8 T-Shirts Printing Machines For Small Businesses In 2023

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The best T-shirt printing machines for small businesses in 2023 are difficult to choose from, as there are numerous options from which to choose. Regarding T-shirt printing, there are various methods for creating these beautiful garments. However, each machine with a specific set of abilities comes with its price, limitations, and other specifications that may boost efficiency or exacerbate problems. Small business owners must consider these considerations to make the best choice. Although these machines are expensive, they are an excellent option for small enterprises seeking to print small quantities of T-shirts. This article examines the top 8 T-shirt printing machines for small businesses in 2023. They include the following:

1. Hrm DTG A3 Size Automatic Digital Printer

In this type of printer, the water-based ink provides high-quality prints applied directly to the garment; this significantly accelerates the production process and requires little human intervention. The machine can even automatically alter the printed height! It can also print white and color simultaneously to increase manufacturing efficiency and handle textiles with up to fifty percent synthetic fibers. Purchase includes included RIP9.0 design software. However, as with any DTG printer, you must press the finished print with a heat press. To get the most colorful photos, you must pre-treat the dark colors.

It is ideal for small businesses making a significant investment in printing. The pricing and sophisticated technical capabilities make it viable if your firm wants to invest significantly in t-shirts.


  • Prints of high quality may be produced in a reasonable amount of time which is six minutes,
  • Large print sizes are supported
  • Print height is automatically adjusted
  •  Eco-friendly water-based inks are used.


  •  Quality control requires the involvement of certain humans
  • It does not have a heat press or any other additional features
  •  Very vast and hefty in size

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2. WLL-DP All-In-One Professional Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

It is a premium product that utilizes 3D sublimation technology to produce prints of the most excellent quality. Therefore, the machine is ideal for enterprises and people seeking the highest possible print quality.

It permits printing mugs, phone covers, T-shirts, bottles, plates, and mouse pads, among other items. When you place your purchase, you will receive a machine and all the essential accessories: a silicon tube, mug clamps, a mold, heat-resistant gloves,  and vacuum films.

The WLL-DP All-in-one Auto Open Professional Pneumatic Heat Press Machine is entirely automated. The open drawer-out design and auto-lifting board eliminate the need to manually open and close the print shirt machine, saving you time and effort. The entire procedure is carried out automatically and efficiently. Moreover, this machine has an integrated vacuum pump, which improves the quality and efficiency of sublimation heat transfer printing. In contrast, the inflation pump ensures maximum pressure.

This durable T-shirt printer has a large LCD to view the temperature and time settings. The transfer size is 10 inches by 15 inches, which is sufficient for most applications. The machine is large and weighty, but it is still mobile enough to be moved if necessary. WLL-DP, the most expensive product on our list and the best T-shirt printing equipment, is well worth every money.


  • So straightforward that even novices could use it
  •  A uniform temperature across the entire heated plate surface
  •  Extremely quick
  •  Exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction
  • Utilizing only the finest materials.


  •  The 10 x 15-inch dimension makes it unsuitable for some applications
  •  It is more expensive than comparable brands

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3. Punehod Flatbed DTF Printer

As a DTF printer, this machine prints your design onto the film before pressing it onto a T-Shirt using a heating plate or curing oven. Although it lacks conventional high-end features such as pressure-adjustable knobs and a ceramic-coated surface, this printer has a solid color finish and a quick 3-minute printing time, making it an excellent choice for your small business. It can print up to A3-size documents. No transfer paper is required; a standard PET film would suffice.

The printer kit includes 100 free film sheets, an ink set, a curing oven, and complimentary AcroRIP software. It enables the configuration of designs that are automatically compatible with the printer’s capabilities.

If this is your first time using this type of printer, it can be difficult to determine how to achieve ideal heat and manage the plates. In addition, an engineer will remotely help with your installation after purchase, making this printer a winner in terms of ease of use, functionality, and price.

The Punehod Flatbed DTF Printer is the ideal DTF t-shirt printer for small businesses since it combines conventional printer technology with outstanding fabric printing results — at a very affordable price!


