Who Is Mysterion? Everything You Need To Know

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Mysterion: A Person Theme Park – In the cartoon series South Park, the anti-hero figure is personified as Mysterion. Trey Parker and Matt Stone initially intended to be a one-time Mysterion character and planned to disclose his identity, even though they had planned for him to be a specific character. Instead, they thought he would serve, like Eric Cartman’s father, as a catalyst. But in Season Fourteen, Mysterion made a comeback as a member of Coon and Friends in a story arc that started with “Coon 2: Hindsight.” In the sequel, “Mysterion Rises,” Kenny McCormick’s identity was revealed, and he has a superpower similar to his inability to die. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about Mysterion’s appearance, identity, personality and character.

Who Is Mysterion South Park?

Superhero Mysterion is portrayed by Kenny McCormick. He assumes the identity of Mysterion and dresses like a vigilante. He is in the fourth grade and attends South Park Elementary. After persuading them to act in the community’s interests, the Coon made himself known. The audience had problems identifying Mysterion because of the characters’ facial features—their eyes, absence of noses, and mouths—but the locals recognized him immediately away. Matt Stone performs the voice of Mysterion in South Park.

Mysterion: What Does It Mean?

The Greek word, meaning “hidden doctrine or rite,” is the root of the English word mystery. A great term to describe secrets is enigma.

How Did Kenny Get The Name Mysterion?

Mysterion is a fictional superhero who Kenny McCormick portrays in the episodes “The Coon,” “Coon 2: Hindsight,” “Mysterion Rises,” “Coon vs. Coon & Friends,” and “The Poor Kid.” The Coon exposed himself after persuading them to act in the town’s best interest.

South Park

Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Brian Graden are the creators of the Comedy Central animated comedy South Park. The sitcom centres on Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick and chronicles their antics in and around the titular Colorado town. A mature audience is targeted by South Park’s vulgarity and dark, surreal humour, which satirizes several subjects. The figures and items are made up of straightforward geometric shapes and are coloured using primary and secondary colours. Except for their clothing, hair, skin colours, and headwear, several children’s characters are of comparable size and shape. Characters are only shown from a single viewpoint in two dimensions many times.

Mysterion South Park

The anti-hero character’s incarnation is Mysterion. His struggles as Kenny, his desire to aid those in need, and convince his friends of his inability to remain dead—which he views as a curse—all shaped his attitude and worldview. He is smart and cool, due to which he is a superb strategist. While speaking with the Coon, he came perilously close to attacking Kyle when he said that not dying would be “pretty fantastic.”

1. Appearance

The off-lavender basic suit with the bright green coloured ‘M’ on the front was covered with a pair of white boxer shorts, giving Mysterion the impression of a young superhero. Unfortunately, there aren’t many hints as to what distinguishing qualities Mysterion has. Mysterion has a mouth, two oval eyes with dark pupils, an average-sized body, and a perfectly round head like other kids in the South Park animation style. Being incredibly agile, he can flee swiftly enough to vanish. He fastens a narrow, black belt around his waist with a grey, unexceptional buckle. He has brown boots on his feet. Brown boots are worn on his feet. His hair and other distinguishing features are hidden by a deep purple cloak that encircles his neck and droops to the ground. On this hood, Mysterion wears a vivid green question mark attached to a wire that shoots out of the top of his face. Finally, he dons a black half-mask to cover his face.

2. Identity

Cartman had already identified Clyde, Kyle, Stan, Craig, Kenny, and maybe Wendy as suspects before Mysterion’s identity as Kenny was revealed. During the unmasking, Cartman asserts that he had “known it all along; [he] even said so!” Mysterion is seen confronting Kyle, which disqualified him. Mysterion is a student in Mr. Garrison’s class, the teacher emphasized. Mysterion is assumed to be a male based on the fact that no females were listed as suspects on Professor Chaos and General Disarray’s wall of suspects for Mysterion. In addition, the amateur drawing of Mysterion depicts a male character with a manly body, jaw, and voice. Furthermore, since the underwear is “masculine,” Wendy and other female students are no longer suspects.

