Top 25 Photography Business Ideas That Work in 2023

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There isn’t any other nice way to turn your passion into revenue than owning a small business. The same goes for people passionate about photography or capturing aesthetics wherever they go. So, if you have a digital camera or a good mobile phone camera and an interest in photography, you can work on a small business. It will help you to level up your skills mastered by a considerable revenue generated with time. The rise of technology and social media popularity has also given rise to the photography business but also made it challenging by increasing competition. So, let’s highlight some foremost photography business ideas that are popular in 2022. Give it a read and employ what you like to initiate.

Note that the following business ideas include both online and onsite photography ideas that you can choose as a part-time or full-time earning source.

1.  Stock Photography

Stock photographers capture and sell the licensed stock to potential buyers owing to multiple purposes. Consumers can purchase stock photos for their websites or business logos for marketing. Generally, people buy stock photos concerning nature, offices, people, traveling locations, etc., portraying creativity. They market their stock on related online websites. This list may include Shutterstock, iStock, and Getty Images. Stock Photographers can work from the comforts of their homes, freelance, or take it as a full-time job with not more than 25$ initial cost, excluding the camera’s price and a stable internet connection.

2.   Pet Portraits Photographer

Pets are everyone’s favorite. So, thus their portraits. Pet Portraits Photographers are therefore highly in demand in the market. If you are a pet lover, pet photography is the best business idea for you in 2022. Capture your pet or even a stray animal, design a poster, and distribute it to offer your pet photography services to vets or pet stores. You can work on this idea online and on-site as feasible by simply spending around $100 for the brochures to advertise your business and earn. The pro-tip is to take the pet’s pictures from eye level or at a high angle to capture the magically aesthetic shots.

3.   Events Collaborating Photography

If you love making portraits, collaborate with the consumers as an event photographer. People call for photographers to capture memorable moments like weddings, pre-wedding shoots, baby showers, and of newborns, to name some. It is another best idea to generate considerable income through your passion. However, you have to wander around to check which event photographer is in demand and offer your services accordingly to take the first business step. Start creating a website or buy one with a camera and business cards, and you are ready to go. It may cost you around $100 if you avail of affordable products.

4.   Child Portrait Photographer

The high-in-demand photography business is for newborns to young children. Parents are always in search of a good child portrait photographer to capture their child’s every step and phase to make it memorable. The best way to work on this idea is to take out your camera and capture the kids in the park, beach, or at the roadside. Show your art to the parents and gain votes. You can also publicize them on your social media profiles to get them noticed and lead your child photography business to new heights. You can opt for it as a leisure activity or a full-time career, at your preference.

5.   Printing Photography Business

Another idea is digital printing. It involves printing photographs on mugs, dresses, notebooks, or other things as per the client’s demands. Consumers generally look for digitally printed gifts to make them more memorable, especially during festivities and events. So, considering that Christmas is just around the corner, it’s high time to get your printing photography business started. However, it calls for targeting the audience to increase the reach. It is significant to confirm whom you want to serve and what they need to ensure the viewer avails himself of your service as soon as he sees it. Yet, it can be a little costly as you have to invest in printing equipment, work on designing tools, and maintain a setup.

6.   Invitation Or Greeting Cards Photography

People now look forward to digitally crafted cards to invite or greet their loved ones. You can capture photos of your surroundings, the places you traveled, or of the consumer’s demand, print them on the cards, and you are ready to put a sample in your portfolio. One of the renowned Postal cards photographers has stated that his highest-selling shot is around 15 years old, so it doesn’t call for 24/7 hours of activeness. Moreover, it is an affordable business idea and becomes more if you already own a camera. So, work on this idea as your part-time or full-time business in 2022 to generate a considerable income.

7.   Model Photography

With the rise in social media influencers, actors, and models, this photography is highly in demand in 2022. You can look around and offer your services to those who require them by providing perfect head portraits. If we elaborate on it, these shots solely capture the person, ignoring or blurring the background. However, you can’t work on it online. It is strictly an on-a site photography idea. Yet, it is worthwhile. Such people look for professional photographers to market their skills, giving you an indirect opportunity to make a photography portfolio. The initial expense for this business idea costs around 500 dollars, even less if you already own a camera.

8.   Executive Or Official Photographer

Businesses also need a full-time professional photographer to capture their executives and employees for their profile bio. They upload these pictures on their official website to create a team page. However, you have to visit the office premises to do this job. It is in high demand because almost all industries call for one on their premises. Professional headshot photographers understand that their skills will aid the organization in increasing the number of readers on their site. They also emphasize on the importance of profile pictures in any account for prominent visibility. On the plus side, you can earn around $41 per hour which increases with the experience level.