The advantages include the following:

  •  A quick printing time
  • High print quality
  • The use of an Epsom L1800 print head
  •  The inclusion of all the optional components,
  • Support during installation.


  • Dual printing process.

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4. VEVOR Heat Press

The VEVOR Heat Press is a dependable and sturdy T-shirt printing machine for small businesses that will last for years. Using a 15″ by 15″ heating pad, this device can print graphics of virtually any size or shape.

The control panel on the VEVOR Heat Press makes setting the temperature and time simple. The machine has a temperature range of 0 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and a time range of 0 to 999 seconds. The printer’s silica-gel pad and Teflon coating allow for steady temperature and even heating, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints. Additionally, you will receive a heat-resistant sponge that you can place beneath the silicone mat for improved printing results.

This shirt printing machine is simple to operate and has an instruction booklet to help you get started. You must first establish the pressure, program the temperature and time, and begin transferring the design. Once the heating is complete, an alert will remind you to remove the product. Unfortunately, the machine lacks an automatic setting that would allow you to set it and go. However, the entire process is essential and requires no technological expertise.

You will appreciate the adjustable pressure knob on the VEVOR Heat Press, which allows you to vary the pressure based on the thickness of the materials. It is a full-range knob, so it can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise until the desired pressure is achieved. With the handle’s twin arm force construction, you can rest assured that pressure is distributed uniformly on all sides. Even though it is not the least expensive T-shirt printing machine, the VEVOR Heat Press is reasonably priced and offers excellent value.

Pros Of Vevor Heat Press

  • Capable of being utilized by novices with no prior training or experience
  • Easy to assemble even if you have never done it previously Swing-away design eliminates uneven pressing.
  • Incredible customer service that can help
  • Accessories included can let you imprint on mugs, plates, and even caps.
  • Generous 15 by 15-inch press surface that is heated

Vevor Heat press cons

  • It requires considerable time to obtain the ideal temperature.
  • It requires more room than heat presses with a clamshell construction to operating.
  • Insufficient documentation

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5. HTVRONT Automatic Heat Press Equipment

HTVRONT Auto Heat is an automatic shirt printing machine that is also extremely secure. In contrast to conventional heat presses, which require manual pressing and inconsistent heating, this one allows you to express your creativity with a single push. The machine is portable and available in two colors, mint and white. Additionally, HTVRONT Auto Heat supports Heat Transfer and other complex heat transfer endeavors.

The HTVRONT is an incredibly user-friendly garment printing machine with comprehensive instructions to quickly deliver your first product to clients. Set the appropriate temperature and time for your material, pull out the drawer, and place your goods in the allocated location to get started. Then, you’ll be forced to select one of six modes, including four presets and two configurable choices. Additionally, an automatic mode is great for small firms needing bulk production. The machine will then automatically begin heating and releasing clothing when it is complete.

The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine has a 15×15-inch heat press with various capabilities. The digital T-shirt printing machine also offers a heating feature powered by a pioneer dual-zone engine. It allows the printer to reach its maximum temperature in less than six minutes. The press machine is constructed with H-Cooling technology and multilayer heat insulation material to shield your hands from heat.

HTVRONT lacks a manual press adjustment functionality in favor of an automatic pressure exertion function. It enables the machine to automatically apply uniform pressure to all prints up to 1 inch thick and regulate the optimal pressure, guaranteeing that every design is faultless.


  •  It is simple to operate the device.
  • It is also somewhat less expensive than other comparable devices on the market.
  •  The machine heats up rather quickly, and the heating appears uniform across the entire plate.
  • Automatic pressing is fantastic.
  •  The machine heats up fairly quickly, and the heating appears uniform across the entire plate.


  • The machine is slightly asymmetrical. It has rubber feet on the bottom, so it leans slightly to one side.
  •  Working on the top of the pull-out drawer near the heat plate is somewhat difficult.
  •  Prevents modification of the pressure setting

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6. HRM DTG A4 Size Printer

HRM DTG A4 Size Printer The initial investment for a high-end DTG printer may be costly for a small business. Still, the HRM DTG provides direct-to-garment technology at a direct-to-film cost. It employs the well-known L1800 print head from Epsom, which offers the highest T-shirt printing performance at a low price and familiarity for enterprises new to the garment industry.

