 

Today, we researched some of the most effective sticker-making machines for small businesses to help them know which one is better for them and what their business requires. Some businesses use multiple stickers for better marketing, and some are not convinced of the sticker’s benefits for marketing. So, let’s move to know about some of the best sticker-making machines. 

So, let’s move to the top sticker-making machines for small businesses. Among the multiple best options, Xyron Sticker Maker Machine is placed first in our ranking list because of the ultimate cost benefits and easy accessibility that enable people to operate easily. It costs only USD 36 and delivers numerous benefits to businesses. 

Furthermore, the NIIMBOT D11 sticker-making machine costs USD 36.99 suitable for small businesses. The thermal printing technology and easy connectivity reflect better comfort to the people. Also, the MakeID label and sticker maker machine delivers multiple benefits to businesses by offering a rechargeable battery, quality print, and free templates, which cost USD 36.99.

So, let’s scroll to know the 8 best sticker-making machines for small businesses.

1. Xyron Sticker Maker Machine

The reason for getting first place in our list is the flexible budget options of the Xyron brand. It allows people to buy a suitable sticker maker for commercial or personal use. Also, it is popular among the audience, and the efficient cost is the factor that attracts people the most. 

This machine completely runs manually and does not require any warm-up time to start. The machine does not need electricity, power, heat, or glue to make the stickers. There are two color variants of this machine and rated 4.3 out of 5 by people who already use the machine. 

Xyron has the potential to speedily convert all designs into stickers, irrespective of deep and complex designs. The machine effectively provides stickers up to 5 inches in a flash. It is all time ready-to-use machine which suitable for people of all ages and allows them to get a print easily.

Xyron offers a one-year warranty with its product, which develops trust among the people towards the brand. It is easy to refill without dismantling the machine. Also, making stickers without additives like acid or glue delivers better comfort to people by providing a perfect sticker. 


  • It is a portable machine that allows users to make a sticker anywhere, and its compact design is suitable for users to easily carry it from one place to another. 
  • There are no electricity requirements for using the sticker maker machine. Also, it is easy to refill through drop ink and makes the user able to replace ink quickly for better use. 
  • It is easy to turn and operate the side trunk for better and proper use. It is friendly for people of all ages by offering easy-to-use features. Also, the low cost is another important factor that attracts small businesses.


  • The only reason for disliking this machine by the people is the inability to print the sticker. It is a major negative factor distracting the small business from choosing the Xyron sticker-making machine. 

2. Niimbot Sticker Maker Machine

NIIMBOT sticker-making machine is another portable printing option for people looking for a sticker or label-making machine. It also offers a unique feature that NIIMBOT provides more similar and attractive features. Also, it is another sticker-making machine that offers a small pocket-size printer with a size of 5.31 x 3.34 x 1.25 inches.

Furthermore, the thermal printing technology makes the machine able to not use ribbons or ink for creating the stickers. Also, you can create encrypted codes such as QR codes or bar codes by using the NIIMBOT application. The Bluetooth connectivity of this machine is similar to other applications, which is 10 meters. 

Using the NIIMBOT printer, the user can send the request from the distance and get a fast printing output irrespective of the distance. Its battery also runs longer than the batteries of the substitutes available in the market. 


  • It has the ultimate potential to print in the bulk and increases the business’s production capacity without impacting the production capacity. Also, it is suitable for small and large businesses because of its capacity to create stickers and labels in bulk.
  • The machine is equipped with a powerful battery of 1200W, which has enough potential to run a minimum of 4 hours on a single charge. This presents the capacity to create multiple stickers on a single charge. 
  • It also has powerful software that supports 60 to 150 prints and reflects its efficiency in small businesses. 


  • Again, the small size of the machine limits the size of the stickers created by the NIIMBOT sticker maker machine.

3. Makeid Sticker Maker Machine

Among the multiple budgeted options for small businesses, MakeID also presents a great substitute among the all. The machine also provides sticker label printing options for businesses. This machine is much faster and more effective compared to other available options. 

