8 Best Coffee Roaster Machines For Small Businesses In 2023

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The most effective coffee roaster machine for your small business will supply you with the freshest, most aromatic coffee. It is significant since many enjoy drinking coffee and prefer various flavors. Due to this need, there is an increase in small coffee businesses. For a coffee firm to succeed, it must provide consumer satisfaction by investing in contemporary grinding, roasting, and mixing equipment. However, finding the best coffee roaster for a small business is difficult due to the market’s vast selection of coffee roasters. To facilitate your job, we will examine the eight best coffee roasters for small companies on the market. To help you to choose the best machine, we will explore the eight best coffee roasters for small businesses on the market. We’ve also included a link to the product page for each coffee roaster, so if you’re interested in purchasing it, you may visit the site.

1. Behmor 1600 Plus

The Behmor 1600 Plus gives excellent performance and large size, which means it will only fit in some places; you’ll have to evaluate where it can and cannot be placed.

It includes manual and automatic settings that may fit all skill levels, from novice to those used to using it. This coffee roaster has pre-programmed settings for the quantity and type of bean you’re roasting. As a result, you can begin using it rapidly and efficiently. The controls are relatively easy to learn for novices.

Despite the product’s simplicity, the maker has supplied a user manual explaining how everything is constructed and how to use certain functions. The Behmor 1600 Plus is not fully automated; therefore, you must be present to watch the roasting process and the degree to which the beans have been roasted.

Surprisingly tightly wound mesh in the roasting drum prevents even the smallest beans from escaping. At the same time, the clever spring allows it to be easily inserted into the machine while ensuring a snug fit. Furthermore, Behmor’s roasting capacity of 1 pound of coffee beans is sufficient for your small enterprises.


  •  High storage capacity
  • It is Electric
  •  It has Smoke Suppression


  •  Multiple Temperature Settings
  • Inefficient cooling system hampered by obstructions caused by safety features
  • It requires a lot of cooking consistently to the level of a French roast.

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2. KALDI Motorized  Coffee Roaster

This coffee roaster is perfect for your small business if you’re okay with using a gas burner as a heat source. KALDI provides a motorized roaster that adequately mixes the beans during the roasting process, resulting in consistently uniform roasts.

This product has a substantial amount of extras, which increases its investment worth. You will also receive a hopper, thermometer, probe rod, chaff collector, and coffee roaster. In addition to facilitating the insertion of coffee beans, the hopper provides access to the probe rob for sampling as the roasting process advances.

You must use this coffee roaster with a gas burner. With some practice, you will have perfect control over the temperature. Manually controlling the temperature and timing, this machine takes your total concentration.

The temperature of the exterior housing is a factor to consider. The outer metal can become heated. Concerning temperature, the provided thermometer leaves plenty to be desired. For more sensitive control, acquiring a more accurate thermometer may be worthwhile. This roaster will be helpful for your small business if you are comfortable using a gas burner as a heat source.


  • The machine features motorized bean agitation, which assures a uniform roast every time
  • A large capacity of 250 grams (9 ounces)
  •  It comes with a thermometer, hopper, and probe rod
  •  It has a chaff holder, and it includes a power adapter.


  •   The thermometer that is provided could be more accurate
  •  It is noisy

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3. Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster CR-1010-PR

Another coffee roasting machine you could consider buying for your business is Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster CR-1010-PR. The Nesco CR1010 includes a built-in catalytic converter, which eliminates the vast majority of smoke from the roasting process; hence, it is superior to our original model.

This model’s control panel is located at the unit’s base. The five primary components are the LCD, a start button, a cool button, an up and down button, and a recall button. Looking at the controls, it is evident that this coffee roaster is user-friendly, as everything is kept relatively simple. In addition, you will see the indication buttons that indicate whether or not the roaster is operating. Moreover, the maker has incorporated a cutoff switch, which is outstanding and useful in some potentially dangerous scenarios. This feature turns the roaster off if the cover is accidentally opened during the roasting process.