9.   Marketing Photographer

Business typhoons often search for market photographers who can expand the business through their photography skills. It is necessary for these businesses to capture their products, employees, and teamwork to increase activity on their social media accounts. The more people see them in the spotlight, the more revenue they make.

If you want to pursue a career in marketing photography, you better start targeting new restaurants, businesses, and retail stores. They need someone to capture aesthetic photos of their products to upload on their website. In order to achieve your goal, start making an excellent portfolio. Start pitching your ideas to retail stores, and turn your ideas into a bigger picture. After some time, you can create your own business and expand customer services to schools, churches, and clubs. In the beginning, the earnings will be $50, which will gradually increase to its heights once you are well-recognized.

10.  Portfolio Photography

Portfolio photography is also in-demand these days. There are many fashion designers, stylists, and makeup artists looking for a photographer who can capture aesthetic images for their brochures and online advertisements. A camera and an eye for an aesthete are the crucial things to consider to start working on this business idea. It will go a long way. These stylists will provide their desired place and location. You only have to create impressive portfolios and capture the brand. At the start of this business, you will likely be paid $50. You expand the business by hiring potential photographers and flourishing in the field. 

11. Architectural Photography Portraits

There are various types of photographers to capture some aspects of the project provided, and architectural photography is one of them. You can capture the essence of a new house, home, building, architectural buildings, and many more under this photography business idea. They are hired by building contractors to find prospective clients to sell them apartments or houses. Other than that, you might have seen Jennifer Lawrence selling her home recently, and the pictures were doing rounds on social media. Celebrities also hire architectural photographers to sell their villas, bungalows, and houses. Additionally, you can also offer these kinds of photography services to interior decorators, masonry companies, landscape designers, and custom cabinet makers.

Architectural photographers are highly paid. They earn around $88,500 per year. The majority of the people have salaries in-between $38,000-$53500. So, overall it is a lucrative business to start as it brings good fortune.

12. Press Photography

Everyone needs a photographer today, ranging from NGOs to journalists or news media agencies. They advertise their news and channel. You can provide your photography services as a press photographer, like capturing relevant photos for NGOs, campaigns, Newspapers, and other press sources. Choose to either work as a freelancer or make it a full-time business idea per your feasibility. Likely to others, it also has the lowest initial cost of around $50, excluding camera equipment.

13. Tourists Photographer

Another best photography business idea is for tourists or travel photographers. You can suggest photogenic places to the tourists and capture them to offer a memory to cherish later. However, travel photographers are more likely to capture tourists’ places, monuments, and aesthetic locations to market them on their personal traveling blogs or sell them to travel agencies. The plus point is these photos can also be sold as stock photographers. So, they offer a multipurpose income-generating source. Isn’t it a must-try in 2022?

14. Photography Trainer

You can train passionate learners with ample knowledge about photography and command of the related equipment. Choose to provide your services online or on-site, as per your preference. It will also passively aid you in building your photography team. However, it is ideal to activate more than two photography courses to attract people of all kinds. Yet, a properly structured management system is a major requirement to launch this business idea. For good measure, people are now more inclined towards online learning post-covid. So it is one of the most popular business ideas in 2022.

15. Real Estate Photographer

It might sound like architectural photography, but it isn’t. Real-estate photography involves capturing newly made residencies and flats. Real estate agents hire photographers to capture the interior of an apartment and its surrounding. It is one of the most lucrative businesses which enables newcomers to kick-start their photography business. Also, you need to send cold pitches to restaurants and hotels to promote your business and expand it even further.

Every photographer starts a solo career and gradually starts hiring helping hands. The solo artist earns between $30k-40k per year, as per the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10% of photographers earn more than $70,000 per year. There is a bright future for all those pursuing their career in the real estate business.

16.  Aerial Photographers

The craze of drones can turn into a lucrative business. It is currently in a boom, and you can accomplish a great deal by simply selling photos of any event to wedding planners or other agencies. Aerial photography asks for drone prowess and artistic shots. You have got to be clever about this idea and must know how to fly a drone. You can market yourself to wedding planners, wildlife photographers, and music producers by sending them your aerial photography portfolios. Aerial photographers earn $39 per hour, which makes it $80,832 per year.

17. Sports Broadcasting Photographer

At the start of any tournament, players want to feature their abilities and achievements by hiring personal photographers. To capture them from time to time and catch them on camera candidly. Additionally, sports events also need a team of professional photographers and videographers to capture every moment of players while performing. There are sports where you can show off skills, such as automobile races, horse-equine competitions, rodeos, surfing competitions, marathons, gymnastic competitions, and golf tournaments.