A MakeID Life app is available that provides a more comfy setting for creating your labels using pre-defined designs. The Life app features more than 60 frame variations, 300 sticker template styles, and a wide range of font choices. Additionally, the MakeID Life app will receive regular upgrades that will expand the selection of layouts.

The sticker-making machine is also effective in creating matte and glitter stickers on waterproof tape. This machine also has a higher lifespan than others. It also has wireless connectivity using Bluetooth and creates stickers up to 0.63 inches via using smartphones.  

The machine has the potential to create long-lasting stickers along with better quality. Also, it equips with thermal printing technology that delivers sharp and quality images. 


  • Using the MakeID sticker printing machine, businesses can create quality stickers and labels using multiple pre-designed templates, which saves time and money by choosing a given template instead of creating new designs. 
  • The machine can support the sticker and labels not more than 0.63 inches, which is not so big, but the machine can offer high-quality stickers and labels faster.
  • The machine can print matte and glitter stickers and is also suitable for waterproof tapes. It can use for many purposes, like a commercial, domestic, educational, etc. 


  • It has a good battery life, but people expected a little more from the brand to improve the product’s battery life and allow them to get more benefits using their products. 

4. Munbyn Sticker Maker Machine

MUNBYN is a well-known brand that provides professional sticker-making machines for small businesses. If you want something best for your business, then don’t have to look at other options than MUNBYN. It offers an effective sticker-making machine to make the stickers in bulk or high-quality small-size stickers. 

It is an advanced model of MUNBYN that offers exceptional features and high-quality products. This sticker-making machine mainly produces labels for shipping or warehousing businesses because they require labels or stickers in bulk and the MUNBYN sticker maker has the potential to produce large quantities effectively. 

The tool is effective enough to create labels or stickers of 4X6 inches. The USB connectivity of the sticker-making machine increases the flexibility for the users to get a perfect sticker by using any device that supports the USB cable. 

Advanced features like auto analyzer help you provide multiple options to print your device and allows you to get a perfect print. The machine uses thermal printing technology that provides more durable and better-quality images than other printers. 


  • The sticker-making machine is the best option for organizations requiring production in bulk. The organization that requires the mass production of the stickers and labels can choose this machine as a better partner that runs longer. 
  • Along with some advanced features, people can use the sticker-making machine via different devices that support USB. It also supports devices with type C cables.
  • The sticker printing machine has the potential to print 4X6 inch stickers, and quality printing makes the sticker-making machine popular in small businesses, whether small or large. 


  • Apart from the multiple mind-blowing benefits, this sticker-making machine is a bit expensive for small businesses. 

5. Phomemo Sticker Maker Machine

Phomemo sticker maker machine offers a variety of sticker makers for different budgets for small businesses. Primarily, this sticker-making machine works as a label maker that allows small businesses to ensure the optimum utilization of the sticker-making machine. 

This sticker-maker machine is considered one of the smallest stickers or label-making machines, even smaller than your smartphones. And the measures are 5.94 x 3.35 x 1.61 inches. The small size of your sticker maker enables you to easily take it from one place to another.

The Phomemo sticker maker machine does not require ink or any toner for the print. The BPA-free thermal technology of the machinery provides crisp printing quality. The cost of producing the labels or stickers is not too high and delivers satisfactory results because of faster services.

It has wireless Bluetooth connectivity that allows people to connect their smartphones and use the sticker-making machine efficiently. Also, the sticker-making machine provides more realistic and better designs by providing 60 frames and 300 symbols. 


  • There is an in-built rechargeable battery in the Phomemo sticker-making machine that allows people to use the machine for a longer period. It also has 14 functions that help this machine to leg up among other available substitutes. 
  • The 25% more dots per inch feature makes this machine effective enough to deliver the best picture quality and allows small businesses to deliver better picture quality even in a small image.
  • The sticker-making machine equipped with BPA-free thermal printing reflects the release of a lower carbon footprint and helps businesses to deliver the best products using environmentally friendly products. 


  • The only limitation of using this machine is its incapability to produce large-size images. It only creates high-quality small-size stickers or labels up to the width of 0.23 inch, 0.47 inch, 0.55 inch, and 0.59 inch with the help of Bluetooth devices within the range of 10 meters.