The Nesco CR-1010 offers a minimum roasting time of 20 minutes and a maximum roasting time of 27 minutes for a darker roast. The Nesco CR-100 provides correct information regarding each roasting method, such as 20 to 22 minutes for the light roast, 23 to 26 minutes for the medium roast, and 27 to 30+ minutes for the dark roast. The lack of auto-start capability and the inability to tune the roaster to your specifications are some of the details that need to be included in this coffee roaster.


  • The roast is consistent and even.
  • It is simple to operate and is an excellent choice for novices
  • The machine has superior smoke suppression compared to other roasting machines.


  • Has a relatively low capacity
  •  It can take a very long time

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4. Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roasting Machine

If you’re starting a small business and want to roast your coffee beans, The Fresh Roast SR 500 540 is for you — it’s an upgraded version of the sr500 with some excellent upgrades.

You will soon be roasting exotic green beans to perfection. It is the most economical coffee roaster for small businesses on our list. This model includes numerous enhancements and modifications that provide additional features and settings to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

This model offers nine heat settings compared to its former predecessor, which only offered low/medium/high heat settings. All these provide greater control over the process and permit greater customization, made possible by the real-time temperature display.

The fan speed is also adjustable, which is wonderful since you can set the roaster to start with the highest setting and then gradually turn it down to manage it. At the same time, the display indicates how long you’ve been roasting, with a maximum of 9 minutes.

In addition, the SR540 includes a Cool button that functions as a switch from blowing hot air to a 3-minute cool cycle. It later overrides without stopping or interrupting the roasting process, a feature uncommon among coffee roasters in this price range.

 Due to the absence of a smoke suppression mechanism, you would still need to roast in a well-ventilated room. Lastly, the SR540 has a simple and intuitive user interface that is ideal for novices.


  •  It includes a real-time temperature reading and a cooling function.
  • It is compact, inexpensive, and silent.
  • It has nine temperature settings, a dial, and controls for changing the fan speed and roasting time.


  •   It can only accommodate four ounces of coffee beans for each roast

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5. Gene Cafe Roaster

The Gene Cafe Roaster uniformly roasts your coffee beans with hot air under pressure. Even though The Gene has been around for quite some time, it has remained a favorite choice for small business owners. It has a round drum with a unique off-axis spin, which is fantastic because it assures a consistent roast every time. Additionally, you can easily remove the trash for quick cleaning, which is a far more effective way than most of its competitors.

Performance-wise, the Gene operates on conventional 120V electricity and can roast up to 250g of coffee at once. In addition, temperature and time are entirely controllable, and the machine allows you to let the process be automatic or manual; however, choose automatic because it is easier and more convenient for most users.

This machine can roast up to 8 ounces in an average of 15 minutes, which is also a plus. Aside from that, the roast is rather easy to monitor due to the transparent pyrex roasting chamber, which makes everything within visible. The Gene Cafe does not contain a smoke reduction mechanism, so ensure that everything is correctly set up before roasting coffee, perhaps by opening a window. I recommend the Gene Cafe Roaster to small company owners seeking a robust, high-end coffee roaster.


  • Roasts every half pound and a half of a pound of coffee beans
  • Even uniform roast
  • Full-view glass detachable chamber
  • Controls for the clock and the temperature are automatic.
  • Automatic calming effect
  • Aspirator for chaff
  • prevention against overheating function


  • The assembly process can be puzzling or challenging.
  • Some people may have difficulty reading the manual.

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6.  Jiawanshun Coffee Roasting Machine

Check out this electric model if you’re searching for a low-cost, user-friendly coffee roaster for a small business. If you have been roasting with a popcorn popper, this beautiful upgrade will allow you to roast larger batches with ease. It is easy to use. Add your green coffee beans, turn them on, and set the temperature to your liking. Slowly rotating within a non-stick basin, the roasting arm moves and aerates your coffee as it roasts, resulting in a uniform, even roast profile.

This machine has an adequate capacity for home usage and can roast around one pound of coffee per batch. The glass cover provides a direct view of the entire operation. You can immediately adjust the temperature dial when you hear cracking sounds. You should anticipate getting a medium roast in 12 minutes at 240 degrees Fahrenheit and a darker roast in 13 to 14 minutes at the same temperature.

