Who Was Alla Subbotina? In-depth Information About What Happened To Her

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2021 was such a dark year for Love After Lockup fans who had to deal with the death of two of the franchise’s actors. Tracie Wagaman died on July 1, and before even processing her death, Alla Subbotina followed on August 7 of the same year. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Love After Lockup because you will probably check the franchise out after this. So, who was Alla Subbotina, and what happened to her? Let’s find out.

Who Was Alla Subbotina?

Alla Subbotina was a cast member of Love After Lockup. She passed away on August 7, 2021, at 31, shocking her fans, who were still mourning the death of another cast member Tracie Wagaman. Everybody who knew her was devastated by the untimely death of the actress, who had come out of prison, as we will later see in this article. Besides her role in the We television series Love After Lockup, she is remembered for getting arrested and jailed for breaking her parole terms when shooting the first season.

Alla Subbotina’s Prison Story

Why was Alla sentenced in the first place? She was found guilty of selling several prohibited substances, such as heroin, and got locked up for five years. According to online sources, one of her accomplices was a police informant, while the other was an undercover cop pretending to be related to the informant. Upon getting to Milwaukee, Alla and her friends purchased eight foil heroin packets at $200, each weighing roughly 0.1 grams. While driving back, the group was pulled over, and drugs were found inside the car upon inspection, leading to the arrest of Alla. She was also charged with offences such as forgery-uttering, burglary, possession of narcotics, and bail-jumping. She regained her freedom on July 4, 2017, at the end of her term. Seven months later, the actress was sent back to jail for violating her parole terms, attracting an additional 24-31 months sentence.

Alla Subbotina And James Cristia

First, we must discuss Alla Subbotina’s relationship with James Cristia to help you understand her career life. She was at one point romantically involved with James, who fully awaited her release from jail. The two met through pen pal service, which makes their story even more exciting. James fell in love with Alla and therefore had no problem awaiting her release.

Although the two had relationship issues, given that one was locked up when another was free, they managed to love and care for one another, remaining together for quite some time until Alla relapsed again, and James went ahead to date Chelsea. We hope you understand why Alla Subbotina was a perfect cast for ‘Love after lockup’ if you haven’t watched the We television series yet.

Alla Subbotina Career

Alla had what we would call an adventurous career, for lack of a better word. It was based on her relationship with James Christia, a Chicago IT director, which we discussed above. He kept the relationship afloat when the girlfriend was released from a Wisconsin prison. Her acting career is therefore based on her role in Love After Lockup. She debuted in season 1, soon after being freed from prison. However, she had an addiction issue and relapsed, sending her to a rehabilitation facility. James supported her throughout the entire season till she was okay.

As one of the six couples featured on the television series premised on following up on the couples’ lives as they try to keep their love going upon the release of one of them from prison, Cristia and James had fans. Christia told Tribune she met Subbotina, who was 27 years old, via a pen pal service while in prison. Soon they started calling each other, and he started visiting her in prison when the phones couldn’t hold what they felt for one another.

Fans learned that Christia, who they knew had been married for eight years, hadn’t finalized his divorce from the wife, a mother of two kids. They were still negotiating a settlement. He filed for divorce in 2016, claiming irreconcilable differences, one of the major causes of divorce. As we mentioned, Alla was imprisoned during the show’s first season for violating her parole terms.

What Happened To Alla Subbotina?

Alla’s fans found it hard to deal with her death, which wasn’t expected given that the actress wasn’t sick or involved in an accident and recovering in the hospital. On a fateful day, Alla’s mother, Yelena, took to Facebook, where she announced the death of the actress. Reason? Addiction. According to the National Institute of Health, opioid-related overdose was responsible for 80,411 reported deaths in 2021, a sharp increase from the 2020s 68,630 reported deaths in. While announcing her daughter’s death, Yelena said that addiction had won that day, terming it an unsightly disease. She revealed that Subbotina had been battling addiction for years when she found her. Her funeral was scheduled four days later and made open to the public and friends at the family’s request. Alla was laid to rest on August 12 at the Schramka Funeral Home, Wisconsin, closing the chapter for one of the most loved Loves after Lockup fans.


Alla Subbotina’s death was a bitter pill to swallow for Love After Lockup fans. It was even worsened by the fact that it followed the death of Tracy Wagaman, another actress who had just conceived her second baby. All died of a drug overdose, going by what the mother posted on Facebook. Her fans miss her; we can only hope that she rests in peace.


1. Did Tracie Wagaman Also Die of An Overdose?

Tracie Wagaman, another Love after Lockup actress, died a month before Alla Subbotina. Like Subbotina, she also died of a drug overdose as the Clark County Office of the Coroner medical examiner confirmed her death to be a result of methamphetamine toxicity. The autopsy report also showed atherosclerotic heart disease. She’d welcomed her second child a week before, leaving fans even more devastated. After the death, the family set up a GoFundMe to cover her funeral expenses. She was laid to rest on July 8, exactly one month before the untimely passing of Alla, due to an overdose too.

2. Who Announced the Death of Alla Subbotina?

Alla Subbotina’s death was announced by her mother via Facebook. She said that addiction had won while mourning the death of her daughter. She referred to addiction as an ugly disease that Alla had been battling for several years. Fans began expressing their love and devastation for the actress shortly after.

3. Why Was Alla Subbotina Jailed?

Alla Subbotina was jailed for the possession and sale of heroin. She was given a five-year sentence which she completed. However, she was arrested a few months later for violating her parole terms and slapped with a 24-31 months sentence. She was also charged with counts such as burglary, heroin manufacturing, transportation, bail-jumping, and forgery-uttering in her first sentence.

4. Did Alla Subbotina and Christia End Up Together?

Christia was there for Subbotina after she was released from jail. However, when she relapsed again after leaving rehab, Christia left and dated Chelsea. It’s not clear whether the two were together at the time of her death.

5. Is Love on Lockdown Real or Scripted?

Love on Lockdown is a real show. It features real ex-prisoners as they navigate their marriages or relationships after prison. It’s open for couples seeking parole in the next 6 months, provided one is on the outside.