The small design accommodates even the smallest spaces. However, the free printing program only supports Windows OS; therefore, you will not be able to use other operating systems. In addition, the printing speed will be different from digital sublimation. You will also need to heat press components at extremely high temperatures before and after printing.

If you’re looking to print on a budget, the HRM A4 DTG is our cheapest option and likely the best value. However, the absence of a manual, the slow print time, and the risky heat-pressing process prevent this from being the best.


The advantages include the following:

  •  High resolution, which ensures professional quality
  • Free AcroRip software is available
  •  The printing speeds are relatively quick overall.


  •  Connection is only possible through a USB cable.
  • Printing is slow
  • We must run prints through a heat press after they are finished
  • the product does not contain a manual
  • the product also does not include a heat press

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7. VEVOR Four-Color, Two-Station Silk-Screen Printing Equipment

This T-shirt printing machine for small businesses can print on apparel, woven textiles, metal, paper, circuit boards, tiles, glass, copybooks, plastics, wood, umbrellas, leather, and other materials. The VEVOR Printing machine is an ideal solution for small organizations or individuals who need to print large quantities of t-shirts efficiently and fast. It is particularly ideal for monochrome t-shirt screen printing. The machine is simple to operate and includes two springs for greater tension adjustment and weight adaptation. Its 360-degree independent rotation design offers precise and rapid printing.

Even though it includes all the essential parts and equipment, the VEVOR model is not the greatest T-shirt printer for beginner users because it is quite difficult to assemble. The machine is simple to operate, even for individuals who have never used a screen printing machine before, once it has been installed.

Select a stencil, position the T-shirt on the pallet, pour the paint, and distribute it evenly with a scraper. Then, you must wait until the paint has dried before removing the stencil. The entire procedure is simple and quick, and you will be able to print a huge number of t-shirts in a short amount of time.


  • The machine is quick so it can print a large number of T-shirts in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Additionally, it features a rotating design that rotates in a full 360 degrees.
  • It features an adjustable spring device
  •  It is simple to use
  • A large area is available for printing.


  • Relatively challenging to beginners in terms of its construction

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8. F2C 5-in-1 Professional Heat Press Device

You can use the F2C 5-in-1 Pro Heat Press Machine to print on T-shirts, mugs, plates, caps, and headgear. The shirt printing machine includes a 15×15-inch Teflon-coated heat press platen that is non-stick and easy to clean. Additionally, the F2C 5-in-1 Pro Heat has a complete 360-degree rotation and a swing-away design, making garment positioning simple. The machine is lightweight and portable despite having a robust, industrial-grade metallic body.

This machine is not the easiest to operate. Still, it comes with a total operating manual that will assist you through the process and lifetime access to online technical support. Adjust the height and pressure according to the object’s size before beginning the printing process. Then, you must lay the material on the working surface and close the self-locking handle.

This professional T-shirt printing machine will inform you of sound and cease heating at the specified time, allowing you to remove the material by releasing the handle. An LED displays the entire heating procedure.

The heat plate features a thickening silicone pad and a sponge pad. Hence, the machine is suitable for evenly transferring heat to various materials. In addition, an Upgrade Slide Out Drawer with 360-degree rotation facilitates the placement and removal of garments. In addition, the F2C 5-in-1 Pro Heat Press Machine includes a sublimation printing mode for various materials. This machine makes it safe to print T-shirts since it has a button that activates when the voltage is unstable or excessively high.


  • The modular design provides a high level of usefulness, and the device’s sturdy aluminum construction is a definite plus.
  •  There is a minimal learning curve associated with using the press.
  • It is an affordable choice that fulfills a variety of needs.


  • The auxiliary components of the attachment require some maintenance.
  • A steep learning curve for first-timers due to the ineffectiveness of the instructions.

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The mentioned in this article machines are some of the best T-shirt printing machines for 2023. You may select it based on the nature of your firm and the requirement. Investing in a T-Shirt printing machine will save you money while allowing you to produce the finest graphic T-shirts you’ve ever seen. Obtaining the device will likely motivate you to establish a small business if you have yet to do so.