Due to its design, the machine produces a considerable amount of smoke, mainly when the lid is lifted; also, there is no chaff collector. I recommend using this coffee roaster outside or near an open window. And also, consider purchasing this inexpensive coffee roaster for your little business.


  • Large storage space, able to hold up to 750g
  • Cover made of heat-resistant translucent material, allowing visual monitoring of the roasting process
  • The rotating lever helps to ensure an even roast.
  • Simple temperature control dial
  • We can use it to roast various foods apart from coffee.


  • There is no smoke-control system.
  • Relatively sluggish, the roasting process can take anywhere from 25 to 40 minutes to finish.
  • There was no gathering of chaff.

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7. Infrared Bocaboca Coffee Roaster

You should consider buying Bocaboca Infrared coffee bean roaster if you are in the market for a coffee bean roaster for your business. And are interested in roasting many coffee beans with a high-quality machine. With this glass coffee roaster, you can roast up to 1 pound of coffee beans simultaneously. There is also a unit with a capacity of half a pound.

This coffee roaster features a straightforward control panel for adjusting power, temperature, and timing. In contrast to other roasters, the Bocaboca 500 is relatively quiet, and the glass drum makes it simple to monitor the roasting process.

The internal thermometer aids in controlling the roasting process, resulting in an even roast. The larger 500 roaster has a natural hardwood exterior and a cooling tray. The cooling tray has a powerful fan for optimal cooling after roasting.

The Bocaboca, unlike other roasters, is entirely manual; hence there are better choices for novice coffee roasters. Because this coffee roaster can roast many beans, it is relatively large. This device is roughly the size of a microwave oven.

The Bocaboca coffee roasters have a strong popularity in the coffee roaster world. If you’re looking for a coffee roaster for your business, the Bocaboca 500 is an excellent option that is well worth the price.


The advantages of this roaster include the following:

  •  Infrared heat
  • It has an attractive appearance
  • It has a wicker cooling tray
  • Lower price point than comparable roasters.
  • Large amounts possible
  • Simple viewing during the roast


  • A steep slope for learning
  • Roaster operated solely by hand

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8. Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster CR-1010-PR

Consider purchasing the Nesco CR-1010-PR Coffee Bean Roaster if you are searching for a coffee roaster for your small business. This professional coffee roaster is well-known for its distinctive design and numerous outstanding features. It is equipped with an integrated catalytic converter that eliminates all roast-related smoke.

The control panel is located at the machine’s base. The primary components of this coffee roaster are the LOCD display, down buttons, up buttons, recall buttons, and a cool button. From the controls, it is clear that this coffee roaster is quite simple to operate, as its activities are plain. Additional indicator buttons display whether or not the roaster is operational.

There is a handy and remarkable safety shutoff for usage in hazardous situations. The primary function of the safety cutoff is to turn off the roaster once the cover is mistakenly opened during the roasting operation.

Twenty minutes is the minimum roasting time for the Nesco CR-1010-PR. Nevertheless, if you desire a darker roast, it will take up to 27 minutes. This coffee roaster will provide precise information regarding each roasting procedure. For instance, a light roast will require between 19 and 23 minutes, a medium roast between 22 and 25 minutes, and a dark roast between 26 and 29+ minutes.

Every coffee lover who desires a coffee roaster would fantasize about owning a Nesco CR-1010-PR, as it provides superior roasting and freshness for your small business.


The advantages include the following:

  • A uniform and even roast
  • Ease of use, making it ideal for beginners.
  • Better smoke suppression than most other models
  • The ability to roast up to a third of a pound in just twenty minutes
  • Very quiet operation, making it ideal for use in an office setting.


The following are the disadvantages of using this coffee roaster:

  • One can only control the duration, not the temperature
  •  It takes a long time
  •  It has a small-ish capacity
  •  It is extremely difficult to obtain replacement components.

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Due to the large variety of models and brands available on the market, selecting the most effective coffee roaster for a small business can take time and effort. The top eight best coffee roasters for small companies on the market are listed above, along with a link to the product should you choose to purchase it. We hope that our guide has been of great assistance to you. Before deciding, read the buyer’s guide to become familiar with the essential elements when shopping for the best coffee roasters for small businesses.