Sports photographer earnings are as high as $108,000. Since they also work especially for famous players, their salaries range between $30,000 (25th percentile) to $56,000 (75th percentile). It is a good choice to spend the rest of your life capturing players and earning a bounty full of money to start a business.

18. Events Photographer

It is every couple’s dream to capture their special moments in the most artistic way possible. Hiring a skilled photographer who can make their dream come true can be a task. Make sure to impress your prospective client with your ideas and show them the best of your portfolios. You not only need the skills of photography but also communicating well with the client could put you in their good books. Those clients might recommend you to their families and friends. Moreover, you can also impress them with your aerial/drone skills to boost profits.

Event photographers earn $17 per hour, which makes it $36,327 per year. As far as the wedding photographer’s earnings are concerned, they charge around $89,324 (25th percentile) to $129,024 (75th percentile).

19. Corporate Event Photographers

Another business idea for photographers is to work with corporations. Corporations often hire photographers to market their achievements and post them on their websites. The duty of a photographer is to cover areas in-between training sessions, trade shows, and conferences to capture an attendee and take photos of presentations and event venues. Corporate event photographers estimate to make around $36k with $17 per hour. It is a two-in-one business idea as you learn and earn together.

20. Aesthetic Or Art Photographers

Art photography is done by those individuals who have a keen eye for art and a love for an artist. Every gallery hires a photographer to capture the displayed artwork. In order to promote the artist and their work on social media. Art photographs also ask for skills to capture extraordinary art. For instance, if the art is highly textured, such as oil painting, and fiber art, you need to charge them with a different approach.

The median salary for Art Photographers is $121,194, but salaries can range anywhere from $107,590 to $136,660. Naturally, individual salaries will vary based on each employee’s skills and education, as well as the position, department, and location.

21. Create Art Through Photography

Beginners often use artistic photos to oil paint them on their canvases. These photos are aesthetic works of art done by a skilled photographer. It may look like art, but in reality, the visuals are so extraordinary that everyone envisages it as a piece of art. So we can say a photographer’s eye is similar to an artist’s; the only difference lies in their way of approaching the subject. Passionate photographers can start their businesses by creating amazing photos.

22. Restoration And Digitisation Photography Business

Restoration and digitization photography helps libraries, art galleries, and many other organizations to rejuvenate dead art. They try to recapture cultural heritage and customs and narrate cultural importance. You can capture the history of our ancestors and bring it on bigger screens for people to be aware of all those historical people. You can collaborate with art galleries to make some profits and start a solo business for better results. Additionally, provide video, digitization, and scanning services to convert photo prints into digital files.

23. Jewels Photographer

It is a digital age, and everyone is looking for a way to expand their business by making Instagram and Facebook profiles. But more is needed; having a personal photographer to capture your aesthetic jewelry brings more customers to your shop. Jewelers usually look for a professional photographer to not only capture jewelry but also create an impact with their photography. For instance, many professional photographers use black models to market their jewelry. They do so to spread a worldwide message that this brand supports all colors of people. This kind of creativity is expected of any photographer.

Jewelry photographers earn $28 per hour. Their annual salaries range between $58,500-$47,500. There are many photographers around the globe, but fewer can create magnificent photographs of jewelry. If you think you are one of them. Start your business now.

24. Photo Editor Service Provider

Every photographer needs an editor who handles aspects like removing background and blemishes and modifying color levels. You can start pitching yourself to professionals and sell your art to the local market. Many people take their first step by making a profile on Upwork and Fiverr. It helps them enhance their resumes in a better way. Besides, you can randomly edit wedding photos or of other events to spark the effect of the photos. It is a fun idea if you have a considerable interest in graphic designing or editing.

25. Instagram Business

Instagram is the best source of income for many influencers and bloggers. You can also start your business by uploading amazing shots of any events. It can include wedding events, wildlife photography, nature photography, drone shots, fashion, cooking, and traveling. The list goes on. You only need to find the right passion, and the rest will follow. You can earn a load of money through brand sponsorships, advertising revenue, and product sales.


Forenamed are the popular Business Ideas you can employ to earn simply through your camera. These suggestions will aid you in taking forward your passion by making it a means of income generation. However, the key steps are to find the target customers to market the required idea and increase earning chances. You can choose more than one Photography business idea and take the first step. Although taking the first step is challenging, staying persistent is more demanding. Yet, you can’t do anything without starting from anywhere, even if it is a bare minimum. This article provides you with a brief survey of each photography idea to aid you in choosing the best. So, take a start, learn, and grow with your favorite business idea to lead the market with your proactiveness and innovation.