Who is Wack 100? Age, Controversy, Latest Updates

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Do you know of the famous fight between Wack 100 and a rapper on Clubhouse, a social audio app? The fight, which started casually, ended with threats of violence that caught the attention of several hip-hop heads. So, who is Wack 100, and why is he a famous figure in the hip-hop industry? What does he do? What’s his age and some of his controversies? Let’s find out.

Who Is Wack 100? (Age, Real Name)

Wack 100 is a familiar figure in the American hip-hop industry. He was born in California on April 7, 1978, and was officially named Cash Jones. He manages famous rappers such as Blueface and The Game and is currently an executive for several hip-hop labels. Wack isn’t new to controversies, as we will see later in this article. One of his controversies even caught the attention of the heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, who punched him.

Wack 100 Early Life

This American rapper, celebrity manager, business leader, and entrepreneur from Pacoima was part of a family that grew up in the Calliope projects, a rough neighbourhood known for extreme violence. His parents divorced when he was young, and he occasionally visited them in Richmond, California, and New Orleans. He attended Booker T. Washington High School before getting an athletic scholarship to the University of Houston.

Wack 100 Career

Wack may be a known figure at the moment, partly because of some of the snide comments he has made over the years, but do you know how he manoeuvred his way to managing some of the biggest rappers in the industry? Chuck has always been an entrepreneur. He started a successful label called Cash Money Records with Birdman, signing famous artists such as Lil Wayne and Young Thug when they were in their prime. This came after working in the hip-hop industry for some time and creating the right networks. Afterwards, Chuck and Birdman created a successful division within Cash Money Records for the West Coast called Cash Money West.

Wack’s ambitions didn’t end there. He worked hard, created more industry connections, and accessed greater opportunities and transactions, given the trust he managed to build around him. It didn’t, therefore, shock hip-hop fans when Universal Music Group noticed him and his label, giving Wack 100 a $20 million development budget so that he could discover new superstars. This budget saw him discover rappers such as The Game and Blueface, who he’s been managing for some time. Almost every rapper who’s been linked with Wack is successful.

Wack 100 Personal Life

Even though Wack 100 hails from Pacoima, he lives in Los Angeles, California. He is married with children and lives a happy and rich life, from the look of things. He met his wife Kimberly Jones on the internet, married her shortly after, and they are still together more than 25 years later. He has two children, Devyn Jones, and Prince Jones, who he cherishes spending time with. Most of Wack’s birthday celebrations can be found online, proof that the entrepreneur is living his best life. He also loves travelling and often takes his family to different places.

How Rich Is Wack 100?

Wack 100 has been an entrepreneur for a long time, and Cash Money Records was one of the most successful labels in the 2008-2014 hip-hop era. Owing to his success as a record executive, his net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, which might be more than that, in our opinion. Remember, he has other side ventures, owns a record label, and manages many hip-hop artists and rappers. He also enjoys several industry ties. All in all, his main source of income is his record label, which has been extremely successful over the years.

Wack 100 Controversies

The hip-hop industry is full of controversies, and Wack 100 has had a great share of his. Despite his success as an executive producer, he has found himself on the wrong side of history several times. When Nipsey Hussle, an American rapper, activist, and entrepreneur loved by his community, was shot and killed, Wack 100 made careless statements saying that the rapper deserved what he deserved. Such statements didn’t sit well with several people earning him lots of backlash within the hip-hop community.

Wack tried to control the damage by saying that his work was to stand by the truth and spread it to the masses, which did little to save him from the backlash. Things also got ugly when Wack 100 appeared on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast. He made vile comments about Tupac, who was friends with Mike Tyson. Mike allegedly punched him, which Wack confirmed in an Instagram post captioned ‘Mike still quick with his hands.’ Mike Tyson also confirmed that the altercation happened. He even posted a picture of himself with Tupac, which he captioned ‘Everybody has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth’ and tagged Wack 100 on Instagram.

Wack 100 also got mad when 6ix9ine made snide comments about famous rapper Snoop Dogg and called him a rat and a snitch, which stands for an ‘informer’ in hip-hop. He later got into a heated argument with the rapper and 21 Savage during a Clubhouse session where threats of physical violence were made. These are just a few controversies that entrepreneur and executive producer has found themselves in. All in all, he’s still a respected figure in hip-hop.


From getting punched by Mike Tyson during a podcast to making vile comments following the death of Nipsey Hussle and managing some of the biggest names in hip-hop, Wack 100 has seen and had it all. He is a respected member of the hip-hop community, mainly because of his work running the famous hip-hop label Cash Money Records, which signed artists such as Drake. He continues living a lavish life and speaking his mind without any filters. For such and more informative pieces about celebrities, continue reading our articles.


1. What Made Wack 100 Famous?

Wack 100 is famous for several reasons. Besides co-owning Cash Money Records and receiving a development fund from Universal Music Group, he has had his fair share of controversies. He said that Nipsey Hussle got what he deserved following his shooting, a comment that several people didn’t receive well. He also heatedly argued with 21 Savage in a clubhouse session involving physical threats.

2. Which Artists Does Wack 100 Manage?

Wack 100 has managed several artists in his career, proving his success as a record executive and manager. Common names include The Game, Blueface, and Ray J. He has managed the first two up to today.

3. Does Wack 100 Have Gang Ties?

Artists having gang ties is not something new in Hip Hop. For example, Blueface is allegedly a School Yard Crips gang member, while The Game allegedly belongs to the Cedar Block Piru Bloods Gang. On the other hand, Wack 100 has been affiliated with the Pacoima Piru Bloods Gang.

4. Why Was Wack 100 Punched by Mike Tyson?

From the Instagram posts following the incident, it seems Mike Tyson punched Wack 100 after he made disrespectful comments about Tupac, who was good friends with the boxer. Wack agreed to have started the whole saga in his next Instagram posts.

5. Which Rapper Did Wack 100 Fight with in Clubhouse?

Wack 100 wasn’t happy that 21 Savage collaborated with 6ix9ine on a project. The argument took the wrong direction quickly, and threats of physical violence were uttered.