6. Brother Sticker Maker Machine

Brother is a reputable manufacturer of business accessories, particularly printers. This category contains the Brother P-touch CUBE Plus, an extremely adaptable sticker, and a label maker. Additionally, it creates useful products like a sticker maker machine appropriate for projects requiring a lot of copying.

Furthermore, it offers a wireless sticker maker that is small, portable, and supports mobile devices. Simply using the mobile, you can use this sticker printer to create stickers or labels up to 1 inch.

There are three software offers by the Brother brand that allows flexibility to small businesses to choose the best option based on their needs and requirements. Their brand also provides some well-designed templates for better and more effective use of the stickers. 

This feature also offers thermal printing technology and compatibility with the three software of Brothers. Also, the brand provides a warranty of one year that authenticates the product among the people. 


  • The sticker-making machine can print labels or stickers up to one inch. It has the potential to provide standard quality by using different frames and complex designs. 
  • There are multiple templates added to the software for businesses to get the perfect one based on their needs and requirements. These pre-designed templates help businesses by saving their time and effort to choose the suitable one instead of creating a new one. 
  • The machine has proper designs and solid build quality that reflect the external strength and presents a longer lifecycle machine. 


  • The lots of designs and frames make the sticker-making machine comparatively more expensive than other available options. Also, it is effective for small businesses but a bit expensive also. 

7. SKIO Sticker Maker Machine

This device’s 1200 mAh battery and Bluetooth Enabled connection were both integrated by SKIO. For sharper production, SKIO has additionally improved the DPI by 25%. The SKIO Label Maker Machine’s printing pace is impressive because it can create a label in less than a second. 

When completely charged, the 1200 battery capacity of the SKIO may operate for up to four hours. Additionally, it will not need recharging while in a sleep state for at least 30 days. For using the printer via phone, Le Minyun is a helpful app that supports the printer. 

The machine has a compact design, and its thermal printing technology allows people to get efficient results using the sticker-making machine. Also, thermal printing technology does not require additives for printing. 


  • The machine is much faster than the others available in the market. It has the potential to create a label in less than a second and be able to work for a longer period at the same pace. 
  • The machine produces small stickers up to a limited size, but the stickers have sharp and standard image quality. 
  • The exceptional battery capacity makes it irreplaceable among the available options in the market.


  • For operating the sticker-making machine, the smartphone application is required mandatory. Without the smartphone application, no one can access the sticker-making machine. 

8. Memoking Sticker Maker Machine

Memoking brings many advanced printing machines among the people and now brings pocket-size printers. The printer by Memoking is efficient enough to deliver better results. This small printer can perform multitasks and allows people to use the printer for home and office. 

This machine is effective enough to print the sample label and stickers of 12X40 mm, which is completely oil-proof, waterproof, and scratch-proof. The printer also supports the print master app to design, edit, or create unique and attractive stickers and labels. 

It is accessible by Smartphones and offers wireless connectivity using Bluetooth. Also, this printing device creates to design customized labels and stickers with the help of unique calligraphy font and icons. It helps to create the most attractive and perfectly designed stickers and labels.

The Memoking sticker-making machine offers multiple benefits to people and offers them unique fonts and icons for better designs. It equips with thermal printing technology that allows small businesses to get well-shaped, quality stickers. 


  • It supports the print master app, which is easy to use and allows people to get the perfect design for their stickers. 
  • The printer is small and able to create labels up to 12X40 mm. It also ensures the perfect shape and quality of the stickers. 
  • The printer is suitable for multi-uses like using it at home or in business. The flexibility to operate it for various objectives makes it more suitable for people. 


  • This printer machine is effective for small businesses, but the inability to create large-size stickers is a negative influencing factor. People expect a bigger version o this model to get large-size stickers.


In the presence of multiple options, small businesses are unable to choose a perfect sticker-making machine for their business. After checking the benefits of the different sticker-making, you can choose the perfect sticker-maker based on your needs and requirement. If you want to know more about the specific products, click on the product’s name for additional details.