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If you have watched one of the episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, you might be wondering: Who is Alexa Cave from Peter’s season of The Bachelor?

For beginners, Alexa was an esthetician (born February 27, 1992) and a reality T.V. star based in Chicago, Illinois. She appeared on Peter Weber’s The Bachelor season, which aired in early 2020. She was on the show briefly (she left during Week 3). 

The Raven beauty was considered one of the influential frontrunners of the reality T.V. show. However, she did not stay longer and was eliminated shortly after the premiere.

She was the personality you would like to keep taps on. Professionally she was an esthetician, but her passion is reflected in her aesthetic shots and selfies on her Instagram.

If you want to know who Alexa Cave is, her age, bio, career, and relationship. Here is our laydown about this bachelor star.

Alexa Cave- Wiki Bio

FULL NAMEAlexa Rae Caves
PROFESSIONReality Television Star Esthetician
ADDRESS / LOCATIONChicago, Illinois
DATE OF BIRTHFebruary 27, 1992
PLACE OF BIRTHSpringfield, Illinois
AFFILIATIONLexaRae Beauty The Bachelor (U.S. TV series)

Alexa Caves- Personal Life

Alexa Caves, a 30-year-old T.V. actress and Esthetician from Chicago, Illinois, was a contestant on The Bachelor season 24 with Peter Weber. She was eliminated in week 3. 

She was raised by her father, mother, and brother. There is no such detail found for each of them.

She explains herself as a free-spirited soul that enjoys spending time with family. Alexa went to a neighboring high school for her high school education. She has kept her prior life private and does not want it made public. However, she traveled extensively and relocated to other places to conduct business.

In her Bachelor bio, Alexa explained how her breakup with her high school sweetheart changed her outlook on love. 

“Alexa tends to look like a total city girl, but her early life spend hunting on a farm in Springfield, Illinois, with her dad, mom, and brother,”  

“Six years ago, Alexa made a big change. She had broken up with her high school sweetheart of seven years and was finally ready to live the city life.

After she moved to Chicago, she got her esthetician license and opened her own waxing salon.

Alexa also spends time modeling, making art, and putting together photo shoots with friends. Perhaps she was inspired by her runway group date on Peter’s season.

She works as a beautician in Chicago, USA, and is a most followed social media model because her fashion style inspires her fans.

Alexa Caves- Age

Alexa Caves is an American Television star who is 30 years old as of 2023. She was born on February 27, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois.

Alexa Caves- Relationship

The 30-year well-known T.V. star Alexa Caves was in a relationship with her old High School Boyfriend in Springfield. The former couple lived together and dated for 7 years. 

However, the relationship did not proceed longer, and they mutually ended up the knot. Alexa then moved to Chicago from her hometown in 2012 and pursued her certification as an esthetician. She always idealizes her partner as someone “who could connect emotionally and physically with her.”

Currently, Alexa Cave is single and does not have a boyfriend. Because she is beautiful and appealing, she won’t have a hard time finding her partner. 

There are certain speculations about her that she is dating Ivan Hall, one of the contestants of the Bachelor in Paradise. The rumor prompted when they both were caught in a hotel room when Ivan went to see Alexa Cave. The entire cast stayed at the hotel after evacuating from the beach due to a tropical storm. 

After finding Alexa’s hotel room number on a producer’s phone, Ivan snuck in and spent some time with her.

As Per Ivan, The two were talking and hanging out on the balcony. 

Ivan continued explaining, “We were up there, just talking on her balcony, and we hit it off like normal times. It was wrong of me. I shouldn’t have gone around the system. I was wrong. Love makes you do weird, crazy things. I’ve made a mistake, and it was a giant mistake.”

They both were eliminated from the season.

While Bachelor in Paradise fans wanted Ivan on the show, time will tell if Ivan will be invited back after the transgressions. On an Instagram Story, he said he looked forward to when he could provide fans more color on what went down with Alexa. The pair still follow each other on Instagram, indicating they are at least on friendly terms.

In addition, there were also certain photos posted to social media that speculated former contestants Alexa Caves and Jasmine Nguyen had finally found love with each other. 

The two looked cozy together, and Jasmine’s caption that “we did find love after all” fueled the speculation. Now, however, Alexa Caves has set the record straight.

 On her Instagram story on March 3, she posted, 

“Hey! I wasn’t going to address this because I thought it would just blow over, but now I’m getting a lot of questions, and the story is getting bigger. We don’t want to mislead anyone. Jay and I are not dating. She’s one of my best friends. I’m sorry to get your hopes up! That would be a great story.”

Alexa Cave – Career

Before becoming a reality television personality or stepping into her professional career, Alexa was a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Alexa caves initiated her professional career at the age of 21. In Chicago, She opened her own waxing, facials, and body treatment salon. 

On January 6, 2020, Alexa made her reality television debut on Season 24 of The Bachelor, which premiered on January 6, 2020, on ABC Channel at 7 pm. Alexa Caves was competing against 30 other contestants on the show to marry bachelor Peter Weber. However, she was eliminated from the show quickly.

While working as a businesswoman, she also prepares for her upcoming book club meeting. Stella is a fearless person who is confident in sharing her opinion on particular topics. 

Alexa Caves- Net Worth

Alexa Caves has been in business since an early age. Her first venture was setting up a Salon in her hometown. She is also a member of the book club. She earns from various sources like endorsements, her salon, television series, and show appearances. According to sources, her net worth is estimated at around USD 635,000.

Alexa Cave- Hobbies And Interests

Alexa’s hobbies and interests include dancing, partying, and reading books- she is even a book club member. She also likes going to amusement parks but hates roller coasters.

She is much into music, as depicted by her Instagram posts, where she has posted about concerts and events. 

Alexa Caves- Social Media Presence

Alexa is very active on social media and often uses her social media accounts to upload her modeling pictures.

On Instagram, she communicates under the handle’ Lexa Rae beauty.’ She has 22.4 followers and 661 followers.

Since she does modeling, she regularly posts photos on her Instagram from shoots she has done.

She is also on Twitter and has her own website and blog for her esthetics business, Lexa Rae Beauty.

Few Facts About Alexa Caves.

  • Alexa was an Esthetician. She moved to Chicago and got her license in the skin category. She specializes in skin beautification and performs cosmetic skin treatments such as body waxing, facials, and body treatments.
  • Before she moved out to Chicago, she was in a 7-year-long relationship with her high school boyfriend. Since they broke up, she moved to the city and got her certification as an esthetician.
  • Her areas of interest are strolling, dancing, and book reading. She is often seen going to amusement parks and enjoying rides.
  • She was a frontrunner and the most influential personality. When the show started, the producers had all their chips on her. According to the Cheat Sheet, she was regarded as a frontrunner and one to watch as she was fierce in nature and one of the few contestants on the show who would express their opinions honestly and openly.
  • She believes in love and acceptance, but at the same time, this girl has opinions and isn’t afraid to express them. According to Bachelor Nation Fandom, Alexa prides herself on calling people out to their faces rather than talking behind their backs.


1. Who Was Alexa Cave From The Bachelor In Paradise?

Alexa is an American T.V. personality popularly known for her appearance in the 24th season of The Bachelor in Paradise. She is an esthetician and a social media model based in Chicago, USA. 

2. How Old Was Alexa Caves When She Appeared In The Bachelor In Paradise?

Alexa was 27 years old when she was performing her role in the Bachelor in Paradise.