3. Personality

The anti-hero archetype is embodied by Mysterion. His experiences as Kenny, including his willingness to lend a hand to those in need, his poverty, and his failure to persuade his companions that he can’t stay dead, which he considers a curse, have had a significant impact on his outlook on life. He is generally composed and methodical, which makes him a superb tactician. He occasionally loses control of his temper, generally when people don’t take him seriously or while he’s having a conversation with the Coon. He also presents a different character than he does in real life, coming across as stern, focused, authoritative, and grounded, as opposed to Kenny, who (typically) tends to be more laid-back, amused easily, and irritated, as well as playing a supporting role. Kenny, who is almost the exact opposite of the Coon, has used his alter ego to some extent to better his own life. He persuaded his parents to stop fighting and abusing their children, to stop using drugs, and to give their kids allowances.

4. Powers And Abilities

As demonstrated by his battles with General Disarray and Professor Chaos, Mysterion appears to be a combatant who prefers hand-to-hand fighting. Since he managed to reach the top of skyscrapers without using ladders, stairs, or elevators, Mysterion must possess exceptional agility. In “The Poor Kid,” he subdues a bully at school while defending his sister. We will learn that Mysterion has a superpower in “Mysterion Rises”—he is incapable of dying. He always wakes up in bed every morning as if nothing had ever occurred, and no one remembers his death. He has passed away “countless” times, but he doesn’t know why. However, it is indicated that it has something to do with the Cthulhu cult and the Necronomicon. He might utilize his immortality as a makeshift teleport: Since he will return to his bed when he dies, he murders himself to go there. He employs this strategy to leave the submerged city of R’lyeh.

When Mysterion dies, witnesses rapidly forget the recollection because of his irrational ability to influence other people’s memories. He often tries to get his companions to recall his deaths, but he doesn’t appear to control this power. Mysterion can quickly change from his regular attire to his hero outfit, collect firecrackers for a later diversion, and still have time to reach the school’s roof. In “The Poor Kid,” Mysterion is seen having the height necessary to kick a tall female in the head. Additionally, he exhibits power by effortlessly ascending a gutter and carrying Karen on his shoulders. Mysterion may have been practising dangerous feats so he can kill himself if he sustains a crippling injury. It is because he can always resurrect.

5. Vigilante Activities

Despite everyone’s conviction that Mysterion was crucial to the community, he only seemed to be able to solve minor crimes. We saw him use his reports to the police to deter public unruly behaviour and graffiti. To prevent them from blowing up a hospital, he beats up General Disarray and Professor Chaos. His conversation with Chaos also suggests that he has probably foiled other “bad” plots. The town’s fixation on Mysterion’s significance may be a sign of their idiocy, as they may think Professor Chaos has the power to end the world.

6. Tools/Weapons

He carries a handgun in “Coon vs. Coon & Friends,” but he never uses it to commit acts of vigilantism; instead, he uses it twice to shoot himself. The only weapon we had seen Mysterion employ to get away from the Coon was a string of firecrackers, which are forbidden in Colorado State. When Mysterion removes Karen from her torturer and the surrounding crowd, He employs firecrackers to divert the attention of the schoolchildren in Greeley. Mysterion uses a spring, similar to the one on his head, to attach a Mysterion Logo as a reminder that he was there.

Kenny From South Park—Is He Immortal?

In the “Coon and Friends” trilogy from South Park, Kenny’s immortality is attributed to the attendance of his parents at Cthulhu cult gatherings. Since his mother gave birth to him again after each death, his age is restored. He continues to perish!


The anti-hero figure is known as Mysterion in the South Park animated comedy. He assumes the identity of Mysterion and dresses like a vigilante. The reason for Kenny’s immortality is attributed to his parents’ attendance at Cthulhu cult events.