Who is Daniel Larson From TikTok? Controversy and Latest Updates

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TikTok has fast become one of the most commonly used social media platforms for content creation and sharing. It has over one billion users from across the world. One of the most common names in it is Daniel Larson, a TikTok creator known for several controversies. This article will look at Daniel Larson and some of his recent involvements. Let’s find out his controversies and the latest updates.

Who Is Daniel Larson?

Also known as Danderson by his followers, Daniel Larson is one of the most ‘twisted’ and controversial people on TikTok. He started posting content in 2020 that showed he was either mentally ill or cryptic, gaining him followers as time went by. Within 2020-2021, Daniel grew a cult following for different reasons, which we will look at later.

Larson was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1998. From a deleted October 2021 TikTok post, his parents purportedly abused him at a young age. He lived with his grandmother upon being taken away by social services, who raised him throughout his adolescence. In the post, which was later reposted on a subreddit, Daniel claimed that he was diagnosed with several mental health illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, autism, and ADHD, before joining preschool. He even cast doubts about whether all that was true.

A video of a young Daniel Larson on television also came up, describing the disgraced Tiktoker’s relationship with his grandmother. It was reposted in his subreddit and received quite a number of upvotes.

Daniel Larson’s Online History

It’s difficult to correctly piece up Daniel Larson’s online history since most of his videos got deleted following the suspension of his first account. However, from a TikTok arc created by Redditor Glittering-Air-8240, his first video was of him announcing that he was running for the United States presidency in the 2020 election on July 14th, 2020. Early Tiktokers who discovered his page started making fun of his bid by ironically promoting his run for the top seat, even calling him ‘Mr. President’ during the days leading to the election, helping him gain many followers.

He later held a Zoom Livestream with his fans on October 20th, 2020, an event uploaded to YouTube on a channel called Mr.Sharly469. Many fans referred to him as ‘Mr. President’ in the live stream as he sang and talked about his story.

Daniel Larson’s Disturbing Tik Tok Video

In the video about his childhood that we briefly discussed above, Daniel claimed that he spent a significant amount of his time in foster homes and mental health care institutions. He didn’t also make friends and couldn’t understand what was wrong with him, winning the sympathy of most of his fans. His troubled childhood came to life, making people worry about his mental health. He also expressed his hate and contempt for the mental healthcare system and pointed out that he wanted a life full of meaningful connections. One of his most notable comments was, “The depression doesn’t come from social media; it comes from the way I am being treated.”

 Almost all his fans became worried about his mental health and well-being. Was Daniel getting the care he needed? One fan pointed out that Daniel needed professional help, not TikTok sympathies.


Larson’s first controversy, which may have even won him affection from some Tik Tok users, was the announcement of his planned presidential bid. Most of his fans found that amusing, seeing him as someone looking for online fame. But as with everything, he had to change his content since fans soon got tired of his style. In October 2020, he tried introducing ‘The Fog,’ which were blurred video shots his front camera took. It failed, and Daniel had stayed away from social media for roughly five months.

Child Pornography Allegations

Seeing that the attention was fading quickly, he resorted to posting NSFW content, which, as you rightly guessed, didn’t sit well with his viewers. On May 3rd, 2021, Daniel shocked his fans even further by posting a video of himself moaning. He claimed that the video, taken in darkness, was a sign of despair following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on charges of child pornography.

Daniel was regularly accused of child porn and paedophilia by several people. Some of his NSFW content convinced fans that he was guilty of sexual crimes against children being labelled against him. A Reddit post even confirmed that Daniel had admitted to owning child porn (even though the video had been taken down) and that his newest trend was recording kids ages 7-10 at a trampoline park. Since the children didn’t know they were being recorded, they would come to him asking questions. He wasn’t being investigated by the FBI and may have obtained his fears from internet trolls, whose numbers have increased on the platform.

The Flashing Saga

As if the porn allegation incident wasn’t enough, Daniel shocked his fans further by flashing his genitals during a Tik Tok live, a direct violation of the platform’s community guidelines. He got permanently banned, and most of his accounts have been taken down because of violations. The banning, which took place on May 6th, 2021, gave meme makers a collection of memes.

Recent Updates

After the deletion of most of Daniel’s social media accounts, he now streams. He recently collaborated with a popular TikToker called Briiiink, who allowed him to talk about his music career and show his fans how his apartment looks. The collaboration videos are some of the most watched on Briiiink’s TikTok account. He also has a new YouTube page known as Daniel Larson’s new start, with close to 10,000 subscribers. He regularly posts his videos singing in different clubs and touring several places, including the famous  Hollywood sign.


Daniel Larson, named Danderson by his fans, rose to TikTok fame and got his accounts banned as fast as he got famous owing to great violations of community rules. He now streams on YouTube and has, in the recent past, collaborated with some Tiktokers.


1. Has Daniel Larson Ever Made An Appearance On Tik Tok Again?

Even though Daniel doesn’t have a Tok Tok account, given that he was banned from the platform after flashing his genitals, he has occasionally collaborated with TikTokers such as Briiiink, appearing on videos with over 600,000 views. Some of his fans were happy to see him.

2. Was Daniel Larson Arrested?

Daniel’s paranoia about being pursued by the FBI for child porn allegations was a hoax, so he wasn’t arrested. It turns out that some internet users were trolling him. He regularly streams on YouTube, showing he is a free man.

3. Will Daniel Larson Ever Come Back To Tiktok?

From the look of things, Daniel Larson will never return to TikTok. He has tried creating personal accounts, but they get closed by TikTok. Larson violated a serious TikTok community rule and may never be accepted back to the platform.

4. Is Daniel Larson A Musician?

In his YouTube videos, Daniel Larson sings. Some of them are in clubs where he does live performances. He also has a few social media accounts dedicated to his music. Regarding whether he is a good musician, you can take a look at some of his videos and decide.

5. When Was Daniel Larson Banned On Tiktok?

Daniel Larson was banned on TikTok in late May 2021 when he decided to flash his genitals during a TikTok live. He hasn’t been able to sign up with a new account, which seems impossible owing to the surrounding circumstances of his ban.